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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  2/1/2015 1:40:12 PM
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Silver Frosty Leaves (from Minutes of Falling Days)

Sweet love of dreams and morning's blossoms white
That from twilight comes in to its bloom
With some spear of gleams from bluish starry night
Conquer of the winter in gray and gloom

Life's glimmer and silver frosty leaves
Show their ways when darkness again comes
Each their dream and longings that retrieves
When tone down in palpable deep winter hums

The morning of shadowed silvery moon
Ice on the river in mirroring hold
Yesterday’s retention - in memory
Flowers of winter in their midnight noon
Hallucinations of chill that now fold
Like decorations on every tree
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 167, The Time Between...

The time between the darkest moon twilight,
Where feelings go forward and gather late
And dreaming weaves of dark show their debate,
There is no thought there in for wrong and right.
For shadows all there show their forceful might
And who there goes then finds his future fate,
With the clock of moments and ticking rate,
For nothing here then slows down by the plight.
All earthly creatures walk along this way,
In spending lives and wasting down their dream,
That never were but for a moment small.
Then here comes a gleam of another day
And sunbeam away all nightly hour stream,
The daily hours again to you then call.
Peter S. Quinn



A Flower In The Fall (From, Shorter Poems...)

A flower in the fall has withered
The colors that breathed so free,
For summer songs are now all flown
And lifeless's each bloom and tree.

Now winter's comes in colored gray
As gloomy clouds above are flying,
I can't forget a bloom from fall
And see it still as it lay dying.

When the warmth will come again
With spring bosoms green and right,
I'll remember that withered bloom
That gave yesteryear's colors bright.
Peter S. Quinn




Crossroads of the coming day
Everywhere to keep
This and that in outside play
From gone judgments deep

Flowing on to the astrosphere
Still in unknown from us all
In its going breezy valor steer
Endless dances and stroll

Crossroads lying deep inside
Of the rivers now trying
On its onward fulfillment glide
Before daylight is dying

Coming still again here around
In the clear water drops
Nowhere else on earth found
Before its great plunges stops

Crossroads through curtains free
Of the seasons motions
Harvest ride in colors alchemy
On to tide’s oblivion oceans

Day and night to ascend fulfill
In the base of comforter way
Mimic shades of living thrill
Impending with its every lay
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn