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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/24/2014 6:56:31 AM
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Take away this morning grieve
All is inside its lonely brief
Going on and being still
Promises never to fulfill
Night gone with whispering wind
Rowing voices in the rescind
What comes next who'll know?
Life advances easy fast or slow
Broken promises someone fixed
Chemistries in style mixed
Soaking to my skin and brain
Day or two with its pain
The wicked eyes shape or size
Everything is in its disguise
Smoldering fire stormy fight
Another lonesome hour’s night
Take away those engines now
With its brushing worrying brow
Hooked lopsided burning wild
I'm all through crooked and tiled
Peter S. Quinn



Blue Topaz

Blue topaz
Blue blue blue
The moon glisten
On you so full of mystic
Blue topaz
My daydreams in the ocean
My night ways
And erosion
Each mood that I have
And I have lost to you
Sweet sweet oh sweet
Into the blue
Of blue blue topaz

Blue topaz
Blue blue blue
The waves of your ways
Meet night in the days
Blue topaz
Each feeling and notion
Like sun shining rays
In touching and devotion
That in the heart plays
When it has lost you
And bled oh bled
When all's lost and through
Blue blue blue topaz

If mystic is blue
Then love is all true
And nothing would go
That once did all glow
Blue topaz
Blue blue blue
You should know by now
I still love you
Each mood that's new
May kindly be freed
Again into the blue
So I wouldn't lose you
Blue blue blue topaz

My dearest blue topaz
Peter S. Quinn



Dandelions Are Falling

Dandelions are falling
On to autumn song
Destiny is calling
Of day of gone and long
Dreams that stood by
In all the days gone
When the summer sky
Was still here carrying on

Time of lost ways
Weary mornings rising
In their inter moody plays
Of nature winterizing
As their feelings go
Into oblivions fall
With days falling glow
On to the autumns’ call

Dandelions now flying
Every worth its lightness
Raindrops dreary crying
Before gloom of brightness
Dreams of winter coming
In their turning tides
Falling now blossoming
As darkness here abides
Peter S. Quinn



Falling In Love in September

Falling in love in September
Is now once more true
While the wishing stars ember
In the faint night to renew
With a feeling so apart
In their directions dancing go
Right from this and that heart
With deep dark again to know

With this loveliest love song
That is to an end untimely
In a waltz and a sing-a-long
Aloft and set high sublimely
In an alluringly seductive way
When spirit's of love’s out stretched
And together in beats would play
When they to love are etched

Falling in love and be touched of
Every comparable turning too
On like a passionate turtle dove
Flying across wide sky and blue
So much here to give and take
With blue feeling coming tonight
From moments of joy to wake
When fervent day was bright

(Today I’ve been reading some lyrics by Lorenz Hart, from ‘The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart’; Hart wrote about 500-600 lyrics and was called the Poet of Broadway.)
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn