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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  2/11/2016 8:52:44 AM
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O daybreak - rising daybreak my true love
Where the mountains are growing from shadows
In the flow of the light from far above
Ending the murkiness of twilight's glows

Every dream that was once in its night
Filling the corners of thoughts in the mind
Astray in their wandering tranquil flight
Where those eyes of veracity are blind

Sunshine in gold glimmer - on the horizon
With every billow of sea bright and clear
Till the night and the moon is almost gone
And new dances of living again are near
Sunup of fresh brightness creating the way
Making beautiful - yet another day!
Peter S. Quinn




You and I to make a wish
Living for our daydreams
Feelings somehow to perish
Everything what of dream seems
Love songs into nowhere space
Not to be completely sure
Emptiness and full of grace
Coming here for evermore

Again and again to the night
Wherever our wishes go
Something from inside so bright
With everything to show
You and I always finding
What everything there means
Onto the spaces both riding
With our imaginary scenes

Daydreaming you and I
Finding the clouds of hope
Up up in the highest sky
Where the everydays elope

Love songs without a reason
Across the days of truth
Always for every season
In their eternally youth
Come here to give what seems
Nothing to hold too close
With their fantasy deems
Suddenly a puff away it goes

Daydreaming on and on
And feeling the shifting ways
So much of its occasion begun
In to ordinary simple days
Peter S. Quinn



Daydreaming (#8 From My Musical, Lyrics...)

All in the word, waking up dreams,
Stepping tonight into my own;
Changing the ways I thought I could,
Mystify days in darkish of wood.
Flying like kite rushing the world,
Daydreams it seems Icarus flight;
Stepping tonight on to the stars,
Flying away never like before.
Colour the days open new door,
It is like this, daydreaming on;
Caching a wish before it is gone,
All in the sky with castles in air.
Flying so high but still being here,
Mystify thoughts all on my own;
Then I'm caught by the ringing phone,
All in a world daydreams it seems.
Icarus flight steeping tonight,
On to the stars, yes on to the stars;
Further away than I imagined it to be,
With imagination I'll play, to see what I see.

(The songs are available at my site at SibeliusMusic)
Peter S. Quinn



Days Are Becoming So Lonely

The days are becoming so lonely
For everything is drifting and going
Meeting with cracked up ache of its only
From every within thought that's flowing
Though some are still far in their lonesome stay
Longings like weekdays there forever made
As they come into their splintering play
Until they break away and again all fade

I hear the cold in its breezing dry call
In to my window of comfort and warms
The feelings that are driven to the fall
With something beautiful that's lost in blaze
When lives austere indifferently transforms
Into oblivion darkness - its many ways
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn