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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  2/9/2016 3:44:49 AM
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Bring On The New Year

Bring on the new year,
With its unpredictable ways;
Something new to wear,
In the coming upholding days.
Moments to wish and long,
While they are still faraway;
Winter is now in its song,
Soon there'll come a new day.

Fly with my thoughts high,
Up, up through clouds drifting;
Don't ask for reasons or why,
Every new tides always shifting.
Happiness comes from it all,
When there are variations in life;
Winter, spring, summer and fall,
All with excitement to arrive.

Bring on the new year,
So tender in experienced age;
You haven't been anywhere,
Live up to and things weigh.
Soon spring will come again,
The rising of days in the sun;
Bring down the dark and strain,
So much future shall become fun.
Peter S. Quinn



Bring The Light

Come come morning come
Freshness awaits me then
Tickle each bosom blossom
When they will feel you again
Rise to the edge of the sea
Bring the light there on
Billows that waves so free
Never to shore are all done

A bird in a nest is to fly
Finding the freedom in wings
Reaching the horizons sky
Wondering what morning brings
Flocking to oceans wide
Searching for something to eat
Into the deep they glide
Every small motion to read

Come come to day newborn
With every aspect of light
Dark gown is becoming worn
Taking its dim and the night
Faraway times going around
Each with its moments to turn
Somewhere a glow they've found
To give to the new morning burn
Peter S. Quinn



Bring This Day Into Its Love Path

Bring this day into its love path
Give every hope meaning and pride
There's so much out their new math
Understanding not too far eyed
Somewhere lost is its meaning too
With many unconvincingly to settle
There's no rush getting through
With its diverse fought battle

Let it be in clear understanding
Anything that's worth its while
Briefly thoughts all commanding
Constructing on its very own style
Forward motion weaving threads
Wheels of fire from the middle
The confusion and meaning shreds
Every life's bewilderments riddle

Bring my heart into every phase
So true understanding is indoors
Every corner to know and amaze
Nothing forever perpetuity stores
Ways to drive from side to side
Finding what will there compel
Give experiment what it sighted
What is the frame of this eggshell?
Peter S. Quinn



Bring To My Heart (Here's My Wish For New Year)

Bring to my heart new days of tomorrow
With freshness opening its many ways
Entombed in times of past giving days
With much new pleasure and less of sorrow
Let love here come in silence endures
And convey its produce to each my hour
Carry passion's birth and be its power
To my love songs and lyrical adjures

In freshness opening new ground in worth
Of flowing melodies of softness high
That exists in the heart without a doubt
Like radiance in daybreak on the new earth
Or clouds for awhile giving joy to sky
With their wandering ways around and about

*I ask of this only, because this is what I'm, and in those words only, I can perhaps promise.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn