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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/22/2014 6:36:15 PM
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The Wall (written on a wall in London, somewhere)

Teachers all alone
now writing on this brick wall:
“You! Stand still laddy!

You behind bikesheds
eat yer meat or no pudding
'You! Yes, eat yer meat? '
Peter S. Quinn



There Is Some Time for Everything (A Song from, ‘Mad-Mouth John’)

There is some time for everything
A little moment upon every heart
A time to wonder a time to sing
A way to make ways different apart
How gentle this knowing is to tore
In filling ears with wandering ways
For always there’s some more and more
The coming of eras and going of days

Every time here is luck to be found
Which goes right back to its older reality
For things are to ways always bound
And like to be handled there quite free
I know you'll be the one who'll search again
Into your own so very strangely knowing
Moving from intricacy to its plain
It’s the right way for you to always be going?

A little of this is a way out of luck
Making each time more difficult and tough
But nothing is forever, it sometimes is stuck
For ways of man's mind are smooth and rough
Throwing all back to each ones face
Making its way in to hurting someone
If there is something that needs to have space
Let it come here: in its wanting to be done!

And like a dream in from with a new say-so
Searching to hold and trying to understand
Be acquainted with it all in its rushed in go
Even though thoughts that followed are in bland
Peter S. Quinn



There's a Moon over the Hill

There's a moon over the hill,
With my dreams to fulfill;
But I no not what to do,
I'm impatient in the blue.
Every falling star in the sky,
I wish upon before it dies;
But there's no one like you,
Just as sweet and always true.
Moments come, and then they fly,
Hardly a time for a goodbye;
But there's a moon over my hill,
Keeping me company till you will.
Every sweet and wishful day,
Before moonlight comes to play;
I'm having thoughts about you,
Every moment to renew.
There's a moon over the hill,
I'll be waiting there until;
I know I mean something to you,
More then just - the color blue.
Peter S. Quinn



To The Stars in The Sky (From, Lost Song Poems)

To the stars in the sky
I must sing this song,
For they glitter and die
Both faintly and strong;
Like enchanting melody
That came to my ears,
With longings and memory
That no one ever hears.

I will sing of my wishes
To wherever they go,
What one hopes for and misses
When you love someone so;
Everything that I had
From the past until now,
What once made me so glad
Like a colorful rainbow.

To the stars that I see
On the dark heavens on,
That are faraway and free
Till the night sky is gone;
Like enchanting sweet song
That so softly will flow,
And you hear all day long
Like the past long ago.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn