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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  3/4/2015 4:44:26 PM
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Bird of Spring

Like butterfly she is
Whispering to the breeze
Early morning cheerful kiss
Shall try her wing and please
On to colors of the sky
Bird of the green spring
Fly on and fly on high
Let your heart to your mood sing

All days have been calling
To reach your goal days
As night and night are falling
You’ll have your winged ways
For love is in your hair
And the eyes that ask for touch
To reach an affection and care
In Venus of love so much

Like butterfly a dream
In natures own color symphony
In the rivers of fervor stream
Each stroke is forever and free
A day again turns to night
And fantasies of love begin
Bird of spring in her flight
Touches her passion within
Peter S. Quinn



Bird of the Faraway Sea

The bird that arrived from the outlying sea
With a pounding heart and two fair blue eyes
In throbbing of new love through fresh airy free
From the distances of aroused morning skies
It came from overseas of the faraway
To live in the passions of summer's true dream
And to meet the wilderness in its clean play
Where everything is in vividness gleam

Dangers are offered on its feathers white
From coming sideways of the hills aside
In dark glow of mountains like shadowy night
Where wings of life aspirations onward glide
Her dream is to give birth to the free and new
Little sea gulls of young to soar the sky blue

For this picture: http: //www.flickr.com/photos/benheine/3565511417/
Peter S. Quinn



Bird on the Road

It’s my bird on the road
In the hot clement tempered sun
Feeling lonely and tired inside
Every dream that comes free gives a flight
Like a dreamer on the road
Feeling wandering ways in wings
Distant giving that goes there by
Every feeling is its own
For the drifting times ahead

So much love is in his load
In every turn and in every fun
Like a leaf through skies will glide
Through the day of young and old night
Like a dreamer with his load
Through the time endlessly sings
Darling winged bird of blue sky
In your tender aching tone
And your wings of love ahead

It’s my bird on the road
Flying high in the sky till its midnight...
Peter S. Quinn



Birds (a song)

A bird is a bird for another
With everything in its own day
Like a summer song coming together
In every tone and joyful play
A flight through the woods of singing
With wind that would pass in air
And love songs to lovers bringing
Those are hearing the tones clear

And when the night's coming in
With its dense and darkish flow
You'll hear every song from within
Until to your dreams you'll go
Between every journey returning
Where love is in suspending flight
And your heart is in there yearning
For what shall become to new light

Like perfumes in garden transmitted
With wings that are breaking the sky
And always to its occasions fitted
In every its flying and passing by
So many expectations of returning beauty
Whenever new daybreak comes near
With its mornings in songs of flutey
Through the forest and you shall hear
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn