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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  3/5/2015 12:28:47 AM
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Sonnet, There's Love There's Love (From, The Lost Sonnets)

There is love there is love there is no doubt
Found in a corner of all this tick tacking,
Row like a row drift like a cloud there about
Each of the fumes up and away stacking;
White to the dark in the loosening stray
Where will it go come when mist follows,
All in hours forever lost as they say
When the wind in the sky again ablows.

Singing tunes the outbursting circling wind
Flying dancing with other forest songs
Till there's again early morning of new;
Some will be just - others more left behind
The tunes aloud transforming sing-alongs,
Everything's turning nothing same will do.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet, We Have It

We all have in our lives great believes, trust,
In day breaking knowledge that for us goes;
As this in existence, is surely a must,
Finding something unknown nobody knows.
Flower of a lotus, light to understand,
The healing hand of mercy and of peace;
The power of some, who heals with a command,
But have we forgotten what on earth one sees.
Starving of so many, dying 'fore they live,
The hate and wars that shatters mother earth;
First we must start doing, learn how to give,
The meaning of love, what this word's all worth.
No love's greater than to give to another,
Who among you suffers, - a sister, brother..?
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet, When Night Comes…

When night comes here within day of gleam
And puts its dark brow on to its pleasing grace
Where the shadows of age in nearness seem
And beauty lies hidden in its many ways
When love is forgotten in trances deep
As flowers of lusty are nowhere seen
The heart in its faithful beat cannot keep
For all joyful feelings are gone between
The beauty deep sunken like night in the dark
With its treasures thriftless not in praises
When day of tomorrow comes without spark
Giving not sentiment in beats many laces
Where love has gone old in its lust and eyes
And each of its riches in passions tries
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet, Yesterdays Dreams (From, The Lost Sonnets)

All our yesterdays dreams they come and go,
In all those memories the days shall hold;
And later obligation will be an embargo,
To those affairs our love once controlled.
Like everything that living gives away,
In moods and feelings so many unknown;
Assorted in meaning like a flower bouquet,
These are tomorrows not completely shown.

Remember each way that turned to the blue,
If you want to catch a heart for it's gone;
There is no time later to make an overview,
Why this turned out so and why this was drawn.
Turning ways of love are kindled like a flame
Before one knows, it dies out: a place, a name.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn