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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/23/2014 9:40:35 PM
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Drizzles of Time (from New Waves to the Shore)

Drizzles of time the thoughts we have here sown
Interminable with its feather touches
Through futures of circles and sky blown
With each their means and too many clutches
In a tranquil delusion the head lolls on
All is without or coming there within
Clouds in their drifting until they are gone
Showing clear skies with freshly buoyancy spin

The fires interrupting with their kiss
Eve of tinctures to sleeping travel
That sleeplessness has woven for dreaming
Tomorrow deportment of songs and bliss
With beautiful thoughts for us to marvel
While hours of lateness are redeeming
Peter S. Quinn



Drizzling Rainy Season – A Lyric

Come and be of my world
Where everything goes
Outer space loftiness hurled
As the mighty wind blows
Understandings here and there
Filling someone's pathway
Summer moods that come to steer
When dawn comes to day

Full of something for all
For each need to strive
Daringness of feeling's fall
As each comes alive
Rainbows giving no reason
Only colors more or less
Drizzling rainy season
Always stormy in its caress

Come and give to understand
What it is to need
You have emotions at command
Never to let them weed
Love is perhaps a delusion
That cannot be made
Then life hope's confusion
Like a serrated old blade
Peter S. Quinn



Drops from the Clouds

The fire has its flames
Of burning out desire
These feelings are names
That grows in tender higher
Like inside to deliver
What it is there to give
The ways of sway shiver
Of torches that won't live

Drops from the clouds
In falling rain shower
Among the lonely crowds
Of every down going hour
The weeps in the crying
Those fill the empty void
In feelings that are dying
Or almost full destroyed

Like butterflies are going
On to the hazy blue air
And thoughts almost knowing
Of love that wasn't there
Dusk in heart beat burning
And settling its pulse
To never again returning
Its empty way and trifles
Peter S. Quinn



Drops of Dark

There are drops of dark today
In the ever parting of love
Its sorrows avow in its play
Like flickering clouds far above
Its dream like a forgotten song
A passion upon brows of dark
Each night away day to long
When evening΄s full in its spark

Both you and I will be gone
In its dream of forever night
Like love in past did shone
When days were full and bright
Brightness will be flown away
A day becomes like a night
As the storm of oblivion play
And we take our ending flight

Like a mirage all living seem
The waves of the profound deep
Tormented shore of its stream
Not ours everlasting to keep
Such visions a unfeeling wave
With every to give and take
Longings of the deep love crave
When outside the dark΄s awake
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn