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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/22/2014 5:19:39 PM
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Every New Day Is Mine (from, Even Though There Are No Reasons)

Every new day is mine
Filling daylight dreams on
Holdings of fresh sunshine
Of what shall come and be done
Love skies of misty clouds
Giving their moments too
A summer of moving crowds
Within every caress renew

Let nothing go here by
That is all true inside
Like the open bluish sky
Those with its cloudlets glide
Reasons to take and give
Wandering movements’ roads
Days ahead to again live
With none of winter's loads

Every day true in senses
Letting it float here through
Tasking each time and chances
That comes to make and do
Blissfully thoughts to rise
Filling my hour of deep
Showing its wings of surprise
Later to cling to and keep
Peter S. Quinn



Every New Day Is My Life

Every new day is my life
Walking moments of happiness or sorrow
With times breezy blows it’ll strife
To catch the waves on tomorrow
Every step is in its bouquet’s while
With its flowers in blossoming bloom
Or depression in its tile
And perhaps in its footsteps doom

You and I have this moment together
Living for our longitude day
So much here is up to the weather
How we feel and what we will say
But it’s going to catch soon our feet
With its kiss of the earth's love
Or be drifting like clouds to read
In the curving of the hazy above

Every new morning comes to fulfill
Or moments to be again safe
Into faraway horizon mountains hill
And returned with the ocean waif
Love is just a moment’s happiness
Something always coming and going
Through times of time touch caress
Every instant is yours for knowing
Peter S. Quinn



Every Night (From, Poet on WWW)

Every night I come to my senses,
But it's never going to last;
Seeing stars into sky romances,
With glowing eyes from the past.
Looking back and feeling the same,
When all was right and wrong;
Before this to its situation came,
And we knew not where to belong.

Everything is a dangerous thing,
Disappearing needs and other ways;
To each other most often linking,
When to our inner feelings plays.
Reaching and needing is enough,
For each argument that is out there;
Modern times with its plenty of stuff,
That is most often going nowhere.

Every day is like the one that's past,
With it's feelings passing through;
Slowly moving around its bombast,
Meaning something to each of you.
I can not wait or become younger,
For time is running through its way;
And each my thinking going longer,
Mot mattering what I will do or say.
Peter S. Quinn



Every Our Dream … (a song lyric)

Every our dream is always coming through
But sometimes we don't know their complect
Because perhaps in their past we did neglect
Something they gave to become of you
Everything has its purposes entwined
Circling around through the moments they live
With some inner states there on to give
And it is all ours to comprehend and find

The roses in bouquets beautiful done
Maybe a rainbow with a gold pot at the end
Summer leaves falling to carry you on
With every autumn in yellow brown blend

O how our feelings can rise and fulfill
Each of its dreaming in the moment's still
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn