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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/31/2014 7:00:08 AM
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Bring In New Spring

Bring in new spring oh spring
Endlessly in its novel sing
Flowing of gold's May glow
From under winter's old snow

Dreams that are dreams of new
Coming with green foliage thru
All that is now up awaking
Thru summer sunshine making

Love songs of easy and breeze
Flowing endlessly thru trees
Morning oh brightest day break
Coming in its freshness awake

Rising the deeds of the earth
Each in their color and worth
Freshly in painted azure sky
Together in its new-fangled tie

Bring in peace of the fields
Flowing in sun and rain yields
All that is worth their stand
Tinctures at natures command

Living all that is rising again
From under old frost and grain
Footsteps of the new born hours
Days of scenting fresh flowers
Peter S. Quinn



Bring In That Love Tonight

Bring in that love tonight
Wandering ways of the stars
Lost in unknown time's flight
From their lonely isobars
Rotating around their ways
And always to be so alone
Nothing of importance stays
Only their hard rock stone

Sumer tides never come
Only the dark that'll glide
Each minute frosty numb
On their lost flight guide
Where will it reside or go
Turning around and round
Nobody forever will know
Each their way isn’t found

Bring reflect on with wings
In to this nowhere land
Heart that continues and sings
Someone who'll understand
Love is the motivation for all
Pleasures that give and take
To the lonesome must call
Every split second up wake
Peter S. Quinn



Bring In the Openness Fire

Bring in the openness fire
Of every morning that comes
Love is a way for its desire
That together everything up sums
Feelings of searching mind
Looking still for the light
Leaving the scarecrows behind
Those only are dark as the night

Somewhere around the shores
Love is like the hopping waves
Coming from oceans floor
Because of its hope it craves
Through every going hell
Moments those are now past
For everything is going well
Coming in growth from lost

Bring in prospects you're hopen'
Everywhere round to this spot
Futures are coming quite open
With requests from all this lot
Peter S. Quinn



Bring in the Passionate Words

Bring in the passionate words
Each every thought that flirts
Love is the conquering road
Taking away life's load
Reasons to give and to take
What is it worth to ace?
When blooms come to grow
Life in its youth to flow

I am a hopeful guy
Swinging on low and high
Never to be out of touch
For everything gives me so much
What is this all made for
Riding its waves to the shore
If you are in love like I
No reasons to say goodbye

You and I give every tide
Closeness that comes to stride
Take the sweet flavor to find
Passions are never too blind
Trying out each of its footsteps
Fervor through unsettled preps
This is why love has its swing
Words flying moods on a string

The shadows are glittering fast
Giving their moments cast
Much is there done for nothing
Catching the image and bluffing
There is so much in a dream true
Finding each way home to you
Why are there minutes like this?
Fill good moment’s good bliss
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn