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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/2/2014 11:39:10 AM
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As the Wintery Breezy Plays

Sing a song of feeling's glow
In the night that is around here
Time comes and times go
With their kindling far and near
Love by circumstances beyond
Into the river of times broken
Some promises might be found
And their worthy living token

Rising glow without anyone's control
Into the evening of going
As the cold within sideways stroll
In its icily pearly glowing
Deep contained by my heart I'll sing
Of sunshine moody days
And back flowers from them bring
As the wintery breezy plays

Sing a song of autumn still
And the times that are coming by
With their wonderings to fill
With hope dark clouds in the sky
When the longings are hopeless illusions
With my dreams woven into them
In winter's coming confusions
Of instances and conditions ahem
Peter S. Quinn



Aspiring Time and Its Vignettes

My heart is broken from within
Because the world doesn't speak
There's only a downward spin
In the ways to know and seek
Flowers falling with their leaves
Not yet grown in summer breeze
No opportunities only grieves
Opening chance of success keys

Everybody needs their true just
With its reasoning's and its edge
Or seeds of the future will be lost
Without its proper claimed allege
Nothing ever goes the same
In our world of our many ways
There are desires and their flame
Turing colors with many sways

My heart wishes all its worth
From feelings given to be free
Let my confident be in its birth
Always I need to perform and be
Strangest things to happen yet
With their many assorted bouquets
Aspiring time and its vignettes
To be full blooming in the grays
Peter S. Quinn



Assorted Flowers

Like drifting clouds we all are,
From the past to this day;
There are reasons like peace and war,
For what we do and what we say.
Come together for this age,
All will be here soon in the past;
What you have you got in wage,
So its time will come to last.

Wrong or right you may be,
That is not the question here;
For the coming ages are to see,
Where will it stand all from there.
Enjoying things for right or wrong,
You will soon not ish which is yours;
Please enjoy contemporary song,
And their picks of assorted flowers.

Same I say to all the poems new,
You either give or give not enough;
To make a bouquet of colored few,
Times are elegant or crudely rough.
Nothing here to pull out or provoke,
Only vegetables that you know;
Large and small some that'll choke,
As the times will come and go.
Peter S. Quinn



stin hn leikur

stin hn leikur
um ljfar stundir
hvort sem vakir
ea blundar
hver strengur hann syngur
hjartanu hreinu
og aldrei mean
veruru einn

allt sem tt er
minningum fali
hvort sem vakir
ea blundar
fortin flgur um huga r
og upp koma myndir
sem minningin geymir
og aldrei mean
veruru einn

(The Crew)
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn