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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/30/2014 10:59:53 PM
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Sonnet 173, Your Love to All...

Your love to all, is your greenest of song,
Nursing on as a mother - caring for all;
Opportunity and a function call,
Giving knowledge of what is right and wrong.
You may wish upon dreams that don't get along,
Hoping at an insuperable wall;
Opposing others, in a war or brawl,
But giving of love makes you ever strong.
Your life outright is in your ways and bearing,
And from there on are directions each signed;
Though succeeding them doesn't make you better,
As mature and gaining is just preparing.
Love from your heart can not ever be defined,
It's written in souls with a golden letter.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 200, Your Love Is Sweet...

Your love is sweet like from an evening rose,
So full of mystic I never knew before;
With longings so dear and eager to explore:
A passionate river that sometimes overflows.
You are like the light that inside me glows,
An open wonder from once a closed door;
To me you're perfect and worthy to adore,
Though I can't explain nor tell what you disclose.
Heart and soul we stand and live not in vain,
Nor go about like the wind in a cloud,
Which drifts and drifts until it settles down.
We are more like the blooms and soothing rain,
That never is seen in a foggy shroud,
Or ever in disinterest shall drown.
Peter S. Quinn



Sunshine’s and Showers

Touch me everywhere
With your wings of fire
Show me that you care
For my own desire
Love is like a flower
That opens to light
In dawn's new hour
Of the coming bright

Give me what I need
In to a beating heart
Lips from lips to read
Begin of love's start
Like a blossom night
Into the hours giving
Every touch and flight
Two of loves are living

Moods becoming true
Of what we both know
Always again to renew
With its instant glow
Sunshine’s and showers
Waves to open shore
Each one which is ours
To give
…and give some more

(Congratulations to Bob Dylan for winning a ``Special Citation'' Pulitzer Prize
http: //www.pulitzer.org/year/2008/special-citation/)

'Touch me some more
To the passing time going
You are the ocean floor
Of the waves showing
Drink up- not dry
Ruffling of the gist
The low words and high
Of enraptured twist'

http: //several-complete-lyrics-lists-etc.blogspot.com/2007/12/bob-dylan-lyrics.html
Peter S. Quinn



The Birds Of Paradise

The birds of paradise,
With wings reaching free and far;
Their singing never dies,
Though centuries go afar.
Their longings are for peace,
Knowing things of worth;
Man is only what he believes,
From the day of his birth.
The forest and each leaf,
Are there for reasons too;
Some may be so brief,
Others stand longer than you.
Change of time will make,
New growth from the old;
Around the brook and the lake,
Colors we cannot hold.
Clouds will come and go,
With clearings in the sky;
Just like a breezing blow,
Suddenly - to start, and die.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn