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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  5/25/2016 11:42:19 PM
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I Feel The Earth Move

I feel the earth move
So much heart to teach
Yesterday and tomorrow
All in our own reach
Walking the route of earth
Filling moments with truth
Reaching every footstep’s birth
In its ever circling youth
Peter S. Quinn



Ice Crystal's Beauty (From, Poems Of Papa Due)

Ice crystal's beauty,
In a forgotten passage;
The roughness of infinity,
In a fiery afterimage.
The mystic of the dark,
Flowing with the mist;
Drifting light and spark,
Twilight's evening twist.

Ice and fire contrast,
The boundary of each;
Showing deep its cast,
Something to overreach.
Playful in the moonlight,
Expressing the flashes;
Inner structure anthracite,
Wall to wall airspaces.

Ice water reflection,
Within indecisive walls;
The underlying connection,
From within giants halls.
Mystic of polymorphous,
Sculptures of phantoms;
The beauty and fragileness,
Of metaphor inside atoms.
Peter S. Quinn



Love Oh Love Is Everywhere (From, Lost Song Poems)

Love oh love is everywhere
Like inside my dream,
Here and there yesteryear
Puffing up lofty stream;
Spring is once again near
With morning so plentiful,
Winter on its underwear
The last of the frosty jewel.

Love oh love is coming now
Blooms soon starting to show,
Worries die out somehow
With the last winter's blow;
Give me a hope in the living
That will follow a sunny day,
There is so much worth giving
In the beginning of new May.

Love oh love is here to share
With wonderful thing to be,
To heal the old shallow arr
That once were here adoptee;
Spring's again nearly born
Filling my longings and wish,
What in earth ways I adorn
I can't be without all this.
Peter S. Quinn




Seashells so faraway
Like inside of yesterday
The drifting times going by
Each tide low and high
Ongoing waters of deep
Like hours you can not keep
Dew on the awoken leaves
Sad flowers of the bereaves

Longings of my heart
With hope distances apart
Someone who brought trust
When hours where hard to adjust
Everything that's going
Rivers never return in flowing
Blueberries hills afar
Each of the twinkling stars

How your love's inside
Each of life's footsteps you bide
Nothing when there's too much
Heart of its feeling and touch
You always - you with me
Threads that we can not see
Shadowy streets we walk on
Each our dream that has shone

(Inspiration: Seashell by Federico Garcνa Lorca, To Natalita Jimιnez)
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn