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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/22/2014 5:10:20 AM
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It Isn’t Easy

These are our hope days
Finding easy high
In every mood and ways
What we want to try
When the time is right
In these days and light

These are riffling waves
Making dreams true
What everyone craves
Might still get through
When the time is right
In these dreams and night

Our flying isn’t easy
Through the times we go
A little bit quite breezy
In its air and flow

These are our good hours
Reaching to each other
Give and share peace flowers
With your sister and brother
When the time is right
And your wings have flight

Our trying isn’t easy
Through each stage and show
A little bit quite queasy
But still we, still we go

Still we go
Peter S. Quinn



It΄s A Blue Blue World

It΄s a blue blue world
Everywhere you go
Colors of earth twirled
From the day's glow
Sunlight weaving fine
Dancing on sea waves
Into the deep brine
Moods the mind craves

It’s a blue blue love
All that is inside kept
Abundant sentiments of
Leaves of heart swept
Moonshine wings prime
into profound flying
Love on edge of time
In its longings dying

It’s a blue blue moon
Lonely in night sky
Hoping to see you soon
Before it says goodbye
Love is the only rose
That again can grow
After forlorn furrows
In reminiscence row
Peter S. Quinn



It’s a Dreamy Dreamy Day

It’s a dreamy dreamy day
In its all inventive life
Delirious coloring play
As shadows dance and strife

Breaking smoothly thru
Slipping and dropping from sight
On to the grayish blue
That soon is lost in darkish flight

Cloudlets flowers in their glow
From morning going daybreak
Whitish in their drifting snow
As the earth once more is awake

Yesterdays had others dreams
Drunken in their steps smooth
Shimmering in the river stream
Of their ever eternal youth

It’s a never ending sweet
Inventing life and new skies
Every color in tincturing treat
Knotting between unseen ties

Miracle crescent in the sea
Flickering duplicate divine
Precious hours forever free
In the morning and night shine
Peter S. Quinn



It’s Getting Late

It’s getting late
And the time is going
Slowly on to fade
In its once glowing
Morning red sky
Fading its dream away
Reaching to noon high
With its new day

It’s getting ordinary
The dawn’s breaking song
From waves oceans steery
That to and fro long
Mirror’s flickering beam
Surrounding the rocks here
Just like a red glow dream
Turning on shine everywhere

It’s getting to morn
In even walking time
Where busy times are born
With much of doings prime
So hectic schedule hours
Each day ahead to break
After wakeup downs dower
That from under sleep awake

*With this picture: http: //www.flickr.com/photos/peter_s_quinn/3951368569/
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn