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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  5/1/2016 10:38:47 AM
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Sonnet 162, The Sky's Clouded...

The sky's clouded, but not for very long,
For time's coming again, where sun will shine;
When summer sings its lovely tuneful song,
In a pastoral new color design.
Where each gardens its strength shows unfolding,
With various blooming, in the open bed;
In a timely nature's greenest holding,
With peaking colors of blue, yellow, red.
The seeds are made to spread away and grow,
And become like the flowers - standing new;
For what in winter's earth, a while laid low,
Later to the eye's of a beauty too.
Our future's unknown like that of the sky,
We no not either when we say goodbye.
Peter S. Quinn



The Dreams That Didn'T Come True

Now night has come to another day
Of falling shadows going
So much shall turn in the light play
Without we really knowing
The dreams that didn't come true
In the dimness of the dark
Everything that went there through
In its deep glowing spark

Moving on to another dimension
Where nobody knows
Light and colors of lost comprehension
On to the hidden goes
So much from your closed eyes
That you were once thinking about
When your dreams were full skies
Without their daily doubt

Every fantasy of illuminating shade
That always is quite openly
With your imaginations made
And has now become free
Carousels at the heaven's gate
Carrying dreams chariots on to the deep
In to the hours of coming fate
Where further moments again shall reap
Peter S. Quinn



#5 (From, Picture Poems 5)

Dark shadows plays
desire will sleep

the glass white rays
chillingly deep

fading now
to the dark bow
Peter S. Quinn



#8 Picture Poem (From, Poet On Www)

creeping rays
over pines

like color turns
of glaring fields

sunshine clover
and silver amber
touching and glowing
the flowers
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn