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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  1/30/2015 6:24:18 AM
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Building and Red Sky

Building and red sky
Always come on
In their low and high
Till they are gone

Giving their city capers
In gray tone concrete
Ambitions are skyscrapers
In wall to wall debate

People there walking
Most of their time
Squabbling and talking
As the shadows climb

Red blood and darkish
Sometimes they beguile
Of a more spacey wish
In another kind of style

Building’s top breezy
Buzzing in their blow
Rocket high isn’t easy
As the times onward go

Neither is there living
In its pathways steel
Only mirrors giving
For both touch and feel…
Peter S. Quinn



Burning Fires

Burning fires of day and night
Flowers of your wavering love
With every day returning bright
Through the clouds of far above
Morning singings to hold to me
Light in the gardens of thought
Flickering flames of wild free
To the shadows now brought

Day dreaming on in the dark
Of flowers bouquets gone wild
Glow their calling and spark
Every so dreamy and beguiled
All that my heart stands by
When there is nothing but old
In every corner and open sky
And you can‘t to summer hold

Burning tints of never return
In their distances red making
As wild shades now on burn
With autumn’s morning aching
Sweet were the dreams calling
From their footsteps of gone
Just like those leaves now falling
Till there are foliages of none
Peter S. Quinn



Burning Hazes Away (from, Without A Doubt)

Singing through every hour of late night
Love songs that hot temperature are giving
Like a fevered song peaking high and bright
Every tone of the melody living
We shall learn and we shall hopefully be
With the moments of true love to arrive
Like stretching wings fly through the air carefree
And go with the course in their broad contrive

Burning hazes away till morning's dawn
With the look in the equation of a dream
Before brightness comes freshly with its view
I see the night moving away from dim lawn
When the sunup ascends high with its gleam
And the colors make the sky again blue
Peter S. Quinn



But Still the Sweets of River Comes

Oh time is like the windy breeze
Of many brooks and rivers
The water curving that one sees
And always freshly delivers
Bells that ring between death and life
And gives its hope in swinging
For everything we must strife
That is here worth in bringing

Confusing times are all ahead
With dreams that someone found
Ringing bells and colors bled
Where weed sprang all around
For echoes through are in a bliss
Of blanked thoughts that now's here
It gave wisdom its last kiss
By being the square of nowhere

But still the sweets of river comes
For nothing holds water away
And with its tears chords strums
The lights of the new dawn’s day
The aliens’ spears will never hit
True fire that comes to win
There is still in the clouds wit
That through these times will spin
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn