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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/22/2014 2:59:31 AM
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To Snowdrop


The sea wolf comes with each tide
Circling the waves of the weary darkness
Its dark cloud will sound its wind through the ray
And give its way to inner light
What it else brings, who will know
Only few hours and minutes more till beginning burn
When the stars will fall off to shine
To the mistress - the 'pale head heavy as metal' (sic)


Flowers of dark surround the head
With inside wintering bouquets’ from earth
Weasel and crow are searching still
Giving a thought to the inside grown wild,
Like a flash from light, each understands
Through the mind of darkness of normalness
Death is not within these infinities
Nor madness that pursues Snowdrop

(Inspiration: Ted Hughes’ Snowdrop

Now is the globe shrunk tight
Round the mouse’s dulled wintering heart
Weasel and crow, as if moulded in brass
Move through an outer darkness
Not in their right minds,
With other deaths. She, too pursues her ends
Brutal as the stars of this month
Her pale head heavy as metal) .
Peter S. Quinn



To the Darkness Comes the Sun

To the darkness comes the sun,
Carries light and wisdom spawn;
Every word is thoughtful there,
Holding hearts together here.
Giving chance and answers still,
Filling empty hours till
Morning comes again to fill
Darkness up with a breath of light.
Every agreement that is so right,
Carrying love till love is gone;
Full of answers where there are none,
Giving tomorrows hopes and will.
Climbing with life another hill,
Filling empty hours till
Breath awakes new life from sleep,
When waves boom from ocean deep;
And the forest sings along:
Celebration in a wilderness song!
To the darkness falls each cloud,
For awaken is life and singing loud.
Peter S. Quinn



To The Days Ahead

To the days ahead,
I will follow renewed
Shades have now bled
And branches lie nude;
Cold and the breeze
Inside here are growing,
With different ecstasies
And other ways showing.

A night in sully mood
And wondering ways,
Showing, be ballyhooed
In different grayer days;
Now inside comes out
And fills the senses too,
With thoughts far about
Something from the new.

Contrast between the past
And this now that goes on,
The right ahead in cast
What is then again gone!
All that drifts to ahead
With futures of its own,
The aforementioned said:
Disappearing from enthrone.
Peter S. Quinn



To The Dim Oceans (from, Spring Come Come)

Do not be gone to love's dream
In to the darkness weeping
To the dim oceans faraway stream
Where shadows of flowers are creeping

The lonely skies for evermore
And rainy clouds all around blowing
Where thoughts of sorrow drift to shore
Into the yesterday's nowhere going

Where the eyes of a dripping tear
Radiance of everlasting is showing
And feelings of loneliness are near
With their mood shallowness glowing

Bouquets bound to be cast away
And nowhere into tomorrows’ color fire
The Realms of dark to meet the day
To give of its deep grief-stricken desire

Love that I had like a hope in its past
Walking away to departing times
Distant structure how curtly they last
Taken away into the offset of primes

Long is how long in comparative state
Nothing to hold on that can be of certain
All is approach of routes to each fate
Giving of pleasures and burning of pain
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn