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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/31/2014 12:20:49 AM
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A Winter Song (From, Lost Song Poems)

There's outside a winter's song
With frore and grayish earth,
We had the summer for so long
For what each day was worth;
I'll long for summer and spring
Each time the night gets cold,
When weather hollowly will sing
In winter so frosty and bold.

A flower so gracefully done
The winter's rose in my window,
I'll greet you gladly on and on
Cherish your pearl white afterglow;
I've often been in a moody down
When darker the short day comes,
Then I see frosty rose jewel crown
And know in the cold it blooms.

Winter romance and candle lights
Longing for green sweet earth,
Longing for clearings sky bright
And all what the day young's worth;
How can it touch the morning flame
The winter that's gray and dark,
Will not each color be there same
Without its golden morning spark.
Peter S. Quinn



At Long Last Love

At long last love
Has nothing quite new
There’s so much inside there of
That never becomes true
Sweet as every day gives
Nothing forever stays
Memories that in our mind lives
With every thought plays

Strong as the outside far-out
That has no completeness
With every aspect there about
That gives of its lost caresses
Be what you are from now on
Like rain drops fall and dry
New futures to be gone
Just as a new morning sky

There shall never be the same
What we have tried to reach
The moments do counterclaim
What understandings beseech
Try reaching your goal to give
Epochs of its many times
You had to accomplish and live
When long last love
Was in its primes
Peter S. Quinn



Be a Pilot and Fly

Be a pilot and fly
Everything goes
Tomorrow its sky
For your future glows

Be a pilot and go
Into the afar
For life is a glow
From your star

Be a pilot and reach
On to the day
Learn and teach
That comes your way

Be a pilot and feel
Clouds going by
Dreams can be real
In opening sky

Be a pilot and give
What you have done
So other might live
To carry it on

Be a pilot and dream
Of tomorrow’s sky
For life is a stream
Of visions and try

For life is a stream
Of visions going by
Peter S. Quinn



Blue Sky or Gray Days (From, Rhythmicon - 50 Lead Sheets with Poems)

Blue sky or gray days
They come as they may,
All is in where shadows plays
With the colors of the day;
Summer and winter songs
With each their different mood,
What in times hold belongs
Old thoughts rendezvoused.

Blue sky of deep perspective
Onward drifting and then to fade,
The tears and smiles abrasive
That each and each has made;
The blue within the minutes
That come and go in the ease,
Contrast each it advocates
And gives not in to sculduggeries.

Gray days are different to bear
For it has there too much dark,
With every that comes to air
Shall lose its wise and spark;
These are tidings unlike tunes
With each in their many mind,
That gives advocate or impugns
And often go on in gray blind.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn