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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  1/31/2015 3:05:09 PM
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Circling Way - Dark

I have dreamt of a circling way,
When winter in darkish mood plays;
The flowers had fallen to earth,
To regenerate seed's new birth.
And a sleep is a way of time,
With passionate desire prime;
The landscape of cloudy curves,
Grow inside to my aura's nerves.

Days have become like night,
Sweet roses are nowhere at sight;
The odd and dim here all around,
Gone are the desires of fire's found.
The world is changing in and out,
With shallowness of the lonely about;
Rough as a flint is now my tongue,
Daydreams in everything I'd long.

Undulate each way and each step,
Moments of memories now into hep;
Crazy I am going out of this fall,
Winter of boreal making its call.
Fly fly away to the relentless heart,
Give me the instants of a flying start;
Concernment dying into the dark,
Another day perhaps again it'll spark.
Peter S. Quinn



Cleaving Stones (a song)

I've never lost in my way
And always said the best I can
Love is something in the play
With the strictures of the ban
Rising high or below its turn
To be there for everyone
To bring forward lets learn
And you shall know how it’s done

Cleaving stones of many more
With thoughts that break tides
Flowing strictures on its core
With each gesture that abides
Now is night of easy going
Stillness wind in somber while
Onward strictures easy knowing
Each in that and this new style

I've never given up my try
Finding always something still
Easy comes and reaching high
If our dreams it shall fulfill
There are times that go nowhere
Only to be here still on
But I want to take them there
Carry their roads and be done
Peter S. Quinn



Closed Doors - Sonnet

Closed doors of the times from the within
That each aspect is turning and giving
Oceans of deep in its waves and spin
Opportunities in days of living
Flowing ongoing of everyone's fate's realm
Where their roads cross the ways of new context
The forces or numbers that overwhelm
Puzzled doubt of its uncertainty perplexed
Breast against thorns that always are hurting
Suffering pain of its sorrowing bring
The grieves and the troubles comforting
When hours in loneliness gray mornings sing
The blossoms of clouds darkish coexistence
When friction of ways turn their contrivance
Peter S. Quinn



Closer Tonight

Nothing is now forever
It’s the way we need to feel
Thoughts that come out clever
Making the past very real
Come to my heart closer
And bring what you must
You might become the imposer
With everything and your trust

So much comes just once
With the lot to hold on
Edges of feelings blunts
Are never together drawn
We just wander out there
Letting our time to waste
Reasons beside are so glare
Thoughts once wrongly placed

Nothing comes without love
You must just give it all out
Things just kind of might've
Into its very own self-doubt
I want to have it so complete
Let each our desires go there
Without the ways to mistreat
Getting closer tonight to share
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn