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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/22/2014 3:15:54 PM
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Dance of Flowers

A dance of flowers
Through time of snow
Those wintry hours
In dawn's new glow

Their stepping through
Existence in cold
For epochs renew
That nothing can hold
Flying in the dark
Breezy moment plays
With their playful spark
From the deep sun rays

A dance of new life
To prime coming
Seasons on strife
For blossoming

Nothing can hold
To grow and become
As seedlings unfold
Earth beginnings from
Just as we are
Now in our own dim
Deep down and afar
In bleak Whimsy whim
Peter S. Quinn



Dance on Your Softly Fairy Toes

Dance on your softly fairy toes
On the waves of the ocean
Anywhere your freedom goes
With the flow of air and emotion
Give your wings a try
On to goings far out
In to the openness of the sky
And high clouds circling about

Dance on the aloft coming air
Out to the distances afar
With your longings gathered everywhere
And wishes for each falling star
Dream away to a different shore
Find your billows to rise
To the evermore and hereinbefore
With your movements and surprise

Break of your chains to freedom
Let everything just go and go
On to where the breezes are from
And the first of the daybreak's glow
Be like a bird and glide high
Above every rooftop and tree
Never let go of the blue sky
Or the liberty that makes you free
Peter S. Quinn



Dance to Me Till the Night Is Gone

Dance to me till the night is gone
Carry my heart to the long way
Love is like a song to go on and on
Till the morning meets a new day

Hope is dancing with its flowing
Always more in its future to come
Don’t let hopes to the night be going
Feel its softness and fragrance blossom

Dance till the hours are all here in
Feeling its softness in the shadows
Let every smile through emotions spin
Anything of love sometimes again goes

Yesterdays were breaking through waves
Catching the minutes on their leaving
Thoughts to reality longings craves
In their departure and dance conceiving

Dance me to love in tender beguile
Slowly in motions to give and wake
Every its content in beauty and style
That love together can always make

Threads of its kisses feelings in deep
All that has no limits to any end
Bringing together that love can only keep
All of its instants in gathering blend
Peter S. Quinn



Dance with Me

Dance with me through waves of new motions
Growing so far out that I can not hold
Rising billows of deep profound oceans
And reaching there with might that hasn't been told
Paces of circles going in their weaving
Strange sketching finding to destiny's shore
Moments and hours each rotating briefing
What might the future for yesterday store?

Come in to darkness to find again light
Spinning thru black holes through end of space
Twinkling light of a meditative thought
Moods of the dreaming in their transit flight
Hour of fulfillment's many splitting ways
Something from their core that can't be taught
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn