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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/28/2015 12:48:50 AM
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Circling Way - Dark

I have dreamt of a circling way,
When winter in darkish mood plays;
The flowers had fallen to earth,
To regenerate seed's new birth.
And a sleep is a way of time,
With passionate desire prime;
The landscape of cloudy curves,
Grow inside to my aura's nerves.

Days have become like night,
Sweet roses are nowhere at sight;
The odd and dim here all around,
Gone are the desires of fire's found.
The world is changing in and out,
With shallowness of the lonely about;
Rough as a flint is now my tongue,
Daydreams in everything I'd long.

Undulate each way and each step,
Moments of memories now into hep;
Crazy I am going out of this fall,
Winter of boreal making its call.
Fly fly away to the relentless heart,
Give me the instants of a flying start;
Concernment dying into the dark,
Another day perhaps again it'll spark.
Peter S. Quinn



Come Be Awake

Come be awake don't fall asleep
Love is in the morning to day
Bring bouquets of flowers to keep
Life has so much still to say
Some kind of a turning notion
Strength for those distressed
Feelings like season’s Deep Ocean
Wonders of thoughts are blessed

The today was entered with living
From shrine of the darkness far
Now is your time of love giving?
With courage of new forward yare
Iron brazier dawn's sky's burning
With the reddish bleeding clouds
Sun is coming and heaven turning
Bringing its fire to lonely crowds

The empty streets bitter in smoke
Soon to be filled again with life
All shorts of colors and gentlefolk
Giving their spirit forward strife
The lonely dreams in nocturnal sea
Hours forgotten till turn of dark
Myriad fancies there inside to be
Inactive till with stars they’ll spark
Peter S. Quinn



Come Come And Stay (A Song)

Come come and stay
With the night slowly going
Shades of winter's play
In the snowy white glowing

My dreams now so faraway
From the evening through night
Love words we used to say
Now in their hazy unstable flight

Yesterdays of dreams gone by
With their many moods along
Now like moon in dark blue sky
Or a lonesome breezy song

All once under your steam near
With their many ways to go
Is now out of sight from here
In times own footsteps to and fro

Come come and stay
With the close memories of our past
So much in their lonesome lay
That we’re forgetting so steadfast

Life’s like dream on the sideways
Filling up inside spaces there
In vein of the rushes-hours melees
With their complex times and flare
Peter S. Quinn



Come Come Now In Spring

Come come now in spring
With your joyful singing
Blue skies for everything
Into my thoughts bringing

With a lyrical along line
Of coming of brighter day
Moment full of sunshine
In each their motifs play

Come come with your joy
To develop like cinder glow
Away with all dark annoy
That muttered its low aero

Sweetness from side to side
Limed twigs and grassy knolls
In with the summer abide
In natural tinctured consoles

Come come and be of wealth
Make every day enhanced
Days to be delight and health
Through every step entranced

Silvery shine and true gold
Are all these blossoms bright
Many times worth they hold
Everything that’s here right
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn