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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/27/2014 2:38:11 PM
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Freedom Is Not Far

Traveling to a strange star
Is in our hope and dream
Its freedom is not too far
In the space river stream

Clouds of hope there drifting by
Like white pyramids tops
Castles in the far-off sky
Never images stops

Walking on to the near moon
Our beginning steps where
But we will though be going soon
To stars everywhere

Flying across the space dim sea
To in between dark place
There is trance for you and me
The make-believe ways

Walking and holding balance
Is very hard to do
But if you have acquaintance
With dreams it's up to you

Clouds in our times travel
All's within our own stair
New thoughts in times marvel
Are soon all coming here
Peter S. Quinn



Freedom Is To You Calling (From, Lost Song Poems)

Freedom is to you calling,
Give life a heart so brave;
Each night hours are falling,
Into a dim hollow grave.
Hatred can be bottomless,
If you'll allow it to be;
But life is colored so fresh,
If it becomes all free.

Days by days will end,
But love can never so do;
Only down it will bend,
If it's not completely true.
Evening becomes a night,
Gathering shadows around;
Hold your feelings all right,
Lost can again be found.

Freedom is truth wearing,
Never a lie there inside;
Everyone else bearing,
Not from ourselves there hide.
You can grow out wisdom,
If the right seeds are sown;
For the conditions are calm,
If you acknowledge and atone.
Peter S. Quinn



Freedom Oh Freedom

The brick
Have taken
My balloon
The air
That freedom calls
Is now
Like bluish moon
But love
Shall blossom
And give
Each peace a try
Where every freedom
Is from
A balloon
In the sky

Oh speak
And give us freedom
The flowers
Of this earth
Break those irons
Of some
That had them
From their birth
We need to rise
To clouds
And drift
To a rainbow's glow
Be free
Among the crowds
And feel
That we shall grow

Is like sky blue
So clear
And high above
It was made for me
And you
To give
And share in love
Let never its hope
But be to us
Like summer sunshine
In the beautiful
Open sky
That gives
Its shining divine
Peter S. Quinn



Freedom Unblemished Call

Gleam of sunshine in my place
Glowing to review the scene
Summon the shadowy many ways
Where the night atoms have been

Present and past to the downright
Glowing with time’s flowing tide
Daybreaks in glistens freshly light
Within coming tomorrow to abide

Rise in the ruins of the highway
Moving the thoughts once said
Like the light on the green of day
Those from irises skies are read

Blue like oceans of never ending
Through every drift of clouds near
Giving their haze in their blending
Love songs of breezes that are here

Lilies that awake the purest heart
With their glow and touch of spring
Where every clover-blossoms start
And the unending forever shall sing

Gleam of the daybreak coming
Giving its freedom unblemished call
In a heart of deep root strumming
That on to this evolution shall befall
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn