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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/22/2014 1:12:25 AM
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Dark Blue Sky (#12 from my musical, Lyrics...)

Dark blue sky's out there,
Before daybreak is in;
Falling stars here and there,
Taking a dive and a spin.

Night and distant moon,
Sleepless is my night;
Day will close in soon,
Sunshine hot and bright.

Gleaming lights everywhere,
Space dark and unknown;
Now is winter's year,
With snowy darkish gown.

Night dreaming oh not me,
Melancholy and sleepless;
I gaze my eyes to sky free,
For a falling star fresh.

Dark blue sky's out there,
My thoughts out wander;
Away from this little sphere,
The earth that grows under.

(The songs are available at my site at SibeliusMusic)
Peter S. Quinn



Dark Dark Comes Close

Dark dark comes close,
When day's dreamt away
The sunshine;
Alone now stands
An evening rose,
Like memories from
A chorus line.

I feel the winter's coming,
As light goes
From the day;
Though some the colors
Are running,
Bright like those
From early May.

Dark dark comes close,
Shades dun and all stray
In design;
As night expands
Summer light goes,
Filled with embalm
Of summer divine.

I feel the winter once more,
It steadily grows
And shadows play;
As the wind hollers
And treetops swing,
Once more close
To my walking way.
Peter S. Quinn



Dark Growth

Paint my heart with tincture
Tones of tears from within
Years have become abolisher
For every gray tone and tin
Heart is always in its doubt
Impure symmetry accepted
In and out and here about
Not as before was expected

Lessons the plunge of times
From there and to the hard
Pantomime followed mimes
Every aspect thus so jarred
Perhaps you don't venerate me
Only justify your tattered tins
With its own pneumonia key
Obtained elements phrase-ins

Like a tree of tortured roots
Dumped in the rubbish heap
I've carried some lifeless fruits
In silent run in quiescent deep
Submerged treasured trays
And knotted their dark growth
Conquered freedom many ways
With my own and given both
Peter S. Quinn



Dark Ride

Dark ride through day and night
Winter songs of the eventide
Come and set your glisten light
Through the shadows that hide

Times have gone and given all
Nothing comes though from this
Lightless footsteps only sprawl
With their ways of hit-and-miss

I don't understand my thoughts
From this vantage and point on
Together comes each of its jots
When comprehending is gone

Frost thinking thoughts that play
Something for a short while long
Minutes vanish in nothing to say
This is the texture, way and song

Wearing apparel what comes next
It’s a funny thing with your luck
Like its surface quite undersexed
Forever in the pantomime stuck

My desires around the corner go
The coincidence cards they'll draw
Somewhere along footsteps in snow
Sweet love of my longings I saw
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn