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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  3/1/2015 10:39:13 AM
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When the Sun Comes Out (from 'Meet the Moments')

When the sun comes out
There will be so much about
Happiness everywhere around
And into long distances found
Rain shall be there no more
Only the waves from ocean’s floor
Perhaps little bit cloudy in the blue
When summer is coming here through

Love be happy with its smile
These hours are going to be for awhile
With so much fun going on and to do
Freshness inside and here all the way through
Days and the nights to dream on
With everything from old wintry gone
The rising skies of the freshest new
Those that always come out of the blue

When the sun comes here again soon
To bleach out the iciness of the moon
With every encounter of new love
With its brightly wide sky above
It’s a time when you and I are glad
And with the gone away of the sad
Playing around and having chattering talk
Along the parks and in the woods walk
Peter S. Quinn



When the Winter Is Done

When the winter is done
With its roses in frosty
And it goes on or is gone
Like fall's leaves rusty
I will be there to find
Once again the fresh
That’s in the soil behind
Each earth's new enmesh

We have come a long way
Through turning of tides
Meet dawn's drifting ray
In its lone glossy seen ride
Felt the upper point lowered
Inside stresses of our own
From the ivory towered
And from thereon grown

But it's time to turn back
With something quite different
Give tradition a new talk
From what ordinary is meant
But shall I accomplish this
Through the hours that drift
Perhaps it's only a mere wish
Those men wings can't uplift
Peter S. Quinn



When You Were a Child

Now, be happy as before,
When you were a child
And not so self assured
With your way about.
Your innocent was sweet,
When you were a child;
With playgrounds on the street,
Full of laughter in a crowd.
Your life was all so neat,
When you were a child.

Then there came this day,
You had to grow all up;
You dropped out from play
And became a grown up man,
But always you remembered this:
When you were a child,
Because every moment is
To know your way around;
So hold on to that wish,
When you were child.
Peter S. Quinn



Winsome Songs Are Now Coming

Winsome songs are now coming through the air
From those sweet memories of gleaming past
Feelings of fervor - so true bright and clear
With their heavens - from its far and its vast

Life is like love songs turning all the days
With their star innocence entreating falls
That occurs at night through the dimly rays
And to futures sometimes calls

There are sweet songs opening everywhere
Where compassion is for the hearts that are true
Giving you time to listen to - and care
For these songs to be harmonious with you
Bring in those choruses tones with their spin
Where lines from their melodies must begin
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn