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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/23/2014 1:44:37 PM
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Minutes of Falling Days (from Minutes of Falling Days)

Rain is raining now
Filling the past in forgetting
Something will go somehow
Flows of the drops whetting
Dreams that could never be
Only are lost from here
Times of the gone they will see
Hours of loneliness share

Fill the empty sky
With every lost cloud’s drift
We have not asked why
These were on a bare rift
Minutes of falling days
Coloring blanching leaves
Each of the many sorrow ways
Full of its grayish graves

Why must it be so?
Only to be of every part lost
Turnings of know one to know
In to the earth of dark rust
Strangers of every reaction
Feelings that come to decrease
Never to our ways attraction
Passing on like wind in trees
Peter S. Quinn



Mist in the Air

The day is now not clear
But mist in the air

With little hope of tomorrow sky
Dreams that once were blue and high
Into the differences already

Going like flowers and grass steady
A dream that unfolds in silence
With illustrations of gone green trance

A love song of the never ending
Into time and more time blending

Flowing to the going past
With all that we thought would last
A turning of days in slope
The walk away departure of hope

With something that's still there inside
As we in our thoughts abide

Dreams that we thought were always
Now on to memory plays

That you have given and made
Like flowers of pale that fade
And nothing but abysses sea
With days in clouds forever to be

Like birds in flight playing the night
And finding a song
That serves reminiscences right

(Just like a cloud drifting away
From the days of sorrow
Bring in new trust for another day
So we may have still tomorrow
What has been lost you might find when
Trials are crossed within new hope again)
Peter S. Quinn



Mont Saint Michel

There is a fairytale place
That reflects its dream
Through centuries of grace
In waves of ocean stream

Mont Saint Michel
With a garden of its light
So much of timeless spell
In search of wrong and right

This place Mont Saint Michel’s
In centuries of glows
And hundreds sounds of bells
In rising highs and lows

Where trust in God was true
Like mountains stood high
In its conviction onto
The heaven blue deep and sky

This place where life is creed
And the good shall survive
A tree to grow up not cede
But stay and prosper contrive

The fruit of blossom coming
Like spring comes in its truth
Full insignia blossoming
In eternal of our earth’s youth
Peter S. Quinn



Moon Song (#4 from my musical, Lyrics …)

Moon song shadow's light,
Going planets disappearing;
Glowing spots into the night,
In a romantic mood steering.

What’s the purpose of it all?
Who has made each fate?
Stars burning up in their fall,
Wishes coming in too late.

Morning risen up so bright,
After idle and an yearning;
Coming forward in sun light,
Every heart that's burning.

Gliding time forgotten brawl,
Love contrasting to a hate;
Docketing life form on a wall,
Bending craving what's strait.

What’s the purpose, why?
Are we going forward or end run?
Harder and harder to defy,
What's of value under the sun?

(The songs are available at my site at SibeliusMusic)
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn