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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  3/4/2015 10:05:20 PM
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Only Time Will Tell

Only time will tell
What a heart can grow
Its wishes and spell
Experience shall know
Upcoming each morning
Lives circling tides
On roads ahead learning
To look at both sides

You are yourself giving
Ties you have tied
Remembering and living
When daily works abide
Each blossom's desire
With might goes bliss
Like morning's new fires
Is each of its kiss

You make your own road
Where dreams come thru
Its work and its load
Is a part of what's you
You don't need those
That never gives a worth
They are thorn on a rose
And dust of the earth
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet, Butterflies - A Love Song (from my poetry site at The Starlite Cafe)

Butterflies, oh sweet little butterflies,
Soft is you freedom - like the velvet clouds;
Drifting through the air right before my eyes,
And then hiding, where the horizon enshrouds.
Your dusky wings like love into the night,
With the moon reflective - like bluish gold;
I sighted, in the last of summer flight,
Though none your blooming dreams I could behold.
Each soft flight, is like a love song - tenderly,
When swiftly through the flower buds you go;
Like in every fairy tale you fly free,
Away spreading wings into sunshine glow.
I'll wait for next year to have dreams with you,
Till then, my love songs flit into the blue.
Peter S. Quinn



Summer Summer (#3)

Summer summer come here
Let your songs sing
Tinctures are everywhere
Bouquets of early spring

Birds are making love
And singing in the trees
Flying here around above
For eyes and ears to please

Summer summer of delight
Everything is in aglow
Now the times are alright
Though later they will go

Drifting clouds afar away
Meeting sun and moon
Now is early morning day
But twilight comes though soon

Early day and late night
Dreams are in their going sea
Flowers colored in the bright
All is for love eternally

Summer summer you are now
For a moment in my sight
Each view pleasures to endow
In the shades of redden height
Peter S. Quinn



Surprises, Surprises

Evoke your heart with
Surprises, surprises,
Because in a poem
There are a lot of disguises.

Where they start
Is up to you,
Do your part
And read what's true.

For the truth is in
Every lyrical line,
And only you can begin
To make those words shine.

Evoke your heart with
Surprises, surprises,
And all those rimes
Shall throw your dices.

For what is not seen
Should also be there,
So it has been
For what you read here.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn