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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/22/2014 8:39:45 PM
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Do You Believe In True Love (from, MySpace)

Do you believe in true love and its spells?
The magical wands of a passionate feel
This in the heart and the ways foretells
If it is of fires - in burnings real
The love songs of night with wings strongly grown
To fly into feelings that we shall give
Each hour with touches that are not here shown
When we through its instant joy of love live

Wishing wells that are surrounded by the deep
Never have given as much as all this
When love of new desire reaches its high
All ours to live and forever to keep
Like twinkling of dawn in tomorrow's bliss
Hooked on futures that never die
Peter S. Quinn



Do You Remember – Autumn Leaves Falling

Do you remember when love was in youth?
Every day so fresh without shadows
Only today and tomorrow - in glows
Showing innocence and colors of truth
Everything was quite invincible in love
Touching the hidden stars inside to free
Everything just - a part of you and me
Making friends that never were enough of

How did we sleep away - and how did we grow
Why has the lit on the lambs now gone old?
And why is my heart this time recalling
Something I once thought never would go
The juvenile flower I always could hold
I never thought of autumn leaves falling
Peter S. Quinn



Don’t Bring Yourself Down

Don't bring yourself down
Into a nowhere situation
Our time is now in the town
With thoughts and creation
Somewhere we need to find
The roads ahead to futures
With an even settled mind
Of each complicated sutures

Things we should have done
With its time to satisfy
Moments here are fast spun
The recent past to clarify
Steady on we move across
To the front of everything
Some intention is of loss
Satisfied in its own swing

Don't bring it to its ground
What you have to give
For it's nowhere else found
What only you can live
So rightfully or erroneously
Vent opportunities its try
It might be inharmoniously
Your limits are the sky
Peter S. Quinn



Don’t Dress Up For the Occasion

Don’t dress up for the occasion
It’s only you and me
And a lyric without explanation
With words coming steadily

Writing thoughts on a sheet
Riming it all into place
Naming the text what it need
- Oh, there are so many ways

I could go on and ask you
What should I fix up more?
Then you could tell me what to do
To make me feel more assure

Expressions warped in text
Playfully the words are fixed
I can't explain what comes next
It’s complicated and mixed

Something perhaps about Prague
I traveled there longtime ago
Or maybe of a stray street dog
I came through the years to know

Together sometimes we walked the street
And blabbered full of nonsense
He and me and little ‘twiddle tweet’
Became all friends by accidents…
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn