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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  1/30/2015 5:13:43 PM
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Come On (from Album, Like Love is True)

Bring in the good news
Though days go to dark
No one will forever lose
Inside where they spark
Trust your ways and senses
From time that's falling
Each instance away dances
To the distance calling

Give your morning needs
Through the day coming
Which way it all reads
Through its time summing
We are here now found
Moving like we want to
Somewhere still around
While we go on through

Every mind is freedom
Finding courses breaking
Inside blossom bloom
Every decisions making
Nothing is an even try
It’s only for now existence
In every it’s low and high
While it moves in trance
Let every line on the hold
Filling the dreams to reach
Every hour to unfold
Through the step they teach

Give me a time to chose
What in the time will break?
And myself to lose
If it is what it takes?

Come on and bring freedom


While we go on through
Come on and bring freedom
Through to the next level
Let there be always some
Giving from its own spell
Peace and love for all
From spring till late fall
The wild wild wallflowers

Fire be in your heart
Filling the dreams on
Never from your depart
Carrying the love songs won
That is for all man's peace
Justice rightfully here
Knots of misfortune unlace
Bring your love around here

Come on and bring freedom
Come on
Peter S. Quinn



Come On In - Silent Night

Come on in with your singing on so bright
The carols of love and every bearing
Bring forth peace with harmonious interfering
So we me catch the highest of clear light
Come to my heart and take out its senses
With melodious in its wondrous beauty
Like the northern lights twilight's sequences
The newborn in their destiny are free

A silent night comes to each man heart
With twinkling stars and the wishes that call
For harmony and prospect to this earth
Let each you’re inspiring from inside start
And be like the stars that for wishes must fall
To celebrate again Jesus Christ's birth
Peter S. Quinn



Come To My Heart – A Song

Now the summer songs are going
In to their lonesome road
Each dream away is flowing
Away with its tinctures load
I want to know if my dream
Will be around in lingering softness
Where a darkish winter's beam
Shall show its shadows loftiness

Come to my heart close here
And give it away to my feelings
There is a frost song in the air
With their onward realigns

Dreams we had shall be alone
Even feel foreign to be
The summer days have shone
Drifting to the distance free
No one shall escape their feel
All that came lingering here on
Now they seem all so unreal
Dreams of summer they're done


There is my love song
Disappearing today
In the lonesomeness
That comes to stay
With the shadowy shade
Those inside now are
And my song of parting made
To the times of yore afar


There is a frost song...
Coming to my heart

- still in the making -
Peter S. Quinn



Come To My Heart Again – A Song

Come to my heart again
Into the cloudy misty night
All has been searched in vain
When there was guide to young light
My heart is summer blossom
Into the sky so blue
Now it is gone the day from
In to the nocturnal dim new

Give me a way to a choice
Looking at summer now gone
Inside my longing lone voice
Where the dark is now on
I have my voice now unspoken
Sleeping in dreams that have flown
Every my hope is now broken
Just like fall leaves that have blown

Come to my self with the new
Never again be moved out
I'm in love with summer sky blue
And each every color there about
Now there is only my pining
Troubles of the coming breeze
Twilights of winter are twining
Conducts of ice and the freeze

Come to my heart again…
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn