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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  8/28/2014 8:18:25 AM
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Conjectural Punch Lines (From, Lost Song Poems)

Conjectural punch lines
Between good and bad,
What in the peace outshines
Both happy and sad;
There's way with indifference
But it will never stay,
If you give peace a chance
In the moment deray.

Try not out your luck
With up filling a wish,
You could be forever stuck
In what it then never is;
Fulfillments and changes
On the long roads ahead,
Futures still rearranges
When they are made ared.

What man's from life driven
Are like axes of the field,
From the progeny given
And the soil concealed;
There's way for new hope
Another stories untold,
In fate's ancient grope
What destiny will behold.
Peter S. Quinn



Connecting the Lines

I wandered alongside this evening song
Through tempers and roots of their many ways
Might of their warm gone but the fragrant stays
Giving compasses and yearnings to long
Reasons of staircases in crystal clear wood
The little forgotten wheels of treasures
Each of their reasons and unlikelihood
Giving its day to day normal pleasures

Completeness of things is in its cleanness
Smoothing its powers to the time chimes
Filling each matter with existing - indeed
The easy going contrasts and betweenness
That goes with existence of lifetimes
Is all connecting the lines you will read?
Peter S. Quinn




My heart is a connection
To you and to me
Together in the beat
That makes our love free

These feelings like light
In rising daybreak
Every touch of this relation
That we in love shall make

Your heart is a connection
So much and tenderly
That I feel here inside me
When our love is free

Like dreams flowing between
In their everlasting
Only touches and nothing seen
In love caringly trusting
Peter S. Quinn



Contemplation in the Light (from, MySpace)

Contemplation in the light
Those need somewhere to go
Into the circling of the night
With some of its dowering glow
Taking the departing by hours
That's been waiting and ready
In the pouring out showers
Of the falling drops so steady

In the look of the city light
At the evening passing gone
Before labyrinth of the night
Shall vanished and be done
From the lanes and city routs
With every sideway in its line
When the shadows here intrudes
With the day and falling sunshine

Reverie in dark shade
Every fulsome turning point
That in stepwise turning grade
Comes to border the dimly joint
Where the hour falls to sleep
In the pondering of a dream
And doorways of reality sweep
Though its gloomy nightly beam
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn