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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  2/9/2016 7:42:43 AM
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A Song For The Evening

A Mozart is playing her violin
A song for the evening
Note to note in gliding spin
Her bow is tenderly singing

From falling light to the dark
A nocturnal dreamy lay
The glistens in to the heart spark
To fill up the leaving day

Oh gold bow come and give a heart
In flowing of joyous sound
The truth of one moment's life art
That never again is found
Peter S. Quinn



A Song For You

I am going to sing you a song,
That I heard last night;
Full of whisper and soul,
Both of dark and of light.
It's a song that I heard,
For the first time last night;
When the moon and the stars,
Shined on, ever so bright.
It's a song full of shadows,
Full of thoughts that we hide;
Also things that we look for,
And we know that are right.
Every day and every night.
Come a little bit closer,
So I can sing it all through.
Come and listen to the tune,
So you can hear if it’s true.
It’s both cosmic and strange,
Full of mystical change,
And it’s specially made for you.
Peter S. Quinn



A Song To Her

I found her in autumn
In her new blue dress
Every shade was in bottom
Of gone summer's caress
I knew though her song
Of love that we made
When themes were young
As in early blossoms grade

And as the saying old goes
Each blossom will seed
If its surroundings all glows
In fertile soil without weed
The warm scent of summer
Gives its enchanting appeal
And to every newcomer
A new proliferation feel

I found her also in spring
When she wore all white
And with seedlings did sing
When they turned to the light
All new that here comes
I know is of the living riches
And with her it all plumbs
When the dark ways she ‘ditches’
Peter S. Quinn



A Song To The Road (From, Bob's Buttercups Songs)

There are days that are going we have known
To the roads of the dreams that have left
With distances in clouds drifts that have flown
In the grass swaying of its time and bereft

Many miles from their home they still long
For the days that are gone on to the road
Memories that come again and are so strong
With their ways and their dreaming in load

Young hearts are now finding what they need
In many times more than the stretching mile
Every given that comes in and the days read
From the looks of the world and its beguile

You may find what you need till it’s all gone
But there are no means to bring it all around
For the traveling heart must carry still on
In the dust of the roads that have been found

Like tomorrow is still only a dream in today
With its times in our thoughts that are going
Nothing lives till it comes to us some way
Through the efforts of our own that is showing

*These are around 500 songs
Peter S. Quinn
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