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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  3/4/2015 12:58:20 AM
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Bloom upon A Mountain High

Bloom upon a mountain high
In every color known
Sunset to rising in new sky
Into the earth grown

Feeling of seeds in sowing
Endow the day of new
From the roots there growing
Something that's so true

Bright morning efflorescence’s
Coming through faraway
Clearing up all your senses
For the newborn day

Tilling the witness of fading
Nothing would be the same
In every tinctured shading
That came out of this flame

Bouquets of blameless flowers
Into the garden of love
Through the aspiring hours
That came rushing from above

This was from twilight’s own glory
Shining through on to here
New born themes and story
Now it’s growing everywhere
Peter S. Quinn



Blooming of The Night (From, Rhythmicon - 50 Lead Sheets with Poems)

Blooming of the night
Hiding in the daylight,
Frost roses on a window
In full moon they glow;
In white and silver gray
And flutter light they play,
Each bouquet delegate
That coldness only made.

You are so roses fine
Onward in darkness shine,
Without the fragrances
In beautiful ambiances;
So graceful is your art
That comes to my heart,
With windy argent linings
In every frost awakenings.

Blooming of the night
I want to hold them tight,
With daybreak they will go
These sculptures of snow;
The blossom colossal white
These beauties of the night,
In innocent they spark
The silvers of the dark.
Peter S. Quinn



Blooming on Sideways

Blooming in sideways
Springing all out
Now is the right way
To saw seeds about
Sunshine is brightly
Filling the air
With smiles and lightly
In everything here

Yellow to the green
With shadings in glow
Wonderment you have seen
That now in time flow
Peaceful in daydreams
All the worrying told
In their quietness seems
As their moments unfold

Flowers on cobblestones
Peaceful in quietness
Shadings in grey tones
Within structured bareness
Love song of street on
With all the days living
Never to quietness gone
In their moods on giving
Peter S. Quinn



Blossoms Of Blue and White

Blossoms of blue and white
Onto the hours of dark
From night of deepest night
Once again they΄ll spark
Shadings of wonderment ways
All of tinctured spring
From dark of winter grays
Now to earth shall sing

I feel much singing in me
As days go by and by
Its freedom of light free
Opening up cloudy sky
There once was dim in deep
Much gray in dark go
But now the sun shall reap
Blooms from seeds grow

Blossoms of life in earth
Wonderment of true call
Living is now much worth
In summer and then fall
The circle of life goes on
In pavements of growing
The struggle of life has won
In brightness of glowing
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn