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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/23/2014 12:11:22 AM
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O Little Boy Blue

O little boy blue your road is full of dust,
What shall guide your way is your enduring light;
Stones on the way look like gold but turn to rust,
You walk in your youth but soon shall abide.
O little you know, of all deaths and world wars,
You thought life was fresh when you started your walk;
But wishes are only like the faraway stars,
Full of meaningless words and even more talk:

My innocent stands so firm and so fresh,
Of what I belief to be the inner most truth;
But for what I stand for I do not think of any less,
Of what is beyond me to comprehend because of my youth.
For the road is still so much unknown to me,
Just give me the chances to learn and to grow;
And maybe later on ahead I shall be able to see,
For all knowledge out there: is learning to know...

O little boy blue with youth and youngsters joys,
You shall become one day a man to lead the way;
But now you’re still just like an ordinary boy,
That walks through experience that comes every day.
You think not much of struggle and survive,
Each day is just a joy to find out new things;
Your manhood shall bring what is needed when it arrives,
But now in the nature you play out and sing...
Peter S. Quinn



Only an Autumn Song

Only an autumn song
That's returning and turning
For intermits long
On to the evening burning

Where leaves keep falling
In yellow's brown red
Merry-go-round strolling
That life has bled

Only a love going theme
From the forest road
On to eternal river stream
With gone summer load

For the dark is now near
With moon in bluish gray
And shadows dance reappear
In all their dimly play

Only a song to the night
Flowing its tones through
Of once inspirational delight
And colors bright and new

For winter is now calling
On to the time's ahead
With autumn leaves falling
Quietly on garden΄s bed
Peter S. Quinn



Petal by Petal

Petal by petal
This rose of love
Summer and fall
Full passion of
Feelings are pink
And rosy red
Softness its link
Summer its bed

Glow by glow
Inside and out
White as snow
Yellow no doubt
Colors and shade
In never ending
Sunshine it made
Love’s its blending

Morning and night
Always in the new
Soft lines at sight
Each of them true
Love‘s true passion
Admired blossom
Each its precision
Scent and bloom
Peter S. Quinn



Pink Flower

Pink flower is beautiful
Always so much of anything
Playfully and never dull
As it is inside spring
Tenderly moments to bring on
To every summer night
Until its blossom is gone
With beautiful pinkish bright

Pink flower is like you
With all your loving touch
So much to make and do
If you are in love so much
Nothing is all like this
On to the blue light dark
With new spring dawn bliss
Shades of the petal spark

Fragrances in the air
Full of new summer high
Touching blossom everywhere
In the hours going by
Just like a love to come
When love touches heart
Flowering passion blossom
Now in these days will start
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn