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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/26/2014 7:28:25 PM
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Pink Flower

Pink flower is beautiful
Always so much of anything
Playfully and never dull
As it is inside spring
Tenderly moments to bring on
To every summer night
Until its blossom is gone
With beautiful pinkish bright

Pink flower is like you
With all your loving touch
So much to make and do
If you are in love so much
Nothing is all like this
On to the blue light dark
With new spring dawn bliss
Shades of the petal spark

Fragrances in the air
Full of new summer high
Touching blossom everywhere
In the hours going by
Just like a love to come
When love touches heart
Flowering passion blossom
Now in these days will start
Peter S. Quinn



Poems of Summer

Poems of summer
Growly going by
Breezy on strummer
Blue open sky

All in feelings softly
Dreams to meet a day
Weightless and lofty
In its earthly play

Rise rise your wings
To the sun and flowers
Summer now eternally sings
From the inside hours

Days are gone to night
Flying with the stars
Summer full of bright
Now with tones in bars

Green growing spring
Beauty of the wild
Eternally on to sing
In its dancing mild

Yesterdays of frost
Gone into the past
Icy fervor lost
Nothing's there to last
Peter S. Quinn



Somewhere Along the Way

Somewhere along the way
There are stones to tumble on
A danger lurks within a day
Before the hours are gone
Welcome still is a weary mind
Filled with something to hope for
Remembrances of the past combined
Something from deep inside lore

Unceasingly ever and so unsought
What’s lulling in there and never out?
Every way that shouldn’t or ought
Playfully thoughts that come about
When there were hearts with a nest
Struggling ways that life refined
Throbbing beats inside your chest
Something from two lives combined

Presence and past roads alongside
Dull in their far forgotten places
Heavy recurrence that somewhere hide
Always again my folded life amazes
Peace is now on in every folding lift
Unceasingly while moments were near
So much of experience away will drift
Oblivion waves the mind will steer
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 183, Trees of My Feelings

Trees of my feelings are poems by me,
I can't as God, make a fruit bearing tree;
I hold in memories, moments I feel,
Sometimes in poems, they are all so real.
Trees in a forest are greenest of growth,
Mine are just thoughts, I equally love both;
Where seasons are extreme like where I'm from,
Trees show me when a summer is in bloom.
When leaves fade away and fall from its branch,
I know as you, it is summer's last chance;
The mountains and forests, fortress of earth,
Brace of our life and cradle of our birth.
Roots of a tree are like roots of our own:
Some are young in soil, others old and grown.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn