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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/24/2014 4:23:28 PM
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Days Are Going Nowhere

Days are going nowhere,
Immortal at last;
Stillness is here and there,
Memories of past.
Years like unknown streets,
All going to by and by;
Remembered bittersweets,
Only a faraway cry.

The simmering fragile wind,
Crumpling nothingness;
Blandly from future rescind,
The fruits and flowerless.
Receptive to breath and sleep,
All is in steep descend;
The shining things into the deep,
Till its very own end.

Days that mask in dark faces,
Flowers with mouth of new;
Shadows passing moods abases,
And hiding realities construe.
Days are going nowhere,
Immortal at last;
Is there anybody aware,
The hour has glassed.
Peter S. Quinn



Days Are Going While You Live

Every day is like a new morning
Of the waves ocean song
Where your heart will be turning
And your reasons all long
Nothing sweet will ever stay
Forever the times are turning on
Like the light in dawn's play
Moment’s dreams are all gone

Fool yourself with few dreams
For you think it's up to you
But the hour forward streams
Into the gone lonesome blue
Feelings are just to depart
With no reasons to be real
You may know with your heart
How it is that you might feel

Days are going while you live
Anything might turn up there
Ways and thoughts that you give
Taking some and others share
You thought someday you'd be found
With the footsteps you walked
But too much is here all around
No one ever of you talked
Peter S. Quinn



Days Are Sometimes Dreams

Days are sometimes dreams going away
Filling their moments with the lost time gone
Like chaliced flowers that still grow here on
To give of beauty for every day
Buds of its summer in the sunshine high
Rising from the dawn to the hours that give
And we in instances always to live
Till existence open ways to eve die

Everything coming living its part
From beginning as every root grows
Those from within a feeling of our heart
And on to the moments flourish and glows
To primes of fields of existence earth
With each its dreams deepness and its true worth
Peter S. Quinn



Days before Christmas

Days are now so gray
In the month of December
Not much contrasting way
Of its yellow dark ember
Where songs are singing
In the silhouette shade
And in Christmases bringing
With colorful lights made

Look at all the pitch-dark
In its flowing distill
Somber lightness to spark
Before day climbs the hill
Happy moments are coming
With their choruses line
All the favorite strumming
To make those days shine

In sweetness of starlight
The candles are burning
To brighten up the night
For moments we are yearning
We together come and sing
To open up our pleasures
And happy moments in bring
All its days and treasures
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn