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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/31/2014 12:31:51 AM
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Every Word

Every word is my way
To be singing to you
Like a cloud in the day
In the sky of the blue
Rising high to morning
For the times going on
Every path truly learning
That is from this gone

Every knowing and say
When we feel so apart
In the rise of its hay
From minutes of heart
Times are turning to this
Falling ways in the fall
Every coming and bliss
Those to truth now call

Singing yesterday blues
With so much in its weighing
Every fall and enthuse
That those thoughts are saying
Find the way from within
Give its call a try
Each new notion has a win
In the feeling of the why
Peter S. Quinn



Every Word is a Way (From, Illuminating Night)

Every word is a way,
To the unsought moods of pleasure;
Meet the new coming day,
That fills the earth with more treasure.
Bring the gift and joy,
With every inmost care;
There are some moods to destroy,
Each coming up affair.

My thoughts are with the traffic,
The roads that move in time;
All the poisoning words acidic,
That climb up like a begrime.
The horizon deep and sky,
That falls from mood to mood;
All thoughts that can not die,
For they're everywhere bestrewed.

The road and its destination,
The place that goes to anywhere;
Fickles of your inspirations,
Going from moments here and there.
Thoughts that don't get through,
For they have been all over;
And it's all up to me and you,
To find that certain random rover.
Peter S. Quinn



Every Word...

Every word has its own way
In different elements of meaning
With each other they do on play
Together in their contravening

Something there to achieve or speak
When mind in thoughts is collecting
Anything that comes then to peak
Within interests and connecting

Thought put together with new gist
Language of Poetry with its own deep
Usually in conversation missed
Awakened up from its reality sleep

When thoughts go wander into dark
A feeling’s mood or frame of mind
From pondering of profound spark
When you don't know what you'll find

Something in silences flow
From the time that keeps coming still
When minutes are in their ticktack go
With each attributes to times fulfill

Every word that weaves its thread
In colorful glimpses and philosophy
Within its way and ageless spread
Those always around to wander free
Peter S. Quinn



Everyone’s Give

I have my heart
To give and to awake
From where I start
And with what is at stake
Sweet joy in its time
The whiles we live
Reach to a prime
Of what we may give

This is for us all
Every goal to reach
Everyone has a call
And a way to teach
With a time and an intention
And something to try
Every thoughts invention
Reach low or its high

* Peter has made 5 or more rhyme poems each day and 6-7 unrhymed poems each day, for more than 9 years. Young Peter is now taking pictures…

The Crew
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn