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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/1/2015 2:13:45 PM
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Darling we have our memories
Twisted and left behind
Some with hours made free
For the folk that go on to be blind
Rain is never for the senseless
Who can't understand a word?
Or an idea coming clear fresh
Into your heart like a crying bird

Flesh to jackal and lightening
I'm surrounded by wasteland
Only to establish the one thing
Not in ease or stricture command
Perfumed of enchanted lilacs
I'm surrounded to find and establish
For when someone in gifts lacks
He will most freshness dismiss

Keep away with such a jackal
That never will give to know
Each sentence for them too tall
To give it its spark or a glow
A scarlet it leaves or volcano
No slender in combatant foam
Like any old saying will go:
Away with such fakes’ chrome
Peter S. Quinn



Away To The Dreams Of Morning

Away to the dreams of morning,
I will sing to you a little song;
For I have thoughts and a yearning,
Which in my heart are strong.

The blooms of summer are falling,
With the rusty colours on;
As autumn is back calling,
Each bouquet that is now done.

All beauty does surrender,
To the withering fall and frost;
And every affection so tender,
Is until next spring gone and lost.

Away to dream that once were,
But still in memories sleep;
For flames are momentarily done here,
Though dew from each dawn still weep.

For life is tender and living,
And passions of strong and week;
Every summer is forward giving,
Assortments each love does seek.
Peter S. Quinn



Away With Each My Longings (From My Musical, This Is My Life)

Away with each my longings
That came right down and beside
Like a theme of new singing's
That inside my soul did hide
So much of intermediate feeling
That faces the soaring gone
And each my new path is stealing
Till everything has drift on

Spinning webs spinning sublime
Daydreams from the heart of mine
Something of some every time
Like when day's full of sunshine
Reaching to everything in dulcet
Trying to give of its awake
From the hours gone in neglect
When old fall songs were at stake

Away and drifting on free
To the moods of freshly earth
When things come new to be
In every freshness coming worth
Those days will be different from now
Showing their tinctures play
Like a thought's old glow
That I remembered in a way
Peter S. Quinn



Awesome Delight

Awesome Delight
The little cloud,
That wanders about
Day and night.

Above the earth
For us to look at,
From life's birth
Glad and sad.

Awesome Delight
Of mist and rain,
Mysterious flight
Without our pain.

Your fallen drops
Soothe every thirst,
So all earth crops
Into bloom burst.

Awesome Delight
I wonder why,
You lose your flight
To fall and die.
Peter S. Quinn
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