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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/25/2016 4:57:32 AM
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Aching For You (#7 From My Musical, Lyrics...)

Aching for You,
Until the sky is clear,
Don't be to me untrue,
Love to have you here.

Searching steps through,
Each day and each year,
Please don't be so blue,
When I'm close and near.

Aching for you always,
Dancing my time away,
Moments blue and grays,
With my heart still play.

Searching I can't find,
What is gone and lost,
Love is sometimes blind,
Indifference that you trust.

Aching for You,
Darling so close and dear,
The day is coming anew,
But you aren't waiting there.

(The songs are available at my site at SibeliusMusic)
Peter S. Quinn



Aching To The Pleasure - Sonnet

In my saying there is a playing that goes on
In each reckless and abandoning ways
From the understanding through thin air plays
That to my wonder of cold front is gone
Each dream has a beginning to be done
With those feeling that are clear within you
And come through like a thunder out of the blue
With their falling drum beat constipation

Causing chances that might be now too afar
Gliding through the compass holds of each time
Aching to the pleasure like a falling star
In their twinkling and glow of their shine prime
So much life has taught us in its innocence
Giving way to every steep deviance
Peter S. Quinn




I go my road of fate
Stronghold of my day
Its cry of timeless debate
On to the side way
To enter on to the dark
Once flowers were in shine
A glow like eyes spark
A shimmer of soul‘s define

Now here is dropp of night
In carnations of mystery
Dark wings in deep flight
Ever so wandering free
Taking eyes to somewhere
Where silences are black
A song of nocturnal somber
Never to return back

O tongue of deepest tongue
Inside this closing abyss
Each night where we long
And enter the garnet bliss
Fountains of evening veins
I cross you mask of bleed
To twilight’s coming reins
In all your shadows mislead
Peter S. Quinn



Across (From Album, Like Love Is True)

When dim deep is around here
With mysteries beyond the sky
Reaching light from somewhere
Before the eve says goodbye
Sleep away to the faraway
Across the eternal dark sea
Somewhere to reach a new day
Coming like a caravan to be

Our yesterday is never more
It's gone into ever-flowing space
Like waves that reach the shore
For the sea again to embrace
When dim deep is here gone
Through endless motions wave
And the night is almost done
With its dreaming vision crave

We might recall those imaginings
When we once more are awake
Those were in the night singings
When dreams had their latest take
Across to the oceans of desire
Where thoughts forever revive
The conjures of nighttime’s fire
Forever to thoughts shall give
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn