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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  12/22/2014 6:04:16 PM
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Dreams In Faraway

Dreams in faraway
Never go on to stay
They are like misty clouds
Itinerant among crowds

Never to find a way
Making each day to day
Flowing and going
Drifting in time's glowing

You and I like to be
Lovers forever in free
Dreamers among the mist
Into a dream they've kissed

Flowers of open heart
Spring in its morning start
Tumbling down to age
Growing from every tree

Flowing in drifting sea
All in weightless liberty
Dreams in the sight of all
As times horizon's fall

You and I earth in clay
Morning of newborn May
Dust of the roads ahead
Bouquets in its growing bed
Peter S. Quinn



Dreams in Rough Cold

Night leaves the stars in a morning sky
From the dark the earth is now awaken
And every twine attached there taken
With answers to come in tomorrow's why
Fields of the breaking are rising there slow
Asking for silence in closeness caress
When the eyes of darkness becomes less
In solemn winter daybreak's flowing flow

Look through the views of a prospecting dawn
Nothing comes easy that's here to be
Dreams in rough cold flying all there and falling
Light shall rise slowly from the murky gown
Filling vision with new colors to see
When days of freshness from spring are calling
Peter S. Quinn



Dreams in Thoughts Playing

Here I am now staying
Finding ways to play
Dreams in thoughts playing
All my opinions of gray
Down the brimming oceans
Falling footsteps on
Dreams of loves emotions
That I've never before done
Rising sky of day's clear
In all the days gone by
Faraway pictures some near
Like cloudlets in the sky

Tame the river jumping on
In each its billow fall
Until pictures are gone
From their dreamy call
Squawking sounds of forest
In their call's awaking
Every beat that was in rest
And now life fresh making
Day to day that΄s giving
Falling rivers flowing
Clocks ticking are living
Endless in their going

Sweetest ways of years run
In ages that don't hold
All chime for tears and fun
Those times now unfold
Whirring sounds City Street
Roads to pavements broken
Every hour eyes now meet
With no language spoken
First love and last of lost
Deceiving conquered bliss
Allaying passion double-crossed
At times with a fancy kiss

Cupboard of a mirror looking
The face of your distress
Inside feeling hooking
Some emotions and a caress
A plunge of hands growing old
Wishing for its youth back
Something that no times hold
And the years shall lack
Silky smooth and lily white
Hair and wrinkling faces
Seen the days of freshly light
In all its conduct and graces

Each our day΄s appalling glows
In its worries and dances
While our times comes and goes
In all its threading chances
Knocks of fortune to deceive
In its interpreting of ages
Nothing of guaranty to receive
From its works and wages
Another lane to nowhere land
As tomorrow is awaking
Unknown ways to understand
As its expectations is making
Peter S. Quinn



Dreams like Feelings

Dreams come so easily
With nothing more to say
Like the wind breezily
Gone another day
Feelings are like this
Catch the wind’s desire
Eternally in a bliss
Inside burning fire

Going on for a while
Then suddenly burn out
Walk an inside mile
Wandering there about
Finding moods high
From each contact’s eye
Like a morning sky
Suddenly to die

Faraway or quite deep
Calm on blossom leaves
Only for a day to keep
In its turning heaves
Flowers with love seed
Growth of feelings found
Somewhere there to read
Going then still around
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn