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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/12/2014 9:33:20 PM
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Every Footstep

Nothing's forever eternally here
Yesterdays will go in to its lost sleep
What you thought extinct might though be close near
With each bouquet of true fewness to keep
Fallen walls with ashes remnants and ruins
Flowers between the steaming and burning
Each turbid morning of lives misdoin's
Digest of times between and turning

Every footstep in to the nonbeing
To the artillery of cloudy shade
Faces of hollow smoldering desire
To a new future of ways foreseeing
Never your option - but what from it's made
Ignite the fields of tomorrow's new fire
Peter S. Quinn



Every Heart

Every heart is sometimes blue
In its bewilderment and way
And it’s so much up to you
How it gives and how it will stay

In the fever of its love
The hearts will approach what is true
Like the drift of clouds above
Everything there to renew

Yesterdays are in its rain
Like the tomorrow's morning song
Every hour close in vain
With those times it will long

You have given trust to this
With those feelings that you hold
Of your love has given a kiss
That to this time is now told

Playful evening of the past
Might be here to close its arms
In the moments you did trust
With those feelings in worthy charms

There is heat in the night
To the sides of its lonely road
Sometimes love is all in light
Taking of your heavy load

Sometimes love is here then it goes
In the dust of times flow
Distance through the moments grows
In your heart that you will know

Easy comes each opportunity
What is there still for you then?
Something needs to be always free
To meet those hours of love again
Peter S. Quinn



Every Hour

Every hour is a feeling
Something to do and give
A heart in a love stealing
Believing and then to live

You are so nice here today
Giving so much from you
Nothing seems of ordinary way
If it comes here to be true

Every hour is you giving
From a heart that is pounding on
And you with that beat living
Until its echo is gone

So much of your own heart
That touches the ground nearby
From the very your first start
That opens up future sky

Every hour that comes to deliver
From every new goal of life
Is like the flowing river
That on the ocean must strife

With anything that has a purpose
With what it is meant to be
Before it again away goes
And becomes in new futures free
Peter S. Quinn



Every Hour Falling Eyes

Every hour falling eyes
Dreams within its kingdom
With a day of lessening skies
Where the dark is from
Sunlight going in to night
With the leaves of bringing
Every instance from bright
And its ways of thinking

Love songs fading into this
Of the diffuse entwine
With its many deep on bliss
Flicker of the glisten wine
Every voice of wind's song
Broken down in shallow
What a heart in days long
And its love might follow

Every hour into its wear
Fading like old day
Now the shadows are all near
In their dance and play
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn