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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  8/20/2014 9:37:12 AM
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Drift with Me - Sonnet

See the light in the day that is all going
Falling through every cloud in the sky
Every wishful thinking there on glowing
With the ways that the evening will die

You are my love of dreams in the rising
Finding ways to the shore of my true heart
Nowhere else are those dreams in devising
With the beat that from inside there shall start

So much somewhere to be still here alone
When the waiting is over like breeze in air
My way is my feeling in the rightful tone
Of each and all that's worth of having you here

Close your eyes and let your thoughts drift with me
In our flights above the clouds peacefully
Peter S. Quinn



Drifting (from, Lead Sheets in July 2008)

Here come hours drifting
With their moods away
Finding and uplifting
Making some life okay
Easy to give and awake
Pleasure in the passing
Much in ordinary stake
For each gather amassing

There are many moods
For such an ordinary find
What their state concludes
In to the ongoing redlined
Risks are making it easy
To complex every state
In this lifelong so queasy
In any recompensing rate

Here comes hope and going
With its course in number
One way perhaps showing
Through its very latecomer
You may win or even lose
With your stakes and risk
It’s all about engendered fuse
On life’s CD and DVD disk
Peter S. Quinn



Drifting Through (from 'Meet the Moments')

There is always something coming on
Of the dreams that were sometimes lost
Feeling wonderful in moments almost gone
That were here a while and then got tossed
There are ways that inhabit my soul
Filled with radiant and airy calm
Hours that could speak different role
Inside my body and both my palms

Drifting through what always seem
Ways of light and shadows dancing
Everything from thought of different stream
That is slightly wild and transfusing
Dreams of days and the passing skies
Filled with air and hope of tomorrow
As the morning starts and then away flies
Every hour that into thoughts shall borrow

The glimpse of times passing high
Through the fields and the water that follows
The drifting drops from the cloudy sky
Mirrors pure of the inside hollows
Growing fuel to each your quest
The easy dreams that come and then go
They are pleasing and blessed in their rest
Following wisdom from the meadow's glow
Peter S. Quinn



Drizzles of Time (from New Waves to the Shore)

Drizzles of time the thoughts we have here sown
Interminable with its feather touches
Through futures of circles and sky blown
With each their means and too many clutches
In a tranquil delusion the head lolls on
All is without or coming there within
Clouds in their drifting until they are gone
Showing clear skies with freshly buoyancy spin

The fires interrupting with their kiss
Eve of tinctures to sleeping travel
That sleeplessness has woven for dreaming
Tomorrow deportment of songs and bliss
With beautiful thoughts for us to marvel
While hours of lateness are redeeming
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn