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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  1/26/2015 4:27:23 PM
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Lonely Snowflakes (From,134 Picture Poems)

lonely snowflakes
softly through branches
on vacant tree tops

destiny feels somewhere
in the uttering wind
and frozen earth
Peter S. Quinn



Manifestly Refined (From, Rhythmicon - 50 Lead Sheets with Poems)

Manifestly refined
Each thread life weaves,
They come to be assigned
In gladness or grieves;
You have your way to go
Search through the woods,
And only you will know
If there are falsehoods.

Manifestly and right
Heart is the starting place,
You may lose a fight
But hold on to grace;
For nothing is for sure
And no one really wins,
As life is something more
And time with it spins.

Should we start and go
Where the road isn't clear,
The decision you only know
Where your heart is near;
Should we know or wish
For something better yet,
When you have all of this
All your heart and soul asset.
Peter S. Quinn



Music Music – Your Ways (a song)

Music is a gift
To grow as you feel
Blessings to uplift
Drama to give and heal
Soothing to the ears
With its soul
Misty in thoughts – it clears!
And never grows ol'

Somebody is playing
Day to a day song
With sounds never staying
In their silences for too long
Every love it finds
Gives a comfort to each click
Hope of two combines
With its emotional wick

It can be so powerful
It can be so passionate in its tone
Sometimes moments dull
Will make it quite alone
It’s for everyone to listen
Giving comfort to heal
Waves of blessings and glisten
Now and again quite so unreal
Peter S. Quinn



Oh Sweet Time

Oh sweet time you gave me everything
In sweetness of its fragrances flow
With passion that to moments shall sing
When the tides to the evening must go
Dreams in the hearts own compartments
With the oceans of billows there calling
In the footsteps of ongoing departments
Where the sand of the river is falling

The living times of the easy on going
With the peaceful of living on thriving
Every day into night fully growing
Giving much of their depth and its living
Justifying the means by the outcome
When there is something there starting
Where every seed and flower is from
And breeze from the leaves is departing

Pinching the feathered morning shine
The easy of quick rising daybreak
When the glow comes to red on the line
And the forest shall come to its wake
In delightful get-together limb to limb
When life complacency we shall meet
From the hours of darkish deep rim
Before esprit comes again to the street
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn