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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/27/2014 9:54:21 AM
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Before Love Was Our

Before love was our to go on and live by
With a new morning wavered through the streets
Nothing mattered in its coming of treats
Because our day was young in the new sky
The rooms of houses full of coloring shade
With the tunnels of dreams that we once found
Each hour to our love infinity made
With pleasures and questions coming around

Darkness from gardens still empty of sorrow
For nothing had been abandoned or decayed
We had our futures fresh in tomorrow
Everything in first steps further on made
Love that belongs to plentiful of spring
Holding together beauty in pearly string
Peter S. Quinn



Before Morning Rises, or …

These thoughts out of its stillborn time and sails
Of freshness flowing to shake on my soul
The vigor of its blood in living nails
That cannot still remain in wrenching role
Like the smoking wick at a keenly sight
Of something that turned in sleep astray
With thoughts or longings from deep under night
Before morning rises in flicker play

Whatever stands to arrive here or die?
With the runs on, from the voyage of a dream
Every glory step and turning high
Where shadows in dancing too glary seem
The mounted of time and its eternity
That comes to the stands to give and be
Peter S. Quinn



Before The Moon Comes Up

Before the moon comes up
On to the endless sea
And the day pounding will stop
To become in dreams free
When every blue is a blue
On to the deep of time
And going with darkness thru
To reach out to dim's prime

Before the moon comes up
In mystical ways of dark
Reaching its way to the top
Where stars belong and spark
In its endless time and space
That no one really knows
Where the night is like the days
That turns time and goes

Before the moon comes up
And night is once more awake
In the dreams beyond worship
That fantasies alone ache
Where day is nowhere found
In those shimmering threads
Of faraway Milky Way battleground
With night sky as its wingspreads
Peter S. Quinn



Behind Is Everywhere (from, Spring Come Come)

Day and night is flowing
Inside here with me
Through the times locked going
Behind is everywhere
There is what I needed
Making it to the shadows
Everything - you read it
Before, from your eye goes

Lost there on the highway
With so many songbirds
Passing on life wandering ways
On to some old roads dirt
You have given everything
With the singings that’s behind
Nothing more through air to bring
What of is left in absent mind

Yesterdays were always
Full of its city starlight falls
Frilling up dirty ashtrays
Against some figured walls
Road is left for nothing
Circling around this freeway
Time to ages is bluffing
To the traveling homeward lay
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn