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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  8/28/2014 12:15:44 AM
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Sensual Love Sonnet

Oh love song of my heart come in here still
And fill your richness in all its time's glow
My dreams are there to come around to fill
And every morning is new on its go

Ocean is as wide apart as love is vast
And bringing feeling on to its rising shore
With lofty towers buried in to its cast
And always pleasures for some more and more

I've seen increase in every state going
With all this passion that comes to give
And on to time my heart's therefore flowing
To bring new experience and more to live

Oh love adore that we cannot be without
You fly my wings with pleasures first - then doubt
Peter S. Quinn



Sky of the Unknown (#9 from my musical, Lyrics...)

Sky of the unknown,
How deep is the night?
Stars and the moon,
With a blinking new light.

Wishes of all eternity,
Light-years from here;
Things we never will see,
Even though we stare.

Far, far and in the mist,
Blissful mornings come;
Knowledge and our thirst,
Steady beat with a hum.

Burning faraway fires,
Turning ways in the dark;
Futures of our desire,
Flying with a spark.

Sky of the unknown,
Coming all so soon;
Like the dusky gown,
Midnight's dream in June.

(The songs are available at my site at SibeliusMusic)
Peter S. Quinn



Small Is Beautiful

Small is beautiful
Like everything
If it comes in full
And with shades sing

Of colors and lines
In moods of a day
And to the eyes shines
In beauty hue way

Small is not less
But more of having all
Into life's caress
From every hours fall

To bring it in close
Like a photograph
Before the time goes
Into a riff and raff
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 167, The Time Between...

The time between the darkest moon twilight,
Where feelings go forward and gather late
And dreaming weaves of dark show their debate,
There is no thought there in for wrong and right.
For shadows all there show their forceful might
And who there goes then finds his future fate,
With the clock of moments and ticking rate,
For nothing here then slows down by the plight.
All earthly creatures walk along this way,
In spending lives and wasting down their dream,
That never were but for a moment small.
Then here comes a gleam of another day
And sunbeam away all nightly hour stream,
The daily hours again to you then call.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn