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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/24/2014 4:23:12 PM
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Singing Birds

Singing birds so soft and sweet
Thru the days and into night
Each their love song is a treat
With their hope in weightless flight
Softly coming raindrops in
Dripping thru the soft forest
All their glows in silence spin
Falling to the tree top's nest

Singing birds are bringing thru
Their wonderful enjoyment
Their songs are for me and you
Without ever a relent
So much in their singing tune
Giving the days new yearning
With their mood of happy June
As the shades keep turning

Love songs for the alone love
In their beginning giving
Featherweight as clouds above
Comforting moments living
The dreams that never become
Just nocturnal lullabies
Where the gleam pixies are from
In the flickering light skies
Peter S. Quinn



Step By Step

Step by step I’ll go your way
Step by step the door closes
There shall come another day
Full of temptations and roses

But remember only this
A rose will sometimes sting you
Not everything is had from a kiss
If it comes from lips that are untrue

Sometimes people forget too fast
Feelings that give them so much
And then when those moments are past
Occasionally they remember one touch

Step by step I want to stay
Go and find life's role that poses
Feelings that come and go as they may
Like the fading of summer roses

What we forget - we won’t really miss
Temptations will run through
A kiss on hot lips is just a kiss
That becomes - a true love or untrue
Peter S. Quinn



Sunshine’s and Showers

Touch me everywhere
With your wings of fire
Show me that you care
For my own desire
Love is like a flower
That opens to light
In dawn's new hour
Of the coming bright

Give me what I need
In to a beating heart
Lips from lips to read
Begin of love's start
Like a blossom night
Into the hours giving
Every touch and flight
Two of loves are living

Moods becoming true
Of what we both know
Always again to renew
With its instant glow
Sunshine’s and showers
Waves to open shore
Each one which is ours
To give
…and give some more

(Congratulations to Bob Dylan for winning a ``Special Citation'' Pulitzer Prize
http: //www.pulitzer.org/year/2008/special-citation/)

'Touch me some more
To the passing time going
You are the ocean floor
Of the waves showing
Drink up- not dry
Ruffling of the gist
The low words and high
Of enraptured twist'

http: //several-complete-lyrics-lists-etc.blogspot.com/2007/12/bob-dylan-lyrics.html
Peter S. Quinn



The River is Flowing to The Sea (From, Lost Song Poems)

The river is flowing to the sea
Its water is clear and fresh,
Like the tinkering inside of me
That loosens up or enmesh.

The sun that shines through a cloud
So faraway from earth,
Or the singing bird so aloud
Laying now and giving birth.

All the varieties I'll see
After the winter so cold,
And what will later come to be
Something in memory one can hold.

Falling and rising so high
Taking and giving - renew,
All what teaches when we try
Every aspire that is due.

The river of every thought
That come to bring me forward,
With freedom the world has sought
In every its way and concord.

Oh love you must bring peace in
For the day will darken soon.
Life's joy must come again
Not die in disputed aswoon.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn