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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/13/2014 4:25:36 AM
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Freedom from Every Apartheid

Bring me here around to the other side
Of the blossoming sunshine turning ways
Let me to the many colors there abide
Not only to the concrete and the grays
So I can breathe the air of my heart's freedom
And let it be with life's fertility roots
Let me reside over where tranquil is from
Away from the yard keepers disputes

Muddy River from the fall's going away
From the dilemmas of daily insecure
And the feelings with the charming touches stay
To make my living more alive and assure
Every side has its bridge to go across
With their many fields and existing pathos
Peter S. Quinn



Freedom Is In Our Heart (a lyric)

Freedom is in our heart
Every time we sing those words
Giving love with each impart
When our feelings are like blizzards

Every love is like the first
Singing truly to our soul
You shall always again thirst
If this one doesn't reach its goal

Feelings are here all around
Some are reaching they're aim
And if love's there to be found
It will start a burning flame

Freedoms are with many marge
Giving hope and a fresh try
And it will again recharge
If you don't ever say goodbye

Feelings aren't safe and sound
Some are bleaching they're claim
And if love is impaired wound
It shall be a waiting game
Peter S. Quinn



Freedom Is Not Far

Traveling to a strange star
Is in our hope and dream
Its freedom is not too far
In the space river stream

Clouds of hope there drifting by
Like white pyramids tops
Castles in the far-off sky
Never images stops

Walking on to the near moon
Our beginning steps where
But we will though be going soon
To stars everywhere

Flying across the space dim sea
To in between dark place
There is trance for you and me
The make-believe ways

Walking and holding balance
Is very hard to do
But if you have acquaintance
With dreams it's up to you

Clouds in our times travel
All's within our own stair
New thoughts in times marvel
Are soon all coming here
Peter S. Quinn



Freedom Is To You Calling (From, Lost Song Poems)

Freedom is to you calling,
Give life a heart so brave;
Each night hours are falling,
Into a dim hollow grave.
Hatred can be bottomless,
If you'll allow it to be;
But life is colored so fresh,
If it becomes all free.

Days by days will end,
But love can never so do;
Only down it will bend,
If it's not completely true.
Evening becomes a night,
Gathering shadows around;
Hold your feelings all right,
Lost can again be found.

Freedom is truth wearing,
Never a lie there inside;
Everyone else bearing,
Not from ourselves there hide.
You can grow out wisdom,
If the right seeds are sown;
For the conditions are calm,
If you acknowledge and atone.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn