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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  8/21/2014 7:07:16 AM
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Poem of Originality

Now times are still to share
Like a nest is full of life
Each road that leads to here
In fate and a little strife
In a wide and open road
That goes to your own way
The pleasure lives and load
Your moment's that won't stay

Our heart before what's done
Of love and stories liked
Each morning that has shone
And into the causes diked
Given of its seeds and taste
Garland that we have found
And never be given to waste
Till each were safe and sound

Times with nestlings young
Those yet have wings to grow
For the futures they do long
And of them here now show
Each line we will offer here
Into this never ending vast
And with the likes to share
To be together in here at last

(*Peter, is now enjoying taking photographs, having it easy and traveling…; [now, in a high altitude…])
Peter S. Quinn




Give me strength to carry on
If I have lost my own way
Every load shall be gone
When love will lift my new day
So much still needs here mending
In feelings strength and its play
To the heart purpose sending
And make its cause justice say

Give me strength to give and try
Feelings that makes us free
Reach the mountains and the sky
For each step to liberty
Let me help sister, brother
From stress with diversity
Earth is home and our mother
Make it whole in certainty

Give me strength in name of peace
With its hope and efforts true
So we in prospect increase
Like new morning coming through
Each day doubt not each other
Strength together defending
Let me help sister, brother
In try and hope ascending
Peter S. Quinn



River Fire - Sonnet

River of time is rippling flowing waves
That will not come again or ever stop
The inside of my soul that always craves
And knows that everything goes down as up
The turning point in mesmerizing thought
Those fill the balance in each turning deep
With many flows that the lives river taught
And never you can handle or take to keep

The ongoing water to the unknown sea
Equilibrium flickering mirrors drifts
Like blood veins that circle here around in me
And sometimes my sense to high scale lifts
Every on sinuous to times desire
What we collate only with hurl of the fire
Peter S. Quinn



Sky of the Unknown (#9 from my musical, Lyrics...)

Sky of the unknown,
How deep is the night?
Stars and the moon,
With a blinking new light.

Wishes of all eternity,
Light-years from here;
Things we never will see,
Even though we stare.

Far, far and in the mist,
Blissful mornings come;
Knowledge and our thirst,
Steady beat with a hum.

Burning faraway fires,
Turning ways in the dark;
Futures of our desire,
Flying with a spark.

Sky of the unknown,
Coming all so soon;
Like the dusky gown,
Midnight's dream in June.

(The songs are available at my site at SibeliusMusic)
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn