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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/13/2014 11:18:14 AM
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Elemental Clouds (from Lullabies)

Elemental clouds now ride the skies alone
Through the bound of the net raindrops falling
I hear a little music from some pebble stone
While the drizzles are splashing and calling
Steams in the wild it’s the forest song
Flowing with its drum drops earth-rending
Something for my heart in harmony to long
Each the flower petals and leaves bending

You and I we had our different ways
Sunshine and the rain songs that we found
In slanting slashing sky like horses that gallop
Tinctures in its shades dyed many plays
To the underneath water lustrous around
A thought in a walloping like the raindrop
Peter S. Quinn




Embroidery of the forest
On to the fields of time
The wings of gray achiest
All in their grayness prime

Of dreams that once were
In the moments like drift
When summertime was near
In ways of its open whiffed

Foliage of winter falling
Thru steps of time’s thread
When gloom shades are calling
In tints of their brownish red

And day is shorter becoming
In each their light of rise
On earth open blossoming
That to the winter cold dies

Draperies of their burgeon lay
That fetches old rustic bled
When the forest murky play
Its wilderness meadows bed

Oh forest my old trail forest
In all the traditions you hold
Once proud habits of the florist
Now‘s in ashen winter’s cold
Peter S. Quinn



Enchanted Moments (from, Lead Sheets in July 2008)

Enchanted moments
The ongoing loftiness
Somewhere its relents
Into the earth softness

Moving in shades around
From on shadowing trees
Dance forms there found
Surfaces of eternally frees

Heart that stiffen its play
Lost by a separate vitality
A river returning rock's clay
A garden of fountain carnality

Spaces between whirling plovers
Dream crossed in twilight of birth
The forces of many pullovers
In every quill of its worth

Enchanted in sails stillness
The brief of a frozen time
When wings in flight’s chillness
Uplift some dust and grime

Tension between dreams cross
The window towards the shore
Effects that's there and bathos
That we don't know what is for
Peter S. Quinn



End of the Day

At end of the day
I am still here
In its many play
Of life everywhere
Dreams going by
Reaching dark deep
In glow in the sky
And earth to reap

Morning that come
In blossoms bright
Never here tiresome
In giving a plight
Of their aspirations
The beautiful still
People and nations
In living fulfill

At end of it all
In rippling waves
When dark befall
On daylight craves
And heavens return
To its sullen shine
After crimson burn
At sunset skyline
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn