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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/1/2014 8:42:14 AM
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Visions, Sonnet

There are visions thru every day and night
Clear inside their dreams that life had departed
Awaking wings on to the tomorrow’s light
In strong and in weak of even beat hearted
Some were of daylight in brightness and fall
Bringing the lighting within the strong ray
Love songs of evening before a night call
All that was around upon to the next day

World of its dreaming going there by and by
Beams of their glowing into the night sky
Filling the moments with eyes of true cast
Guiding spirits that lonely were awake
Red yellow ember that thru the hours did last
Each in a flicker their gleaming did make
Peter S. Quinn



Waiting For the Impossible Dream (from, MySpace)

The hours are sometimes much outlying
While I'm waiting for the impossible dream
Every minute oppressive to defying
In its closeness that nowhere now seem
Yesterdays are old and some forgotten
Like the leaves of last year's autumn days
Every thought so of instances sudden
In its coming and going differently ways

Ocean waves keep rushing to and fro
Like the impossible tomorrow might come
With someone's dream and hope to become true
So much to regret seems long time ago
That into forgotten it has succumb
For aspiring wishes out of the blue
Peter S. Quinn



Walk With the Wind (page9)

in everyone's thought
another day in winter
white snowy footsteps

silence of morning
and sometimes faraway sounds
make me now wonder

I'm lost in my time
with night giving rewriting
and the moon to shine

the shape of shadows
still haven't developed the day
only its twilight

the clouds faraway
have no saying in the day
- castles in the air

every beginning
has its end in many ways
- like the autumn too
Peter S. Quinn



We Are Kindred Spirits

We are kindred spirits in cyberspace
With poems to write and give
Each moment is our hope and grace
To bring ‘em forward and truly live
The oceans are vast like inside mind
But we all have the same sky
And together we’ll search and find
Everything that comes there by

Love is the outpost of everything
That no man can be without
Let there be love people will sing
In search of new ways without doubt
In land of hope that’s coming to stay
Rising from its autonomy fight
Every earth’s fresh gardens way
Give every rose its freedom’s right

We’ll stand before life to seek ways
To have here starvations none
Each living should be generous grace
To carry the inner richness on
Let there be hope for every mankind
To prosper his seeds to more joy
And each sister and brother to find
Fillings that greediness can’t destroy
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn