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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/31/2014 4:21:38 PM
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The Summer Breeze Is Going (a song)

The summer breeze is going
Into exhausted forgetfulness
As autumn comes in glowing
Of yellow-gold fullness
The garden comes to an end
In endless shadings worth
In giving its burning blend
For brown and reddish earth

Night dream of shade twisted
Where hope is of despair
And hours like drops misted
Of icily cold in the air
The vapors of a turning tide
Furrowed of fetid shriveling
In shadows and window hide
Of moments of lost swiveling

As night comes in damp jagged
And aging of all its wear
Like a fruit from sap ragged
And only of a shading mere
The night of deceitful dream
Where glowing is a reddish sky
And shadows in time seem
To wander off in dance and die
Peter S. Quinn



The Time Is Going Somewhere (a lyric)

The time is going somewhere
But nowhere I' m still
The city lights from here to there
In every light bulb still
The hours are going by
One by one there're past
Heavy like clouds in sky
Or the roads with its dust

Everywhere you're going
Farther just than you were
Like the city lights flowing
Somewhere around or near

Letting go of dreams between
That nobody ever knows
So much is still there to be seen
In the sideways glows

Every time is going through
We are still just walking
So much there for to renew
After the stirring and talking
Ways to fill and be around
Where the days are down
Elsewhere a bit unlike found
In a different kind of a town
Peter S. Quinn



The Whole Being of Everything

The whole being of everything
Hurtling forever around
Each a breath in the beginning
Some are never to be found
All is served to the facsimile
Life has given from ablaze
There it makes it for a while
Moldered into different clays

Listen to rhythm rounders
Every time when they show
Morn blue sky backgrounder
Robin songs that you know
Heed to the easy way about
The forest and the lazy river
Life on the enclosing route
Forces that pound and deliver

Erstwhile that hides inside
Shading the courses to be
Let them be yours to guide
Recall back the visions to see
Somewhere thrills to delight
Clearing the intuition of fey
Sensation - nearness so quite
Be absent or come as it may
Peter S. Quinn



The Willow Tree (…from “1001 Very Short Fairytales”, Story #97)

There was this little willow tree,
That lived for many seasons;
It had its branches wild and free,
Without giving any reasons.

Then this woodsman came along
And said to the tree, it just couldn't
Have these wild branches,
He would have to chop them all away,
But the little willow tree just wouldn't
Give in;
So the woodsman,
Cut it down the very next day.

And now the forest has lost its soul,
Of everlasting wilderness
And beauty.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn