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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  1/31/2015 6:27:51 PM
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Bring Me the Horizon

Bring me the horizon
Of the on and on
Tinctured time works
Flowering cloudy quirks
Of their going while
Shades of timeless style
Love songs of the sky
When evening lights fly

Bring me this love
From clouds far above
With every shade
From eternal made
For the new morning
Again will soon sing
With the breeze blowing
On to the old glowing

Bring me the horizon
When the day is gone
To starry night
With all its shining bright
When dreams return
In their reddish gleaming burn
When dusk is falling
And fantasies calling
Peter S. Quinn



Dream and Dream On

Dream and dream on
While winter is here
Soon the green is gone
From under everywhere
Days are going dark
Silver threads and white
Glow in a morning spark
Days of summer light

Dream and dream glow
Days are in their night
Winter’s earthy snow
In golden glow of light
Dreams are on their high
Wings of a bluish moon
Hearts in beating tie
Night till there's noon

Dreams of feelings close
Everywhere you are
Window’s glow icy rose
Wishes on a falling star
You and I a dim dream
Love in winter's around
Reality in fantasies seem
Till again day is found
Peter S. Quinn



Flower Flower Bloom

Flower flower bloom
In your beautiful shade
Let the breeze be your groom
As the garden is made

Every hour is free
Touching moments of deep
And tomorrow shall be
What this day will reap

Feeling softly touch
Every longing to give
Colors deepen so much
If the shades you relive

Day and night come
In the wonders of glow
And life's like a blossom
That from seeds shall grow

Rain's good and sunshine
Everlasting with love
Growing up can be fine
From those healthful above

Flower flower flourish!
In your beautiful shade
And your day shall be a wish
That in life has been made
Peter S. Quinn



Give Me Some Time

Give me some time
Let me be in your way
As the hours climb
Meeting on the new day

All is in your giving
What it is you must
Right way on to living
If it’s me you trust

Flowers grow from seed
In the gardens bed
Never of love be curried
If its truth ahead

Yesterdays were knowing
What you had to make
And in tomorrow’s showing
Flowers it did awake

Like the wind goes round
So is love in turn
All its passion found
As its ways must burn

Let summer days be bright
In your love and waking
Before long comes night
And your heart is aching
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn