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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  12/18/2014 5:45:14 PM
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Give Me Heart and Love of Thistles

Give me heart and love of thistles
And something that unknots the day
Feelings are lonesome too bristles
For so much of them are in gray
Playful are clouds black fissures
Beautiful ones the no one can undo
The flowers to find its wishers
Something of the essence and true

Bleeding up roses of white or red
Gardens where hearts are found
Nickel silver spoons brownish bled
Those together are more purely bound
Lilies on a vermilion white plate
Like electric butterflies bleeding
Each of the emotional corrode state
Those to eyes are momentarily reading

Can you do some somber indulgences?
With flowers that are almost stones
Never to undo the burning trances
That touch has among essences alones
Someone might speak of great love
On doing its bluish golden ointments
Something so faraway in the above
That never again it'll show relents


The Crew (not the same as today...)
Peter S. Quinn



Give Me Joyful Bliss

Happy happy mood
Give me wings to sing
My tempers have blued
Into a melancholy string
The end of summer’s day
Are in my yearnings still
And allow a cord to play
What memories did spill

I'd like to be so blissful
And find the road I’ve lost
I feel as the hours are dull
And into gloomy tossed
A rosebud has died today
In a garden of summer’s bed
Like colors return to gray
When its bouquets have bled

Give me joyful bliss
With happy clouds going by
So I may return to this
What made my cerulean sky
With laugher in my eyes
Cheering the hours on
And colors of spring new dyes
That now seems lost and gone
Peter S. Quinn



Give Me More

Give me more,
Of the stars out there;
Love is never too sure,
To give or to share.
Daydreaming away,
Feelings of a heart;
The innermost play,
Of two counterpart.

Raindrops falling,
From a cloudy sky;
Memories calling,
Hours that away fly.
Dreams to follow,
Into the loneliness;
Moments are hollow,
And times lovely less.

Daydreams are near,
When day's wintry on;
Crystal's icy clear,
Summer winds are gone.
Loneliness will walk,
With streets from here;
Hours a slowly clock,
In shadows atmosphere.
Peter S. Quinn



Give Me Some Love (a song lyric)

Give me some love to let the day begin
A love to be sure in its much disguise
Everywhere is sunshine from within
Like a day that is coming in its rise

You and I forever like drifting clouds
Feeling the ways to give so much there of
Lonely people sometimes in crowds
With our only purpose in our true love

What is it to be in love always again?
There is a purpose from some of all this
Search and you will find joy within and then
Every road leads to undying of bliss

Together flying high to the mornings found
Something there always coming around
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn