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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/24/2014 3:31:41 AM
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A Turn in the Calling

The time is now falling like freshly rain
Through the vapor of a surrounded sensual
Feelings that once were in with winter's gain
Are drifting away to aberrational
The beat of its down to another go
Surrounding the flowers in early spring
With love that is found in its way and glow
That to a new heart so many things bring

A turn in the calling of day's coming clear
With beats of tomorrow in songs to play
When colors and shades are pending near
With everything found in bright and clear
The secrets of summer are near-term back
With love into heart occasions bric-a-brac
Peter S. Quinn



A Walk around the Park

Walk around the park
Until you find its end
The hours of day and dark
Where some there spend
In falling flowing rivers
Of ticking's clock time
That each minute delivers
In steadfast and prime

Where life comes and goes
Through every out and in
And wind in wintry blows
In whirling scattered spin
Where love and songs are sung
With every mood and hour
In dreams of old and young
With many colored flower

And a day shall never fulfill
Every walking on through
As nothing is there still
For me or even for you
It goes like blinking gleams
Of every dancing theme
And nothing is as it seems
Inside this living stream
Peter S. Quinn



A Walking Man In The Street

A Walking man in the street
Is out on a nowhere go
Somewhere away trick or treat
In a time of a moment’s flow

The hours are moving a way
In many conducts on going
Half-filled hours and astray
With cigarettes once glowing

He walked his way so lonely
On to the corner there
He knew he was there only
No one seen elsewhere

All day is a walking to night
And finding its way about
His thoughts are in a flight
With many of day's doubt

A walking man looking up
And seeing the windows stare
For a moment he might stop
Look thru a window at tableware

Perhaps think about yesterday
When his future was bright
And then go along his way
Further into the lonely night
Peter S. Quinn



A Winged Bird of Night

A winged bird of night
Comes to sing for day
In bright song of flight
Above the forest ray
Heart’s filled with love
From cloudlets drift high
And sunshine here above
That together makes a tie

Everything is in air
Of exiting moment’s play
Love song going there
Just for a while to stay
Somewhere in tomorrow
With peace in its awake
Future places to borrow
Of their offer and take

A winged bird of heart
The longings in my beat
Feelings that don’t depart
In a walk or in its treat
With protrusion to its go
Divergent tempers about
Like sky in a rising glow
By no awareness to doubt
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn