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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/25/2016 12:47:53 PM
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All Those Forgotten Songs (From Minutes Of Falling Days)

All those forgotten songs that came
Inside a heart when its pure in love
Burning on and burning true flame
Just like the new morning above
Ours yesterdays are never forgotten
When they in dreams must glow
The memories full on and trotten'
Like footsteps in new drifting snow

Here I am with my wings free
To go through the sky in my dreams
Somewhere our feelings shall be
Inside its flow and its streams
Never alone shall I again walk
If I shall have you by my side
Flames of your lips and sweet-talk
Now my way of life and guide

All those forgotten fiery thoughts
That came around to be here
Their twisted on threads and knots
Those outcomes to the moments steer
Like a song in summer was sung
Full of expectations anticipation
Recondite inside passionate tongue
With every intuition of gradation
Peter S. Quinn



All Time Goes Away

All time goes away
Into the emptiness
Forgotten nights and day
With their caress
Feelings touched a heart
One day in past
Emptiness from its start
Nothing's to last

All time is for truth
Touching its blue deep
There's eternal youth
For hours of the heart to keep
This is our only road
Into the futures on
Light walk or load
Till every minute's gone

All time for you and me
Passing here through
Setting the hours free
Loneliness and blue
Feelings that gave a day
When nothing was much for
Days now gone away
Into the deepen shore
Peter S. Quinn



All Trust Is Of Love

All trust is of love and of feeling's touch
A tender music that fills the coming hours
Like a heart that loves with its beats so much
Or breeze among the summer wild free flowers

Their tunes of delights from inside tongue
Every touched desire of feelings and play
The beats upon thousands that each passion long
And never quite the same to the moments stay

Colors in fires that delight and give
Dissuade no senses that cannot ever be
Their beauty that's upon sanity to relive
To make each love feeling of hope and free

This all is from heart and its pounding beat
Forever true in its path none to deceit
Peter S. Quinn



Allt Er Sem Söngur

Áin hefur sönginn
sem tíman leiđir
eitt stef í einu
til dagsins angurvćra
sem kyrjar í sífellu

Ó hjartalagiđ er ţađ sama
allstađar í lifandi vonum
sem koma og fara

Áin breytir um farveg
og gefur okkur nýja sýn
inn í ósnortna náttúruna
sem vilt hefur gróiđ
í aldarstefja hruni

Allt er sem söngur
um dagana ljósu tíđ
sem vekur og gefur

Ljúfa tóna vorsins
í hjarta hvers einasta mans
sem gefur og međtekur
söngvana ljúfu hljóma
sem hverfa í rćtur jarđar

Tónarnir björtu
og tónarnir svörtu
sem áfram héldu inní
ţagnarinnar hvarf

Allt er sem söngur
hugljúfir tónar ţýđir
sem vekja hvern vordag
til lífsins

Og slökkva ţá aftur
ađ hausti
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn