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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/1/2014 1:30:56 PM
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Doubtful Seed

Your songs were like love's colorful lipstick
Close to my heart and harder to explain
Each of their beat with an exotic click
Some very complex others simple and plain
So completely yours in enduring love
Always to make out my problem so sweet
Like sky in the far of the cloudless above
All that my heart in those moments did neat

Joy in my life while I wandered the day
Through all those thoughts that really don't matter
Completely yours in their tone and lay
Defeating the mindless out there and clatter
The Songs of your tones giving me much
All about life in their every day touch
Peter S. Quinn



Down Down To Deep

Down Down To Deep
Dreams that never were
To the land of leap
In its night of nowhere

Days that were of light
Filling empty woe
Lost in their own flight
Like a lonely glow

Gone gone to the nothing
Only in memories
Lonesome ways abducting
Lost like winter trees

Days that gave pleasures
Once in many ways
Into darkness erasures
Now in shades of grays

Down Down To Deep
Dreams that lie now still
Ours no more to keep
Or wings over to fulfill

Days in winter glowing
In lonely roads ahead
This all is always going
Like sallow leaves bled
Peter S. Quinn



Down on Dream

Oh my heart is acing for
All the dreams which are so real
Like a new feeling for more and more
It's just how I now feel
People are going to somewhere
Walking apart on their own
The streets crossing here and there
The entire world is so alone

Some will dream through a window
Waiting for someone to go by
Managing their daydreams somehow
Looking for sunshine from sky
Bringing the old memories back
Wondering why they are still here
Filling the moments they lack
With daydreams from their armchair

Nowhere have I been
Only dreams fly inside my head
Nothing I have yet seen
They're only thoughts I once read
Only dreams fly inside my head
Only thoughts I once read
Where should I be instead?

Oh my dreams they wander away
Giving some pleasurable hours
I'll manage somehow through the day
Watering my window flowers
How many people are like this?
Looking at the loneliness outside
Bringing out a dream or a wish
That long time in the heart did hide

Peter S. Quinn



Dream Away in The Lights

Dream away in the lights
For hope is still there on,
A thought may lose its flights
But it's never ever gone;
All is in the flying high wings
That are going over or down,
Each adhere to the enfoldings
With the winds of crosstown.

Reasons get away are lost
Nothing more of that to say,
For we complete or exhaust
Everything we communique;
There are thoughts in confusion
With some reliefs to ways out,
Each in constant invalidation
For to know what it's about.

Dream away don't be clear
With something that's shifting,
Going places in uncertain blare
Like a cloud in the sky drifting;
Going distance with a fantasy
Keep the wiev almost through,
What you know's what you see
From everything you'll preview.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn