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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  4/19/2015 5:53:05 PM
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For Every Occasions (From, Even Though There Are No Reasons)

For every occasions
There is something new
Times cells intuitions
Coming in perceptive through
Tones that are found
In rhythms of the near
Soundings off all around
From the past and year

The flow of motions
Slowing or fasting on
Weaving thoughts erosions
Till their pace is gone
Rising to the inner chord
Of every togetherness
In the end of times toward
Our own emotional cleverness

For every turn of tides
The song in time is rising
Through deeps or barefields bides
Its flavor exposure surmising
To meet the unknown sky
A tomorrow perhaps seeing
With questions asking why
Or only in time being
Peter S. Quinn



For Every True Day

You are in my head for every true day
Playfully on for inspirations here
Going to the pages that never will stay
Everything of a song fulfilled somewhere

Yesterday was down inside our words
Making some wings of wondering and giving
Love that was of heart like flying birds
Everything inside sentences living

You and I through all this endless rime
Giving what it takes to make songs in line
Coming through the pondering in the beat of time
Like the clouds of drifting or its sunshine

Winter dreams are glowing to the endless plough
Filling every dream with their lines to insight
We have the entire world to make soft and rough
Sketching times and words in their rightful light

Full of illumination in the years showing
Through the achievements of each piece
In the ways of the light and going
That each love song can please
So much into the things of music
As comes and goes by in its lick

Weaving songs with our words in dreaming
From the night that goes on here and by
Every glow now faraway only seeming
When dark is on move on the sky
Peter S. Quinn



For The Ocean Waves

The roads are colored faraway
In distance
Ocean waves that come and set out
In daydreams forever
Watering the shore
With their past acquaintance
The drift of clouds the castles in the air
My longings attempt to see

A faraway place
With many roads to go off
To Oz
The horizon line
In my dreams flows away
Until its no longer seen
Only signs of my feelings
Now carrying its way

(Inspiration: For Leonard and Lisa by Ted Hughes:

He casts off the weight of space
Like patience

Disguised with life
He advances inevitably
As if squeezed
Into the death-corner

An electric thrill a cactus flower
Among moon-rubble
An ultrasonic cry,
A tiger-yawn
Of amnesia

A mighty god
Wraps his hunger for the whole earth
In a shawl of feathers
Sign of the sun in Hebrew
And flies in his sleep
Peter S. Quinn



For The Sun Is Red

For the sun is red
And day is unclear
In summer's color bled
When blooms are near
Your heart was still
With the rising sun
Of tomorrows fulfill
In life times on run

For her blood is red
In its own dripping way
In deep oceans bed
Where her billows play
With its beating time
Of the restless sea
Tides of weak and prime
Inside you will see

For love as aforesaid
In everything it need
Like sea bloom dragonhead
With lustrous fruits berried
So much of infinity truth
Of love and love making
Its bosom of unsullied youth
Never in love aching
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn