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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/1/2014 12:57:37 AM
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Carillon Tunes (from New Waves to the Shore)

Carried by undulation of drizzling clouds
Through the kingdom of longing with fresh air
Opening passes of autumn time crowds
In their endures of powers and flair
Light of the new irrevocable fragile
Images of love along without doubt
Something to last the oblivion while
Carillons tunes not to fade-out

Fly to avail like travelers along
The sunshine and rain crossing through shadow
Increment with their passions up waking
Love in the words with the love in their song
Just like a morning of their new dawn's glow
Sparkling of sweetness forever making
Peter S. Quinn



Carpe Diem

O beautiful you in garden's heart
From point where tomorrow shall start
Playfully giving and receiving
In all this of going amending
Lasting futures impending
When flowers seeds are reviving

The love that comes into night
And sets out its feelings on flight
Where garden roses are true:
In each their approval and lore -
When love gives to become more
Of all that is to renew
Peter S. Quinn



Carrying the Night Away

Carrying the night away
Some thoughts that never come true
Giving a love scene gray
Is so much up to you?
Endlessly the days in air
Complicating each new matter
Always from here to there
The reasons to dreams clatter

Throwing my heart to explanation
What have I done right now
Love sick of innovation
Though I'll manage somehow
Trusting my foolish thought
What should I mostly now fear?
Whether I shouldn't or ought
Being somewhere else or here

Trusting that you will know
What your heart is searching
And by no means to let go
What in its roots are lurching?
Don't throw out the window
Something that you could live
Opening to the backdoor's row
Never resolves a heart's sieve
Peter S. Quinn



Cast In the Instills Of Time

Bring me some flowers from rain
Those were wasted to the earth
Everything comes within pain
If it has been tried out in worth

Cast in the instills of time
Displaying the reviewing of gales
Coming to growth in its prime
Everything within instance sails

Morning is stirring the blossoms
With every steam and new leaf
Withering roots knots of its sums
Through every hour so brief

The time is a center of motion
That silted below the grass
The stream of the tangling potion
A mirror of time's shattered glass

Pushing the framework of living
Clawing the dreams going by
So much to the framework giving
Just like those thoughts that fly

The silhouettes are in the sun
With pink flowers red from the nape
As the colors wither and run
To make their red brown yellow strap

Daydreaming waiting the shadows
With every curves of backwards still
Morning comes dark in its glows
In every instances and thrill

Like razors edges of the horizon
Outlining the blood red enigmas fire
And moving its pace steady on
To give us new autumn's desire

Yesterday's curvier backwards clutching
Into the deprecate of tides waste
Everything with dark woe touching
From its coming new season's own taste

Enters the lagging of forest's row
And filling the moments with stillness
Now in its memories timeless flow
Where steps become withering chillness

Corridor of the tide's flowing chart
Changing its mood in its observing
Flowing eternally on in the depart
With every withering leaf curving
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn