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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  8/21/2014 10:54:32 PM
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Weave Me on the Timeless (from, Bob’s Buttercups Songs)

Weave me on the timeless
For every day I long
Every thought in hope caress
That comes to be a song
In finding a new tomorrow
And bringing it through again
From every wasted sorrow
That dust has taken grain
From dust to dust
Through timeless here
All memories come
To lightness air

Weave me a castle in clouds
And take the rain away
With everyone’s self doubts
That momentarily may stay
And give them its falling rain
That brings the hope to deep
With so much lashing pain
That is just here to sweep
From dust to dust
And love and care
All memories come
To be and to share

Weave me a rainbow’s tincture
With colors wide and tall
And make my journey for sure
With every heart's new call
That when sunshine comes to give
More magic shining on
We have our dream to live
And carry our work well done
From dust to dust
With all you give
All memories are
Ways that we live

Find out your truest love
Before it’s all long gone
Like drifting haze far above
That carries so steadily on
There is no time to be alone
Or have no sunshine new
To give hope and the right tone
And see it all come through
From dust to dust
With every walk
All memories are true
But living is all up to
Me and you
Peter S. Quinn



We're Stars or Flowers

We're stars or flowers waking far blue
And almost as dark as the deepest of night
With times that are here - mornings to renew
In feelings like flickering flames of light
And everywhere to the deep streaming on
Our love shall shine on like glow halo sun
With passion that we know and never is gone
Even though youth - later in wrinkles must run

What is old in love or old in the heart?
When touched by the moments of sparkling vim
What is death to a passion that won't depart?
And is like an ocean that glistens in dim
We are love with wings that shall torch the sky
And never to moments be lost to die
Peter S. Quinn



What a Horizon It Is

What a horizon it is
The unclouded blue clear
Deep space certainty bliss
So far away though near
All is in azure glowing
Above the yellow green
Beat to beat there going
Of what is written between

What is there in yonder?
Where my eyes can’t see
Star to star all asunder
In hours of nowhere to be
In the unreachable way
Where my wings can’t yearn
And pitchy abysses play
In the fires of eternal burn

What a horizon is this
In the sunny skies above
The embellish of blue kiss
From the nature of love
Where its touches is feeling
Of our times going by
While life is thru wheeling
In the turntables of the sky
Peter S. Quinn



What a Kiss

Into the evening like a kiss
Darkness comes slowly in
'I'm a true friend that you miss'
Clearly I hear in the breezy spin
Sharp air from the open sea
On this winter's frosty gloaming
Gathers around and inside me
Without a purpose roaming

What a kiss so tranquil and cold
With its inexpressible brief
Without any expression to hold
Only a sharp touching thief
With a stroke like a cat or a bird
That out from darkness ride
And with it on drifting whirred
In chill that momentarily glide
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn