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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/3/2014 2:01:01 AM
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Come Here (from, Even Though There Are No Reasons)

Come here and love me
Give me a stake of your pleasure
Love songs forever free
Of life statics to measure
Light of the easy going
Where day meets bliss
Forward to remembering glowing
Of its everyday kiss

Come here not to pretend
But to live always through
With tomorrow's coming trend
That will be for me and you
Moves of its wandering hope
Into the skies of blue
Nothing of it to elope
Only to be clear and through

The hours we haven't found
Or grasp a hold for
Everyday’s weavings around
That brings its moments for more
Livings of easy coming
Next stop to the future
Into new touches summing
With their lines and suture
Peter S. Quinn



Come Here Give Me Your Song

Come here give me your song
Of the beautiful stars within
Where betoken openings belong
With the flutters of a new spin
The glowing stars - those are blue
Between the cornea of the eye
Open for secrets around you
Never to mourn echoes gone by

Live with me as my mirror
The soul companions to keep
With what lies open for more
From our faraway inside deep
Absent of mislead spot shades
Tying up fatality - if it comes
Open seashores with glades
Where a deep-sea breeze hums

Come give bouquets of infinity’s
From inside your love - if true
Bring whispers of its breeze
To my ears so I may fall for you
Something that’s always in peace
Full of lyrical light up harmony
Along the roads the future frees
In all that you would like it to be
Peter S. Quinn



Come In Sweet Night

Come in sweet night
Embrace me once more
In the nocturnal light
Of a fancy way shore
Oh sweet your dream is
Its many turning ways
The enchanted filled bliss
That with thoughts play

The hours are dark deep
Unknown are their ways
No reality there to keep
Of dancing fairies and fays
Ride on to morning high
When dawn again ignites
Red silvered threads in sky
After blue dim twilights

Come again morning song
Into lives awaken reality
Though I might still long
To be inside the fantasy
Where time is always still
With many wonders there
And dreams to give its thrill
So faraway from time here
Peter S. Quinn



Come In Young Year

Come in young year,
The old moments are going;
New minutes everywhere,
In the snow glowing.
Days are passing through,
Never staying on strong;
Into the weightiness blue,
Thank you and so long.

Come in young year,
With your freshly ways;
Wind's blowing your hair,
Earth setting your clays.
Have your flows falling,
What will you bring to me?
All the unknown's calling,
Still so fluffy and free.

Come in young year,
I will give you my touch;
Yearnings, what they bear,
The still unborn and such.
Peace be with your heart,
As you uncover the pages;
Now is the space to start,
Coming to outrun the ages.


Happy new year everybody!
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn