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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/25/2016 6:53:35 AM
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Cerulean Winter’s Dim Dyes

Amber summer sky
Is now gone to winter's day
With its time of morning high
And moods of summer’s play
Those feelings that came along
In the days breaking clear
With the singing of a forest song
In the heat of springtime year

Now here is deepness dark
With its intermittently starry night
And twinkling's assemblies spark
With instants in northern light
Winter’s frost loneliness snow
Conveying some twilight’s spin
Emptiness in its airstream blow
From the lowest point of within

Cerulean winter’s dim dyes
Reflecting moods of nighttime
Through distracting ice-cold cries
In the piercing chilliness rime
Every day’s like an evening burn
Reflecting the departed days
Bringing on yesterday’s yearn
On to its copious shading plays
Peter S. Quinn



City Streets Surrounding (From,134 Picture Poems)

city streets surrounding
the season

people and buildings
reaching to the top

maze and brick walls
Peter S. Quinn



Clouded Sunshine Colors

Clouded sunshine colors
All their way around
Lost is lost it hollers
To again be found
Beautiful passing’s drifting
On to life ongoing motion
And my sprit uplifting
Like soft embellish potion

Sweetness of its high
Through mornings filling
In twilights goodbye
When the bright is willing
Its onward lightness
As it comes here thru
In the day’s up brightness
For each color true

Bringing on the sunshine
And giving time to see
Each perfect shaded line
That glimmer to the free
Mirror deep weaving
Thru the watery deeps
In its serene conceiving
That in clearance leaps
Peter S. Quinn



Dancing Light From Sky To Fields

Dancing light from sky to fields
Every flower is glowing
Dreams of nature life now wields
As the winter is now going
Sunshine coming in morning wake
Day is again born new
Darkish shadows away all now take
Let green scenery through

Summers in the sun and sky
Every moment is of gold
Love songs of fields amplify
Stories those yet are untold
Breeze growing through the distance
With colors fresh and wild
All in its revive and its trance
Newborn to earth and styled

Dancing light to rise and quiver
Promising more to come
Sunshine and summer to deliver
To all of its earth blossom
Their love songs of day and night
Bringing life shades through
Once again in their fresh flight
To make all bright and new
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn