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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/22/2014 1:14:36 PM
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Day After Day There is Sunset

Day after day there is sunset,
Beautiful ashtrays of yellow dust;
All what days of the days meet,
Rays of the sunshine hours of lust.
The eyes inside the evening,
Before the day is all gone;
Where lark and small birds sing,
There in red layered setting sun.

Dark blue and half lonely,
The hours that dark gives away;
Shadows of night dancing only,
With tone of the wind that play.
Rides of the moon in clouds,
Water that glances in a glow;
Streets empty without crowds,
All is now in silent and slow.

Lips of a dream now kisses,
Wings of the darkish flowers;
Brings to a thought night wishes,
Before return of morn hours.
How does a dim make doubts,
Vividly morning coloured orange;
Brushing away grey burn-outs,
Giving the light again change.
Peter S. Quinn



Day and Day New Summer

Day and day for the coming
As new summer comes along
Torches of tinctures strumming
In to its green freshness song
Where a darling's young in light
Of its beautiful spring blossom
And away is all winter's night
Where dark to the dark is from

Day and day in the evening
Reddish the clouds in drifting
Where birds upon a tree will sing
And the spirit of airs uplifting
And making the moments shine
With every loneliness going away
Longings in a faraway horizon line
When dark will meet its yellow lay

Days of each promises going
In to the high above beyond
With gold of the gold glowing
Like nowhere else is here found
Dancing of leaves in shadows
Drippy of dew drops one by one
Where moments in evening glows
And soon to the twilight is gone
Peter S. Quinn



Day And Night Forever Going (from, The Complete Collected Poems of Strains)

Day and night forever going
Into the miasma of tomorrow
Memories from hours glowing
Whatever they might borrow

Rising influences and going on
Into their shivering gone past
Wishes warped but never done
Everything moves on so steadfast

Beaming lights into every start
Finding a new way to fascinate
Rising high from its first impart
Always to give of its own weight

Swinging contrast in gentle aim
Building on its past forevermore
Roots to develop and life to tame
Opening up its expectations door
Peter S. Quinn



Day And Night We Were Dreaming Away

Day and night we were dreaming away
Summer set moods of our love
Something of feelings in instances stay
Just like the sunshine above
Our feeling of beautiful dreaming on
Where tomorrow will come too
Evenings of purple red tinctures gone
Always in colors to renew

Day and night dreams to fulfill
Giving us glowing head start
Love songs of the woods route still
Those that belong to our heart
You and I holding hand in hand
Surrounded by fragrances in air
Eye glimpsing together to understand
What it is to be close and near

Dream ways from the glowing evening
Giving so much to both of us
With breeze in its shrilling swinging
Coming in soft voices across
Day and night we were dreaming away
Always through feelings inside
Something to stay in its everlasting play
Through momentarily dreams that abide
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn