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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/24/2014 5:40:34 AM
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Open Skies of Hours

Open skies of hours
Time adjust each new play
The forgetful dayflowers
Gathering as they may
Meaningless dried voices
Straws of time and wind
Each and everyone’s choices
Same short and twinned

Grasses of the minutes
Every footstep done
Blossoms that alternates
Cobweb’s that have spun
Reasons and its whisper
Remembering reappearing
Pictures getting crisper
When they are disappearing

Kingdoms of the choices
Forces shading color
Quiet together rejoices
Clouds of skies duller
Leaning shapes and forms
Twisting through the lost
Something without norms
In its forms embossed
Peter S. Quinn



Ordinary People - A Song

Last midnight was my turning dreams and ways
Coming down and settle for the inside blue
Lights of redness in dark and swinging grays
Everywhere around and coming through
My Love was never easy steps away
Being with her should be easy all along
‘You and I wonder for every day
Giving of both - to yet another song’

And I woke up this morning feeling fine
Recalling to my senses something
This was being in my dreams there from last night:
Ordinary people are hard to define
With every sense of what they will bring
When they come together in their new flight

- under construction -
Peter S. Quinn



Poem of Originality

Now times are still to share
Like a nest is full of life
Each road that leads to here
In fate and a little strife
In a wide and open road
That goes to your own way
The pleasure lives and load
Your moment's that won't stay

Our heart before what's done
Of love and stories liked
Each morning that has shone
And into the causes diked
Given of its seeds and taste
Garland that we have found
And never be given to waste
Till each were safe and sound

Times with nestlings young
Those yet have wings to grow
For the futures they do long
And of them here now show
Each line we will offer here
Into this never ending vast
And with the likes to share
To be together in here at last

(*Peter, is now enjoying taking photographs, having it easy and traveling…; [now, in a high altitude…])
Peter S. Quinn



Remember (From, Illuminating Night)

Remember the dreams we had,
From yesteryears summer moods;
Rays from some colors we add,
That from our morning alludes.
Initials of the deep earth wear,
Jagged with waves and rivers;
Blue dress of summer fanfare,
What the fresh streams delivers.

All that in memory forever is,
Like horizon pictures in the afar;
That glows but is lost like a wish,
The falling dim wintry way star.
Wild of the pummeled sands,
Footsteps that gave forth again;
What the feelings understands,
No one can search but in vain.

Remember the gust that grows,
Above every root that breaths;
Morn without name that shows,
All variations and its shibboleths.
Earth in its sound and silence,
Thoughts of your love and share;
All of your dearest acquaintance,
That no one else is to compare.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn