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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/27/2015 11:50:53 PM
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Feelings Liberated

Make the sunshine come up here around you
Like the waves of the open dark sea
Feel it surround you and make again free
With its rising from daybreak to come through
Every motion is within the soul
Like a dream that's always inside quite near
Giving meaning and everything whole
Going from every cubicle inside there

Like a flower spreads seeds to the earth
So your heart gives feelings liberated
From the strings of the past of your desire
Each motion is like waves of its birth
With the leaves of the spirit there weighted
Like dawn reddish sky in its rising fire
Peter S. Quinn



Feelings Like Fever (From New Waves To The Shore)

I have dreamt every dream to come true
With the love songs that are coming once more
Every hour to be here by with you
Evolving each new word what those dreams are
Giving glow of every day and night
That I have enjoyed being here with you and close
Like a summer with daybreak in so bight
And every cloud that from clear sky goes
Here with you I'm tenderly almost gone
With the thousands of holdings and its care
Feelings like fever in evenings on
From your marrow and climax it will steer
Like sunset to afternoon you bring dreams
Star glisten skies in their unresting reams
Peter S. Quinn



Feelings Of Beings

From somewhere a day is coming
Just as my hours are going
Together they are all summing
Whatever there is there growing
Turning the page of the ages
Through every aspect of life
Giving its prospecting wages
That to the moments must strife

Feeling the darkness of wanting
Everything comes to day's height
Through streets of mystic chanting
Where there was once some night
Feelings of beings and finding
Steadfastly splitting every try
Moments of today some blinding
With their clouds in their sky

Yesterday rivers are paling
In to the forest of resting
Coming and going or veiling
Round their wings adjusting
Love songs to drink like black wine
From the breast of all being
Progress of past must some shine
For generations later on seeing

*After reading, Interior and Across by O. Paz - I wrote the above.
Peter S. Quinn




Love songs of love were lonely
Like dreams that are going
You and your heart only
With every emotion flowing
Days were long in their turn
When our beats were new
Passions that we now yearn
Every part that is true

Feelings that gave us more
Then we did know of much
Opening up affections door
With every smile and touch
We were young and sweet
Endlessly making wishes
Inside our heart to treat
Burning on morning kisses

Yesterday then never was
Only tomorrow’s new ways
Nothing ever came to loss
Moods never turned to grays
Love songs in wings height
Making our heart strong
Never showing any fright
Because nothing could go wrong
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn