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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/23/2016 2:14:38 PM
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Every Step In Peace And War

There's a time to come and go,
Finding every moment to live;
And be with reasons for evermore,
You can share what you can give.
What you have you learn to know,
Use it wisely to be always sure,
For every step is in peace and war.

There's a song that you can sing,
Feelings of freedom in its ways;
Love and passion spinning 'round,
Every mood along there plays.
Hear the sweetness in its days,
Anything lost again may be found,
And to your heart closeness bring.

With your love don't ever give up,
You have roads to walk on through;
Times will flow and they might stop,
Be crisscrossing from the very afar.
Don’t be unwise or become untrue,
Without a reason to give and take,
For every step is in peace and war.
Peter S. Quinn



Every Tomorrow … (A Song Lyric)

Every tomorrow is in yesterdays
Like a circling wind in the top of trees
Those come around again in the summer breeze
One time more in their tiding's turning ways

Love songs of the evening to be born
The tide's life is made of forever tour
One, two, three, but nobody knows for sure
Whether a life is all new or out worn

The ocean is deep in its true abyss
And nothing comes back to tell the truth
There is just this time and its first of kiss
The rest is unknown in its eternal youth

Come here and give your inspiration's find
For the road to the on road have some spot blind
Peter S. Quinn



Flow Winds Of Time

Flow winds of time
Whilst the night takes a spin
Stars are falling in deep prime
As the darkness comes in
Feelings like river going
All is within dream reach
Night sky is now glowing
In its twinkling glow bleach

Flow on to a daybreak’s light
Reach the awaken call
In dreams blue and height
As the night must fall
Silvery dress of the day
Awaken in its true reality
Every dream’s now on its way
To become once more free

Flow to the sounds I heard
Whispers in the deep dark
Like ravens of a winged bird
Shadowed dancing embark
Life is like merry-go -round
Deep into their whole make
Until the light’s again found
As new cock-crows’ awake

Now is the night in its dancing
Humming a breeze melody
Dreams of bedroom romancing
For a new tomorrow to be
Peter S. Quinn



Give Me Some Time

Give me some time
Let me be in your way
As the hours climb
Meeting on the new day

All is in your giving
What it is you must
Right way on to living
If it’s me you trust

Flowers grow from seed
In the gardens bed
Never of love be curried
If its truth ahead

Yesterdays were knowing
What you had to make
And in tomorrow’s showing
Flowers it did awake

Like the wind goes round
So is love in turn
All its passion found
As its ways must burn

Let summer days be bright
In your love and waking
Before long comes night
And your heart is aching
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn