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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  5/1/2016 4:59:29 AM
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Feel The Music

Feel the music
As it comes in
Feel time's tick
Inside its spin

Rising and flowing
Missing a beat
And sometimes going
On a lonely street

Feel the music
Of your day
And its newest trick
On strings that play

There with a guitar
Waiting its feel
In thoughts afar
Perhaps some unreal

Love song of touch
Of a beat heard
They give so much
Not speaking a word

Feel the music
Circling my ring
Love’s like a wick
Or quench hesitating
Peter S. Quinn



Feeling The Darkness

Feeling the darkness go by
And again to reappear
Upon that 'this and that sky'
Going to eyes nowhere
Now twilight's in atmosphere
Transporting the stars in
With a heart of empty fear
Sightless of darkish grin

Into the lost dark kingdoms
Disguises of dreams are
The strength of its amalgams
And each of the armoire
Swinging in broken column
Trees of the weary wind
Near to the land of solemn
Jointly the roads twinned

Crossing the staves of a fate
Near to the broken stone
Voices in its emptiness made
Each in the anguish alone
A blossom has fallen so gentle
Tossed in a blanket white
Generous with its sacramental
Toward the prince of night
Peter S. Quinn



Feelings (From, Rock Star)

You and I don't waste nothing,
Fresh it's going to the heart;
Feelings for tomorrow must sing,
If you give them each a start.
What I find I may not lose,
For the sake of what I feel;
Steps twining in lost avenues,
Life is how you make a deal.

Never be alone inside a crowd,
So much depends on each thought;
Every reason can be reavowed,
With fires within that may be caught.
Begin a day with something fresh,
For all lost feelings and disarray;
Give some excitement gooseflesh,
Bring in new order for the day.

You and I just reaches apart,
Like drifting clouds in the air;
Only a heart knows where to start,
Love and giving - know how to share.
All is in all - just what I feel,
Begin to give waste not a flow;
Summer is in - love is for real,
Bring in your feelings for tomorrow.
Peter S. Quinn



Feelings Are Always (From My Musical, This Is My Life)

Feelings are always giving
Something to break and do
Striving blooms at living
It's all so much up to you
A daylight that's forgotten
Into its past if its own
Like leaves of yellow rotten
Under the snowy white gown

Many things like the stars
Filling up empty spaces
Fixing the traces blue scars
Into their many ways's
Coming out to be and belong
Something you will remember
A verse of a forgotten song
Still so full and amber

Feelings are always close
Like the heart in its beat
Fulfillments that goes
To the lonesome back street
Like stars in the moonlight
Gleaming that lingers on
While we are apart tonight
After the daylight's gone
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn