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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  1/31/2015 4:04:38 AM
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The Beautiful Outdoors

The beautiful outdoors
All glowing from thru fire
The mountains and shores
Weaving their new desire
Over the dark shadows
That winter once gave
Their colors are now glows
With their flickering crave

Seasons of red rubies
From the bed of the roses
And green foliage gravities
In their abundant doses
Now summer is everywhere
In the pearly sky blue
Breeze here and there
With heady scent going thru

The wandering enjoyment
Of mountains fresh clean
In their state and commitment
Where wildness has been
The dewdrops of daybreak
From the haze of the night
In mornings flirts awake
With coming of summer light
Peter S. Quinn



The Willow Tree (…from “1001 Very Short Fairytales”, Story #97)

There was this little willow tree,
That lived for many seasons;
It had its branches wild and free,
Without giving any reasons.

Then this woodsman came along
And said to the tree, it just couldn't
Have these wild branches,
He would have to chop them all away,
But the little willow tree just wouldn't
Give in;
So the woodsman,
Cut it down the very next day.

And now the forest has lost its soul,
Of everlasting wilderness
And beauty.
Peter S. Quinn



The Wonder of You (From, Rhythmicon - 50 Lead Sheets with Poems)

The wonder of you
Oh new born thing,
So much is there new
Like bloom in new spring;
You have time to come
To hold on and play,
And there in is some
That gives its true weigh.

Each hope and a try
Shall give its good length,
Explain to you why
Time has its own strength;
What is the reason
To continuing here on,
Why there is a season
And why they are done.

The wonder of all
Is in with the new tides,
Each comes to befall
And the time sets asides;
Love has its contrast
In each of its many ways,
Some have been harassed
Others in the still stays.
Peter S. Quinn



Time And Time Is Passing By (from, The Complete Collected Poems of Strains)

Time and time is passing by
Like a haze of drifting high
Seems so little up out there
In their vapor going everywhere
Rising to the moments new
Where the hours is coming through
Or its rain drops in fall
Making echoes drum padding call

Life is in its sweetly now
Making heart and giving vow
To the feeling in alright
Or the morning coming bright
Never to be afraid of play
In the coming unborn day
Looking through the spangle sleep
From the dreaming dark deep

Time is gold in fluffy treads
Or the roses in spring‘s beds
When the hour is young and still
Before day comes to fulfill
Kissing with its morning light
Every darkish winter night
Where the gold comes to the green
And a garden of beauty is seen
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn