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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/25/2014 8:45:30 AM
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A Time for Seeing

There is a time for our seeing
In our worthwhile to remember
Every inside of our being
Like those footsteps in red-ember

Clearly not for everyone
Are the times to become real?
Letting our bygones be bygone
In the ways we lose and feel

Swinging times to do and say
What is turning here out to be?
In its clutched on to and play
For everything that we can't see

Hit the ground and be dead
Is the way to go here around?
Someone else lies there instead
Giving of his own state and mound

There are rifles to get fired
When the banks have their carnival
And the poor ones aren't desired
They΄ll take their stand and fall

Let me though know if still's hope
To come our way and give aloft
And can we hold on to that robe
Though it might be from love soft
Peter S. Quinn



A Time Has Now Come (from, MySpace)

A time has now come
For your voices to follow
Where tides are turning from
The days of demise hollow
Those voices mean to me
And have been before spoken
That the streets of the free
In the distances are woken

A chorus of ascendancy
With lines unrehearsed
Its spring new independency
Of understanding immersed
Those are in every flame
That gives awoken hour
And injustice cannot tame
Or break down its clean flower

Summer is enthusiastic
To turn the key and initiate
With its autonomy and elastic
To inser the necessary weight
Midnight is coming in light
And bold to kindle from sleep
That once was of the night
But now is a freedom to keep
Peter S. Quinn



A Touch of Heaven

A touch of heaven,
Not though close and near;
Such a demonstration,
In darkish atmosphere.
Winter moon is high,
Cold is harnessing too;
I need love to revivify,
In this fancy curlicue.

Words are only words,
Full of moods to find out;
What will be afterwards,
Is not much talked about.
But it's worth checking,
Perhaps it may be too late;
For the winter is decking,
What autumn did abdicate.

A touch of inner mood,
Like tender bluish desire;
Only the rightful attitude,
Love alone may acquire.
But words are only made,
To bring it more close;
What in a heart's unplayed,
Before it again all goes.
Peter S. Quinn



A Tune for a Rose

A tune for a rose
That in summer fair grows,
Like beauty in trim
When the moody is dim.

The splendid of flowers
My soul now empowers,
So rich in its shade
What sunshine has made.

You are spring's gift
My spirit shall uplift,
And grows over sorrow
And give me tomorrow.

All love is with you
The freshest new true,
What affection has chosen
That spring has unfrozen.

You'll settle all quarrel
The summer's highest laurel,
In the divine fragrance
Through its coexistence.
Peter S. Quinn

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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn