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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  4/29/2016 7:04:21 AM
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Behold The Very Fine - Of Love

Behold the very fine
That comes to give its made
A read between a line
Of every love’s grade

A day of night and dreams
Those give an affluent way
The touching inside streams
That with a heart might play

So much is returned here
And given with feeling's fire
It seems so in mind near
Of every its desire

The written words you give
And ask for even more
For if we them can live
We have something in store

Of love that's not unreal
But something that emerges true
That is of the means we feel
To be there and always new

We must so give and take
That we do it truly believe
And inside the imagining awake
That we might there conceive
Peter S. Quinn



Belgacom Up Up Towers

Belgacom up up towers
Thru the open sky
Mirror glass empowers
To reach tomorrow’s high
Every hour in waking
Thru the life below
Telecommunications making
In their goals go

Yesteryears were different
Within other ways
Now it’s steel glass bent
With the sunshine days
Clear up on and going
Gathering futures revere
In all its glassy glowing
Thru its day and year

Dreams of fresh prospect
Giving more of hope
With innovative intellect
And holding to strong rope
Inside their days of living
More to offer to new
Together to future giving
Making dreams come true
Peter S. Quinn



Believe In Love

Believe in love
There is nothing else
Like sunshine above
It has its spells

Like a glow in a play
From morning bright
It‘s a heart‘s way
Through dark and night

Believe its touch
It‘s like a melody
Simple and not much
But for eternity

Like bouquet beautiful
Its colors and shade
Never of moment’s dull
If it’s truly made
Peter S. Quinn



Believe In The Days Ahead (From Album, Like Love Is True)

Believe in the days ahead
Filling the moments gone
The argues of everything's dead
Feelings locked down and done
Keep every new day to sing
Filling hearts with better outlook
Settling down to something
What the winter away took

Let's climb up a higher hill
Finding the cloths of the green
Moments of futures to fulfill
And everything there between
Summersets are yet to come
Numberless hours to find and fill
Where everything blossoming is from
Making each morning a thrill

Give every new step's walk
Into the unknown spring thrust
There are lots and lots of talk
How to behave and adjust
Let's not get into little details
Just let it all happening again
There are finding at each trails
Clearing the lost ounces regimen

Take another step to tomorrow
Bring each ones loneliness down
Nowhere around is now sorrow
Only the happiness in town
Move above ribbons of rain
Feel the new closeness to spring
Take away the dark numb pain
Talk to the morning and sing

Each day is coming in its glory
Finding the beauty that's coming
Much is in earth's seedlings story
Raising the saplings and summing
What once was here is all undone
Nowhere around its coldness strands
Now is the time of golden twine sun
Joining together people in hands

Let's not now think of an empty room
With darkness bed of snow
With every bottomless winter's gloom
Coming in cold and dim glow
Every dark night in bluish moon
With some of its deep mystery
Are moment's months ahead of June
Love songs to come so passionately

Prurience plays go sometimes rough
Deep from the heart where it's taught
Ways of some are in its own bluff
Making no guarantee of what it ought
Something of new could again teach
Filling new thoughts of sure what's true
Harder to master even to reach
All is in the distances of me and you

Believe when I say you must now sing
Start just over to want so much
Everything to offer is in its new traveling
Reach in darkness that's now out of touch
You have the strings to match wholly
Letting old stories from you leave
You can let it come or pass solely
End of days stories into its weave

Everything is coming into rose's bed
Feelings of sorrow has now all left
Just days tomorrow and days ahead
Bring into the past all darkness bereft
Feelings so easy of something now new
Filling the dust of time and the old
Instead of newly tunes going through
As days into clean fragrances unfold
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn