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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/1/2014 11:22:01 PM
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Cock-Crow of Sky Clouds

Somebody is waiting inside this way
Feeling some trouble and being alone
Coming to first light and giving its gray
Always on itinerant like stepping stone
Lost in the woods of hopes and new tries
With nothing to give of or from it take
Opening wounds of bottomless skies
Each in its morning that must again wake

Standing on askance and losing the road
Into the chaos of times already gone
All is its holdings and each heavy load
Something of need that shouldn’t be done
Knocking on fate wherever it comes
Cock-crow of sky clouds drifting along
Somewhere like a clock in blankness hums
Every of is tick ticking going on song

Anything of need should come in to time
Filling sideways of untaken old thought
Where is its low lay and each its prime
Of opportunities in needs getting caught
Black daybreaks beauty filling that sky
Across an open paddock of deep and dark
Where every span is with its own try
With its today and the night in new spark
Peter S. Quinn



Cold Secrets

Cold is cold
Like frozen river
Each its turn
Passing between the flows
Of icily hands

The channels
Of bitter inside
The bright crystals
Of glowing twinkling
Winter thoughts

A seed stillborn
Lies in the cradle of earth
Unmoving its sleep
And lost
In time’s spring
Later to come
Peter S. Quinn



Colonnades of Glory

Colonnades of glory
Thoughts of the whispering free
Unseen dimensional aurae
Of songs sweet melody
Yesterdays in the keepsake
And tranquil of hours to come
Recollections of timepiece flake
That through the thoughts swum

Day in the coming clouds by
Moments there on to find
Openness of the bluish deep sky
Like something that comes to mind
When you get a touching feel
That something lies hidden out there
Not everything is for real
There is something else somewhere

Maybe I'm dreaming too much
Because of veering sights
Tasking reality out of touch
Into its own Pegasus flights
Colonnades of glory
The force of the feathery light
A dream of the poignant expletory
Nothing with wrong or right
Peter S. Quinn




There is soft breathing inside here
With your love and touch to rise
So much remains in warmth everywhere
In the fine mist of disguise
You are the evening and the night
Reflecting always the truth
Skies are so heavenly bight
In every hour of eternally youth

There is your love in the footsteps
Coming my way and go
Filling the wandering intercepts
In our thoughts to and fro
So many lights to recall
Some remain heavy beside me
Committed heart of a gently fall
Beating in illusions quite free

There you are standing and gazing
Not to be leaving tonight
With all the warmth in your gracing
When the stars reach their height
Warm of the heart to store
Hours away to light of dawn
Torching with its gleam more and more
Gold light awaken day swan

Fill every momentary with your touch
Coming a long way to give
Rise from the shore with so much
Always again to relive
Love is like evening and sky
Finding the moments there lost
Reaching its tincture shade high
That from a fancy has crossed

Crossing the bridges of silence
In every restless and dream
Colors of gray foggy blench
Now on the roads to the far seem
Yesterdays had written songs
To fill their longings and flight
Now into nocturnal they belong
With every aspect of the sight
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn