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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/23/2014 4:55:56 PM
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Calling Out To You

(“I shall write my sonnets
from the real world
just like my poems”) .

They are not me,
They are them self's;
Calling out to you,
Asking you,
Write us down
Who ever you are,
We are many here
Still unwritten.

With sounds of nature,
Where it started all from;
With sounds from the streets,
That's now our future.
Oh come oh come,
You born and unborn;
Write us down,
We are here
For all you senses.

The creatures
Of puzzling words,
That the wind created;
In the beginning,
When the trees
Grew up from its roots.

We are here,
For all you senses;
Come write us down,
Let the words speak of colors
With shades.
All unborn,
Speaking tongues of senses;
With scenarios from each mind,
That feels the urge
To write us someday

Every hour is a flower less song,
If it has no singing of words.
Peter S. Quinn



Calm in the Dim Night

Trees are for my heart
In the heat of wind
Undo thoughts of a past
Feelings from the inside in
What you were you are
Coming tonight thoughts
Bells of a singing tone
Calm in the dim night

The yesteryears now gone
Filling my sense with a mood
Carrying silent path
Toward my forest mind root
Flowering wreath hills
Singing their lost songs
On to the dawn now awaking
Lights of the fires of yearn

The hills will go side by side
In to unknown conduit
Winter brings glistening pictures
Never returning home
Tresses are for my love
And the nights to come like days
Humming their baffled airs
In to this ice-covered trail
Peter S. Quinn



Canal of Brussels

Canal of Brussels - its day to day career
Chasing waves of windblown rattling gear
Outstanding reflection throughout the year
Motions of endless streams going from here to there

Colors of days inside every fare
Flooding on water in picturing blear
Every wave is playing so mild and near
Thru mounts of time streaming in channel stair

Rushing like heart beats thru alongside roads
Giving and taking each contentment free
Full of its moments in its busy loads
Times in steps are coming on to be
Battled scattered street time and volunteers on go
All its recruits like water shining glow
Peter S. Quinn



Candles of The Past

Candles of the past
In shadows corner cast
Like paintings on a wall
Or tinting blanching fall
Precious moments going
Special people knowing
Of lives so many ways
In vanished yesterdays

Somewhere in my heart
Where memories start
I have again found
Incidents once around
All the music ways
In the magic of the days
Candle lights I’ve crossed
Those now today are lost
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn