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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/25/2014 2:39:59 PM
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Rain and Cloudy Glow

Rain and a cloudy glow
Please don't come in
Thoughts full of wind blow
Twist of a twilight spin
Lost is never found
Ways have their blind spot
Lose one's reality ground
Getting inside self caught

Rain please depart for now
Burry my thought too
Songs of the black crow
Bringing inside my blue
I have a lonesome feel
How can I explain it?
Moving withering wheel
Nearer to its snake pit

O clouds go with the flow
Don’t be there over me
Stirring on dark and slow
Setting away each glee
Mountains are murky high
Climbing I can not reach
Let moments like this fly
Break away their leech
Peter S. Quinn



Sail On

Sail on sail on time
Thru the winter to spring
Filling colors of prime
As birds again sing

Every day is a seeing
To the distant of blue
And for life in its being
So it will become new

Rivers deep flowing
To the oceans of shade
As the New Year is going
To seedlings new made

With life coming forward
Bring tides again in
When all is here altered
From existence begin

Sail on tides of living
Reach to the growing shore
Where the seeds are giving
Shade colors once more

Where day is of sunshine
From the cold and the dark
And earth in beauty fine
With the whole lot to spark
Peter S. Quinn



She Takes Me with a Smile – A Song

She takes me with a smile
And gives me so much to give back
Our hours drifted awhile
Until we again did talk
With everything we had to share
To accomplish our goings along
And now we are together here
In a new a touching song

She is like a river flowing
Her smooth skin to touch
Where pleasures of mowing
Inside - I love you so much
Reject not the pleasures within
That make each day a mine
Glow glow - come here my spin
Like a new spring sunshine!

Sing our song here too
With what it can give and take
You have inside of you
What you can share and wake
Let everything unpleasant go
Into its lonely way
For only the good to know
That this is our new born day

Inspired by The Beatles

Here are all the lyrics by Paul McCartney (419 in all) :
http: //www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Paul-McCartney-lyrics/C136348BDAADF51A48256A4C0025E355

Yeah, Yeah babe - let the sunshine in
Peter S. Quinn



She's the One (From, Poems of Papa Due)

She's the one,
With her many ways;
Into the sun,
All of her past days.
Dreams are flowing,
From star to star;
All too much glowing,
Seen from afar.

She's of mine,
I love her just;
Like the sunshine,
My love to trust.
Feelings are pure,
All from within;
Adonis will allure,
Same to same akin.

She's the one,
Fresh like a rose;
Nothing can be done,
With feelings that grows.
Dream just and dream,
For a closeness of her;
We together seem,
Our yearnings to steer.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn