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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/10/2014 8:00:17 AM
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Flickering Light

Flickering light - dream lights!
Reflections on the river of time
Blossoms of glow in the flights
Life of light in darkness lime

Man is in the middle stream
With his touch and coming day
Breezy whisper like a dream
As the waves on the river play

Life is like a song
Or a river flowing
Beating heart to long
Till its time of going
Tides of to and fro
In their billows calling
What do we really know?
As the time's falling

Flickering light - dream lights!
Soon the day is again rising
With lights of highest mights
In its daybreak surprising

Every hour a new it seem
Flowing there steadfastly on
Breezy whisper like a dream
Till this day is likewise gone
Peter S. Quinn



Fljgandi Fuglar

fljgandi fuglar
flugu svo vel
eir fru suur
og lengra a g tel
vngjunum fleygu
um verld alla
eir fru flokkum
til fjarlgra fjalla

og svo kom vetur
me vindana t
og hrollkaldar vonir
um grsuga hl
g b v og vona
a vorboin eini
sem g fuglana tel
su hr enn leyni

fljgandi fuglar
flugu svo vel
er sl var haga
um bjart sumar el
en n arf a muna
r stundir ljfar
er vetrar ntur vera
aftur kaldar og hrjfar
Peter S. Quinn



Flow Flow

Flow flow with the mighty and strong
Passionate ways that loves bringing
The morning of deep warmth and song
While the forest birds are singing

Bitterly now turn to the other way
Never again to be coming in here
Lets bring peaceful love to the day
In heights of its glory everywhere

Flow flow my heart like the rivers
On to the thoughts that welcome all
Each of your way in truths delivers
Love is a song of pledges new call

Trust lives description for desire
Hiding the hedges where grave past
Hour of morning and glory its fire
Love is here staying ever to last

Flow flow like air in the blue high
Freedom is calling and giving more
Never let hope fall or down die
Let it reach like a boat to the shore

Dissolve the hatred that tumbles down
Inside life seed and deeply is undo
Give every root the soil to be grown
All is a part and the making of you
Peter S. Quinn



Flow Winds of Time

Flow winds of time
Whilst the night takes a spin
Stars are falling in deep prime
As the darkness comes in
Feelings like river going
All is within dream reach
Night sky is now glowing
In its twinkling glow bleach

Flow on to a daybreaks light
Reach the awaken call
In dreams blue and height
As the night must fall
Silvery dress of the day
Awaken in its true reality
Every dreams now on its way
To become once more free

Flow to the sounds I heard
Whispers in the deep dark
Like ravens of a winged bird
Shadowed dancing embark
Life is like merry-go -round
Deep into their whole make
Until the lights again found
As new cock-crows awake

Now is the night in its dancing
Humming a breeze melody
Dreams of bedroom romancing
For a new tomorrow to be
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn