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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/24/2014 11:42:52 AM
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Yellow Leaves Fall

Yellow leaves fall,
Summer is gone;
Winds northern brawl,
To carry cold on.
The Cicadas sing,
Sorrowful song;
And memories bring,
To each my long.

Flowers have fallen,
On to the earth;
Settled the pollen,
Each what it's worth.
Dreams I must carry,
Into my world's own;
And sunshine burry,
To night's dim gown.

White clouds and dark,
Fill up the sky;
Northern lights spark,
In tomorrow fly.
Sometime here again,
The spring will come;
Grow up with men,
New seeds blossom.
Peter S. Quinn



3 Icelandic Poems

ég horfi
en hvert ég horfi
er í dýpt augans
og skilningur eftir hverri hugsun
sem ég ţekki

er hálfnađ

einnig skilningur minn
sem ristir ekki djúpt


í upphafi hverrs ljóđs
er friđur og ást
og friđur og ást fyllast rósum
sem ljóma af fegurđ óskekulleikans
í brósti ţínu

og ađeins í lokin
sölna blöđin
sem full voru af fegurđ
í gćr
ađeins í lokin
falla blómahöfuđin


hvítar liljur lífsins
eins og saklaust andlit
á grćnum svörđi
sem moldin ávaxtar
ásjóna engla
ásjóna lífsins

skuggar ei falla
á andlit ţeirra hvíta
lotninga fullar í nekt sinni
Peter S. Quinn



Beauty Is Everywhere

Beauty is everywhere
From distances to near
As sun rises to the air
Motorcars the wheels steer

Somewhere some else is found
Of beauties one day look
And as day to night goes round
A photo perhaps its instant took

Beauty is here and there
On roads to fates ahead
And if you take of it care
It never becomes quite dead

It’ll live on in memories past
Give of its moments again
From earth - its pearly dust
Shall never be lost in vain

Beauty of you and me
Like a love in its flowing song
Forever to become free
And inside for evermore to long

Like stars that are shining bright
Bringing their flickering flame
Through day and through night
And never to carry the same
Peter S. Quinn



Bring Me the Horizon

Bring me the horizon
Of the on and on
Tinctured time works
Flowering cloudy quirks
Of their going while
Shades of timeless style
Love songs of the sky
When evening lights fly

Bring me this love
From clouds far above
With every shade
From eternal made
For the new morning
Again will soon sing
With the breeze blowing
On to the old glowing

Bring me the horizon
When the day is gone
To starry night
With all its shining bright
When dreams return
In their reddish gleaming burn
When dusk is falling
And fantasies calling
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn