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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  5/25/2016 4:10:42 AM
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All The Sweet Things From The Night

All the sweet things from the night:
like perfumed air in bluest sight,
day is born a wish
from my dreaming bliss,
- when a star has lost its flight!

Yes now is the time to be
when sunshine comes easily,
into my garden
for spring's start en',
- to grow into colors free!

This my love shall always know,
I am hers with every glow;
again earth's born
from under careworn,
- winter's grave in grayish snow.
Peter S. Quinn



All The World Is Looking

All the world is looking,
For some peace;
In beauty of nature,
To harmonize and please.
And in the lights,
Of things you see;
You shall be rewarded,
With the greenest tree.

For nature is like perfect art,
It bewitches your eyes with beauty.

All the world is looking,
For kindness of thought;
Every step forward,
Mankind themselves brought.
And if it's destructive,
They brought it self in;
All foolishness of any kind,
Seldom shall win.

For nature is one in every part,
And man soon pays for all his sin.

As I grow older,
I dwell on and see;
The beauty of nature,
In each every tree.
And colors of summer,
In blooms that glows;
And rivers with waters,
That freely flows.

Let there be nature on this earth,
Be its friends not its foes.

Our story continues,
As life goes on;
This purest of beauty,
Under the sun.
Where we are born,
Innocent and all free;
Together to understand,
Both you and me.

Let our values have a rebirth,
As our love for all life grows.
Peter S. Quinn



All Things Must Past

All things must past what of day is here born
First it gives pleasure and then it is gone,
Like a glow from dawn's new rising pylon
Light of the day that to dark is forworn;
All what to fate is impaired and forlorn
Turning to echoes like fading carillon,
Forgot in darkness what once was of dawn
First it was merry - but now it is lorn.

Dwell not on that - but forget like wish,
All must wither as this summer so sweet
That in shades and beauty welter will treat;
Like every thought that will drift from a mind,
Love is the thing that gives most anguish
And like purest of truth sometimes is blind.
Peter S. Quinn

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All Those Forgotten Songs (From Minutes Of Falling Days)

All those forgotten songs that came
Inside a heart when its pure in love
Burning on and burning true flame
Just like the new morning above
Ours yesterdays are never forgotten
When they in dreams must glow
The memories full on and trotten'
Like footsteps in new drifting snow

Here I am with my wings free
To go through the sky in my dreams
Somewhere our feelings shall be
Inside its flow and its streams
Never alone shall I again walk
If I shall have you by my side
Flames of your lips and sweet-talk
Now my way of life and guide

All those forgotten fiery thoughts
That came around to be here
Their twisted on threads and knots
Those outcomes to the moments steer
Like a song in summer was sung
Full of expectations anticipation
Recondite inside passionate tongue
With every intuition of gradation
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn