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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/25/2016 1:09:40 AM
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Day By Day Then Night (From, Rock Star)

Day by day then night,
Voice left in somewhere flight;
All is gone for ever more,
Nothing was for real or sure.
Then it's past or going,
Like the summer's glowing;
With fires that once burned,
Memories of no returned.

With a shadow like a name,
Burning burning passing flame;
What will recognition know,
When distant self must grow.
Purpose proper on the road,
What to time was bestowed;
Every thought one achieves,
Like the shallow broken leaves.

Night by night then a day,
Everything in a rustic play;
What must go must be again,
Or each creation is in vain.
Meet up with the roads gone,
All the sights seeds paragon;
Flowering in thoughts new,
Tomorrow's dawn fresh dew.
Peter S. Quinn



Day Dreams

Day dreams of gone gone by
All of my left pleasures
The dreams in the hidden sky
Full of its cloudy treasures

There is a love song young
In every summer renew
Something from spring to long
Until its days are through

Day dreams of endless light
Never to keep on still
In their hope and flight
From each morning's fulfill

Yesterday's forgotten tone
In thoughts that never came
Like shadows are now alone
Burning like evening flame

Day dreams in longing's flow
Oceans of hidden ways
Upon fresh morning's glow
Within the new born days

There are its days all new
Endless on tone and shade
Coming like a light through
From moment's colors made
Peter S. Quinn



Day In Rising

Day in rising
Full of its colors view
All shades surprising
From the deep and blue

In new summer air
Love songs of fresh
Covering coldness bare
With its deep intermesh

Touches of the sun
In the flowers patch
With its fair complexion
On to wistful catch

Form a rising horizon
Every day renew
Pure in its clarification
All the bright of view

Day in new spring
With its shine and sense
As sunrise will sing
In its color sequence

Now new summer’s in
Flame time of vivid
With its growth and spin
All life is abounded
Peter S. Quinn



Day Is Now In Its Dark Ways

Day is now in its dark ways
From glowing of golden lost
In the winter cold icily rays
That is turning them into rust
Each day now comes and goes
In the darkness misty blears
Their strings with pearls glows
Are crystal raindrops in tears

The revealed shadows towers
Quiver like the tree leaves
In blackness morning hours
With the wind full of grieves
There are so many answers
Around these frozen mirrors
Reflecting light like dancers
And closeness of their veneerers

A day beat now stands still
In its disjuncts prisms spin
Thoughts on crossroads hills
Unreturned seclusion within
Oh come again glowing skies
Like a flow in the rivers run
Twirl again around my eyes
With glow of the coming sun

*(I was reading Federico Garcνa Lorca – Reflection; and I found out the moods here, right now, are very similar.)
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn