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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/21/2014 7:10:35 PM
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Winter’s Love Songs (To a Little Dragon Fly)

Graphing silken weaving of airy wind
Beams of jovial sunshine from the dark sky
From the regions of darkness inter twinned
Long shadows running in their distance high
Winter's love songs to a little dragon fly
From this ocean of darkness myth abyss
The seeds of spring that break from life and die
Age of assessment of ceaseless kiss

Never ending but always coming back
Waves of life to year's forwarding shore
Of spring and summer rotating new rush
Timeless regulator - curving knack
The verve's closing wings from the days of yore
With their quenching fires and breeze of hush

(- under construction -)
Peter S. Quinn



A Winter Song (From, Lost Song Poems)

There's outside a winter's song
With frore and grayish earth,
We had the summer for so long
For what each day was worth;
I'll long for summer and spring
Each time the night gets cold,
When weather hollowly will sing
In winter so frosty and bold.

A flower so gracefully done
The winter's rose in my window,
I'll greet you gladly on and on
Cherish your pearl white afterglow;
I've often been in a moody down
When darker the short day comes,
Then I see frosty rose jewel crown
And know in the cold it blooms.

Winter romance and candle lights
Longing for green sweet earth,
Longing for clearings sky bright
And all what the day young's worth;
How can it touch the morning flame
The winter that's gray and dark,
Will not each color be there same
Without its golden morning spark.
Peter S. Quinn



Baby Blue Eyes

Beautiful as a rose
Lovely as a tune,
I meet you up close
In the first days of June;
Baby blue eyes
Turning on blue skies,
What have you seen?
Where have you been?

I was turned on
In the early of spring,
With the summer sun
The heart would sing:
'Love is so true
When its all new,
Sweet as the days
It longs for and plays'.

Love is like trust
That comes and goes,
Falling down star dust
That for a time glows;
Longings and beauties
Imprisons and frees,
Inside a young heart
Right from the start.

Night and young days
We must go on,
Tide's turning ways
Almost nearly done;
The garden's so young
With all what we long,
The seeds in the earth
There in their first birth.

Baby blue eyes
Beginning to glow,
After winter's goodbyes
And old frosty snow;
I feel so lucky
With what comes to be,
Knowing new life
When the colors arrive.
Peter S. Quinn



beneath the willow

beneath the willow
slumber tales
of endless stories

lush array
with bordered green
and buried away

the unknown hero
Peter S. Quinn

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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn