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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  12/19/2014 6:45:35 PM
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Beauty Is Everywhere

Beauty is everywhere
From distances to near
As sun rises to the air
Motorcars the wheels steer

Somewhere some else is found
Of beauties one day look
And as day to night goes round
A photo perhaps its instant took

Beauty is here and there
On roads to fates ahead
And if you take of it care
It never becomes quite dead

It’ll live on in memories past
Give of its moments again
From earth - its pearly dust
Shall never be lost in vain

Beauty of you and me
Like a love in its flowing song
Forever to become free
And inside for evermore to long

Like stars that are shining bright
Bringing their flickering flame
Through day and through night
And never to carry the same
Peter S. Quinn



Beauty of This World

Beauty of this world is not forever
It comes like spring - fullest of its days
Playful feeling like wind that never stays
A breeze in treetops inspiring clever
Each foliage way or precious stones from
Blossoms of seasons in tinctures free
The harp of summer that beauties shall strum
Come to gatherer a bouquet - a tree

Like a light of gold in the fulsome air
With plenty of substances for daybreak
The astounding forms of mysterious found
Feelings with touch in closeness quite near
For tempers of the spirit to uptake
When each to each is closely tied and bound
Peter S. Quinn



Because (From, Lost Song Poams)

Because the stars all move,
I'll love you for eternity;
Because I need to reprove,
What love means just for me.
The night is young for both,
With feeling that touch and fly;
With love I've taken my oath,
Never to say again goodbye.

Because the night is young,
In its ever eternal ocean;
Because of touch thereamong,
That erodes each emotion.
The night becomes of dawn,
That brightens the darkest sea;
Let bygone be of bygone,
And set your love again free.

Remember all the days gone,
With love like autumn shade;
We carry this all with us on,
For a feeling can never evade.
The night that comes to fall,
With withering torch of time;
For the night is night to all,
That's past its blooming prime.
Peter S. Quinn



Because I Love (from 'Meet the Moments')

I have found each new love because I love
And it's going on and on from my inside
Comes and goes like drifting clouds above
And someday in darkness it must hide
Bouquets of feelings because I love you
With every reason and probably not
Footsteps of passages to come and renew
Anything drifting from inside the lot

You and I always living on its fire
Finding its cold that adjusts every time
Like depth of the ocean always changing
My heart for you in its fullest desire
Though winter's glowing in icily cold rime
We with each tide are always rearranging
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn