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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  4/18/2015 6:33:09 PM
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Come Do It My Way

Come do it my way
The roads will turn
There's a moment’s play
Inside to learn
Give every touch to go
Onward to your dream
There'll be ripples flow
In the coming stream

Learn what you make
Some things are its worth
Opinions are at stake
And also some dearth
Rise to the expectations
Nobody else can but you
Every quarter temptations
That comes here through

Come do it both ways
So much at this time
To find out
Nothing forever stays
Here there
Or somewhere about
Give what you know of you
Not though in completeness
For then you will you renew
So you will become much less

*E.E. Cummings once wrote:

there are 6 doors.
Next door(but
Peter S. Quinn



Come Dream Like A Cloud Above (From, Lead Sheets In July 2008)

Come dream like a cloud above
Uplifting deep and its sunshine
So much of misty worthy of
In every faraway horizon line
Deep as the river is giving
From its watery stream going
Where every gleam is living
And from both sides flowing

A day that has come from deep
Just to bring you shine things
With hours and moments to keep
That with every enjoyment sings
Rain that comes to drip drop
Making freshness more clear
Giving its flow and its loop
In everything that's now near

Come dream in liking of July
Shift windblown grass like hair
Everyone’s fate there must lie
In completeness of emerging year
Where light touches soft earth
Never a fraction in icily fears
And blossoms of bright is worth
Each of the day ongoing careers
Peter S. Quinn



Come Here - Light

After light comes darkness
And after darkness comes light
For you and with - I shall caress
And fly onto your flight
To the sunshine nearby
Just across the dim sea
Through the blue morning sky
That the soul sets free

Every hour of the dark
Shall not dwell on too long
For the gleams must spark
In a new day breaking song
That shall melt any ice
That has broken its way
In the roots full of lies
That now meet brighter day

Come here with your speech
In to love of the far
With every thought it’ll teach
Of peace – not of war
Come here in your wings
Fly among true love
With what it to the heart brings
Full of sunshine from above
Peter S. Quinn



Come Here (From 'Meet The Moments')

Come here and be tomorrow
Daydreams that never go
Catch a phrase or borrow
Live in the moment of flow

There is something in the air
Flowing from inside sleeping
Love songs that arrive here
And your daydreams are keeping
Welcoming stars faraway
Meeting each reality day

Love songs of future to come
Fantasies inside bliss
Where every whisper is from
Like that of fairy kiss
You and I darling to say
What we have found in each play

Come here and be tomorrow
Move ahead in this while
There is just joy no sorrow
In child's eyes and smile
When they are feeling fine
Giving of their dreams
They are like glowing sunshine
Eyes with a glittering stream

Love songs are never drying
When they are whole and real
Nowhere their refrain’s dying
If they come as they feel

There is something everywhere
Just like the blue high moon
Dreams to fuel and share
Coming to you very soon
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn