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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/10/2014 10:19:46 AM
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The River is Flowing to The Sea (From, Lost Song Poems)

The river is flowing to the sea
Its water is clear and fresh,
Like the tinkering inside of me
That loosens up or enmesh.

The sun that shines through a cloud
So faraway from earth,
Or the singing bird so aloud
Laying now and giving birth.

All the varieties I'll see
After the winter so cold,
And what will later come to be
Something in memory one can hold.

Falling and rising so high
Taking and giving - renew,
All what teaches when we try
Every aspire that is due.

The river of every thought
That come to bring me forward,
With freedom the world has sought
In every its way and concord.

Oh love you must bring peace in
For the day will darken soon.
Life's joy must come again
Not die in disputed aswoon.
Peter S. Quinn



There is Emptiness Inside Me (From, To Oscar)

There is emptiness inside me,
From the days that have gone by;
Will I ever feel or see,
What makes summer hours high.

Where is all this going now,
That I feel just slipping away;
What lies further down the row,
In the coming of next day.

I have felt the inside pain,
For being all on my own;
Now I search through streets in vain,
So I won't be more alone.

All the laugh I had and cry,
Have made my thoughts more serve;
I can't ask the reason why,
Only wondered and be aware.

There is emptiness inside me,
All my longings are around;
When will I be from them free,
Where is love again to be found.

Is there a reason to go on,
With all this loneliness inside;
Where have brighter reasons gone,
Why has gladness been denied.
Peter S. Quinn



'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'

Twinkle twinkle little light
Come with your wishes to play
This world is in winter’s night
For snow is on its deep lay
Ride high on heaven little one
And give us your latest luck
The hours to eve are soon gone
Forever in the long-ago stuck

Twinkle twinkle and brightly be
With your glowing shine
You are so fine and luckily
To be there with the horizon line
When the evening goes to dark
And the moods become nocturnal
You once more to us shall spark
And give bright shining to all

Twinkle twinkle in the Milky Way
Where numerous stars ascend too
Like pearls on a string they stay
To carry good fortunes and true
Your moments of sparkling night
Are always with its wishing well
May every yours circling flight
Give incidence for good foretell
Peter S. Quinn



We Are Lock and Key

We are lock and key
To each our way
Mysteries of life litany
Every coming day
We play on free
Through hurt and smile
And what might be
In every its awhile

We are thread and line
To each and one
Our ways combine
What we have done
Each palm and hand
Shall make us too
Follow and understand
The things we do

We are free and bond
To our touch and feel
And becoming fond
To what we thing real
So much still to handle
That we trust in heart
And life might dandle
But where shall we start?
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn