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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  8/29/2014 3:20:24 PM
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Dark Ride

Dark ride through day and night
Winter songs of the eventide
Come and set your glisten light
Through the shadows that hide

Times have gone and given all
Nothing comes though from this
Lightless footsteps only sprawl
With their ways of hit-and-miss

I don't understand my thoughts
From this vantage and point on
Together comes each of its jots
When comprehending is gone

Frost thinking thoughts that play
Something for a short while long
Minutes vanish in nothing to say
This is the texture, way and song

Wearing apparel what comes next
It’s a funny thing with your luck
Like its surface quite undersexed
Forever in the pantomime stuck

My desires around the corner go
The coincidence cards they'll draw
Somewhere along footsteps in snow
Sweet love of my longings I saw
Peter S. Quinn



Dark Space Between

Dark Space Between
Every footstep going
Not everything is seen
Or each corner knowing

Days in dreams wonderful
In their drifting here about
Moments comes in life and dull
And some in their doubt
But as long as there is love
To give from and take
In plenty worth feelings of
There is nothing at stake

Dark Space Between
Everything we both do
Some are still and others been
Coming always through

What the hours give and wake
Some for our pleasure
We are here for love's own make
That’s our living treasure
Yesterdays and many more
As all is in its own wander
When it comes to our shore
Drifting begotten asunder
Peter S. Quinn



Dark Window

Wonder of you
Deep beyond
I can’t see thru
It’s inside found
Love of a rose
In colors red
Beat to beat close
On loves bed

Dark window
Your deep eyes
Golden glow
Full of surprise
Dreams to give
Crystalline tears
Vitality revive
In lines of years

Dark window
Surfing to deep
In times flow
And dreams sleep
Love of a bird
That away has fled
Love twittered
In gardens bed

Wonder of you
To spring bond
Always renew
Seasons around
Days of awaking
In gladness tone
Smile eyes making
I’m not alone
Peter S. Quinn



Darker Moods

There is this world of finest sun,
That shadows fall on in the night;
And as this world is all not fun,
Just different ways of wrong and right.
For all the rainbows in the sky,
The colors turn to different ways;
And every cloud away can't fly,
Or drift again into the haze.

From all diminishing darkness,
Again shall sunshine rise high;
Forever as this world is fresh,
There is no moment for it to die.
All our space is of the twilight,
And likewise thoughts are relative;
Moods are all with different height,
And so is also loss and grief.

The feelings of my mood now dark,
For I have leaves of darker green;
I can not sing or give a spark,
Or all those dimensions in between.
The roots will come to spoil the soil,
Unless your wings shall rescue me;
For they are now so dark and foil,
And let me with no fulfillment be.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn