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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/30/2014 5:51:14 PM
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Love That Is Just Pain

Bringing on the feelings
From the inside fast
Love that hurts in peelings
When nothing's going to last
Trust this heart of sunshine
Bring the vast right in
Everything from line to line
In its eternal spin

The daydreams with its heart
Everything in now going
From beginning and start
That from inside is showing
Glory ways and trust
The dream not coming true
Now falling to its dust
For others to renew

Love that is just pain
In questions and soul mates
Searches thru its vain
That with summer fades
All that you were giving
And empty brought on
Now not worth its living
For its days are gone
Peter S. Quinn



Lyric, There Are Stars (#11 from my musical, Lyrics...)

There are stars here,
There are stars there,
There are stars everywhere;
In your eyes and in mine,
They continue to on shine...

There are flowers in spring garden,
But I ask still for some pardon,
'Cause the winter is hard on:
Snow and frost to combine,
Otherwise, it is doing fine...

We could fool around for a day,
It would feel right and okay;
Tell me just if I surely may,
Or should I wait till you're as I'm,
If we both have still then time...

There are stars in both your eyes,
Time on wanders till and flies;
Your irises are blue as skies,
Little darling still in prime,
Keep my poem, a little rime...

Each our lives - a falling wishing star,
Coming closer or drifting afar...

(The songs are available at my site at SibeliusMusic)
Peter S. Quinn



Magical Poems

Magical Poems
magical poems
glow in time's dream

with illusions
of joy and grief

sung in memory


eternal dance
goes on and on
each moment
given a change
to find a place
in the sun

sweet blue eyes
with shadows
in twilight grays
your moonstones glow
in love different ways

what come and goes
in life interplays
and nobody knows
what goes or stays

blue ocean waves
tides - on and on...
the coming days
in the red Spanish sun

with love they are
and within beaches of sand
under the twinkling stars
love they come to understand...

...sweet romance cafes
in love's music adagios
with love different ways
and the air full of arrows
where hearts conveys
and nobody knows
what goes
or what stays...
Peter S. Quinn



Make It Come True

Make it come true
What you want to do
Anything can be
If it becomes free
We just need a light
To make it right
In our way and play
That we need to say

Make the seeds grow
So they learn to know
What is right and wrong?
In their times and song
There are feelings real
In each touch and feel
Give your smiling face
Many times and days

Make it come: Love
To clear clouds above
We can build up
Make all sufferings stop
If our heart is clear
And our passion near
Nothing will get astray
That brings peace its way

…and All together now...1 2 3... (like The Beatles)

Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn