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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/14/2014 10:10:43 AM
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Every Day Is A Dream

Every day is a dream coming through
That is wakened to become once more free
All is freshness of the feeling and new
Just to be what you want it here to be
Demanding nothing but completing life
From the perfumes of the far inside
Like the sweetness of its spiritual rife
That is here for the night to give you guide
Every hour it whispers to those ears
With its thoughts from the angels away high
There is loving in the waves one hears
Of the day and the night always going by
This is love irresistible in beauty's lull
With the roads to dreams that are never dull
Peter S. Quinn



Every Day Is a Love Song

Every day is a love song
Felt so crystalline
A day rise
In the heart
For dreams to follow
From the uneasy waves
Those affect your lips
And beats
The gift of life
To give me

This song
Of inspirational mode
That meets me half way
And finds inner flow
To follow
This time
Of beating hearts
To everything
Love wants to say

It waits for moods
With wings to fly
In days of glow
And sweetness
Each time
There is love
In your heart
Peter S. Quinn



Every Day Is a Song

Every day is a song going by
With a heart calling on to you
Never showing a cloud in the sky
Only love that always comes true
Every reason is asking you why
In my mind you are coming through
Always like dreams up there high
In its ways and moments to do
Like a song in tunes that never die
Everything inside always new to try

Moments come and go back once more
Like a life that's going or coming
Every heart has its dreams in to pour
Through the stars and seeds blooming
With a day that is here with its store
Or a dream that is lost in its plumbing
With reality somewhere in its yore
Feelings that come apart for summing
Always inside their catchable lore
Trying to find what every answer is for
Peter S. Quinn



Every Day Is another Song

Every day is another song
With its ways and emotion
Some of love and so young
In its timeless time ocean
Every love has somewhere been
In its vent and true thought
So much feeling it has seen
What it is and what it ought

Circling joins through the ways
Something of life to tell
Each times stamp in its haze
Like a cloud that cannot dwell
Going on here still to live
From the day it comes to form
In every course done to give
Where its bedim once swarm

Fortunate ways leap of fate
Some to find and to place
Rising sail through the grate
In its varied many ways
Find the dream that surround
In their distance and nearby
Every day is here still bound
In its beginning to make its tie
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn