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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  3/6/2015 6:34:16 AM
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Love Oh Love Is Everywhere (From, Lost Song Poems)

Love oh love is everywhere
Like inside my dream,
Here and there yesteryear
Puffing up lofty stream;
Spring is once again near
With morning so plentiful,
Winter on its underwear
The last of the frosty jewel.

Love oh love is coming now
Blooms soon starting to show,
Worries die out somehow
With the last winter's blow;
Give me a hope in the living
That will follow a sunny day,
There is so much worth giving
In the beginning of new May.

Love oh love is here to share
With wonderful thing to be,
To heal the old shallow arr
That once were here adoptee;
Spring's again nearly born
Filling my longings and wish,
What in earth ways I adorn
I can't be without all this.
Peter S. Quinn



Praising Your Love (From, Rhythmicon - 50 Lead Sheets with Poems)

Praising your love
Is somewhat not hard to do,
Like feelings above
It is all up to become true;
Footsteps to make
Everything from within,
It's about to take
Giving and then to win.

Where manipulate ends
And the feelings begin,
What stands and what bends
Where experience have been;
And the trust that you show
With closeness and touch,
How you love can grow
Though you say not too much.

Praising your love
Is in the eyes and heart,
None of it you can shove
If it's whole and one part;
It's your soul and your trust
With everything you give,
And for togetherness a must
For two to share and live.
Peter S. Quinn



The Beautiful Outdoors

The beautiful outdoors
All glowing from thru fire
The mountains and shores
Weaving their new desire
Over the dark shadows
That winter once gave
Their colors are now glows
With their flickering crave

Seasons of red rubies
From the bed of the roses
And green foliage gravities
In their abundant doses
Now summer is everywhere
In the pearly sky blue
Breeze here and there
With heady scent going thru

The wandering enjoyment
Of mountains fresh clean
In their state and commitment
Where wildness has been
The dewdrops of daybreak
From the haze of the night
In mornings flirts awake
With coming of summer light
Peter S. Quinn



Thinking of You

I'm thinking of you now every day
In my hours of loneliness
Every heart beat of mine that plays
With its touch inside caress
With a love of my own
In the dark of a winter night
And I am standing here so alone
With the shades of autumn's light

Giving thought to the hours gone by
When the evening was bright
And the blue was with summer sky
In the early new dawn's light
I am thinking of you and spring
When the flowers were glowing shade
And my heart to you would sing
Of how beautiful they were made

Every longing that is here still
Dreams flying away into the fall
With the moments that came to fulfill
Each of its aspiring rising call
When our love was young and sweet
Like blossoming gardens we found
Those are now leaves beneath my feet
In the autumn that now’s here around

(Today I’ve been reading some lyrics by Lorenz Hart, from ‘The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart’; Hart wrote about 500-600 lyrics and was called the Poet of Broadway.)
Peter S. Quinn
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