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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/31/2014 1:09:36 AM
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Birds (a song)

A bird is a bird for another
With everything in its own day
Like a summer song coming together
In every tone and joyful play
A flight through the woods of singing
With wind that would pass in air
And love songs to lovers bringing
Those are hearing the tones clear

And when the night's coming in
With its dense and darkish flow
You'll hear every song from within
Until to your dreams you'll go
Between every journey returning
Where love is in suspending flight
And your heart is in there yearning
For what shall become to new light

Like perfumes in garden transmitted
With wings that are breaking the sky
And always to its occasions fitted
In every its flying and passing by
So many expectations of returning beauty
Whenever new daybreak comes near
With its mornings in songs of flutey
Through the forest and you shall hear
Peter S. Quinn



Don't Be Afraid in The Dark

Don't be afraid in the dark,
For love is here and everywhere;
Like all this reflectional spark,
That flies through sky and air.
Our feelings and our love,
Shall touch the ground, renew;
Like the silently stars above,
With everything nearer and true.

Some words are so wise,
We need them more than ever;
Through night this time flies,
To bring us apart and dissever.
All what we knew and perceived,
Was again to be lead astray;
What in our love we believed,
That made the purpose and way.

This love that is only us two,
Like shooting stars to touch;
The feelings within that are true,
With its love - to love so much.
Don't be afraid in the dark,
Our love is inside for evermore;
Its journey is to embark,
With what tomorrow is for sure.
Peter S. Quinn



Getting Away

Getting away
From silent sky
Meeting today
In summer bird cry
Tides are turning
For ever more
Life's adjourning
To another yore

June's now at play
In colors dye
Tones of gray
Have loosen their tie
Life is reviving
Once more in earth
Green arriving
In new growth and birth

Getting away
From winter's mood
Dreary shade's play
And dim solitude
Sky in distant blue
Far as eyes sees
In to renew
And impending peace
Peter S. Quinn



Haiku 'bunnies of green fields'

Bunnies of green fields
your hearts are red like roses
Full of innocent
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn