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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  12/19/2014 2:10:37 PM
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Into The Beautiful Sky Blue (From, The River Sings On)

Wherever you are going,
I'll be going thee too;
Distances are coming growing,
Into the beautiful sky blue.
Dreams are sweet none existence,
Seven seas and traveling ways;
Give your thoughts a change,
For the new coming days.

You and I have seen the rays,
From the horizon of faraway;
Like the colors of night plays,
From newborn thought of grey.
Feelings will keep moving on,
Some will only be for a while;
There is always a summer sun,
To give another beautiful smile.

Wherever you are staying,
I'll be following you;
Like night dreams are playing,
For the unknown and the new.
The wind will whistle its breeze,
From the treetops and beyond;
Existence is what one sees,
From within nowhere else found.
Peter S. Quinn



Into The Freeway, Sonnet

All my love into the freeway's burning
Not to return to the comfort of life
On and on in its distances it will strife
Filling its times with those of yearning
All my adore is blue as the dreamy sky
Days going forward with their footsteps far on
Till into reality they nearly are gone
Hills and mountains in my dreams rising high

Wings of all my dreams keep coming here thru
Songs some forgotten that once were so true
Into the ways tomorrow's rising dawn
Exposing its beauty to faraway seen
But now are in dark of night dimmest drawn
Peter S. Quinn



Into The Half Empty Sky – A Song

Into the half empty sky
The night’s spinning themes
Flowing evenings to die
Into the red yellow dreams
Cleanliness of the flowers
For the twilight to come
Awakening tomorrow hours
Into the dew on a blossom

Each dream submerge to be
From the waves there under
The inside everlastingly sea
Drifting the moments asunder
A mind goes for a moment
To find its mood and matters
With the comings bestowment
That to the directions clatters

The pictures in earth's palettes
Can’t be explained or remade
Like raindrops on rock mallets
Her tunes are in - my every shade
Peter S. Quinn



Into The Night the Evening Goes


Tablet 1

The one who saw all [Sha nagba imuru ]I will declare to the world,
The one who knew all I will tell about
[line missing]
He saw the great Mystery, he knew the Hidden:
He recovered the knowledge of all the times before the Flood.
He journeyed beyond the distant, he journeyed beyond exhaustion,
And then carved his story on stone. [naru: stone tablets ]

Tablet 4

The skies roared with thunder and the earth heaved,
Then came darkness and a stillness like death.
Lightening smashed the ground and fires blazed out;
Death flooded from the skies.
When the heat died and the fires went out,
The plains had turned to ash.


- Into The Night the Evening Goes -

Into the night the evening goes
Contrasting moods of light
A wave of the deep eternally flows
On to its unknown flight
What have you brought of mystery here?
Recovering knowledge of time
There’s still nescient everywhere
On the meaning of the poets rhyme

Lost from the great past gone ways
Words of the fires and shades
Now it is sciolism that pays
Made with its jagged blades
Knowledge of time is in the stone
Carved in with each lyrical line
Still to its thoughts stands alone
Till there comes wakeful sunshine

Into the distant journeys beyond
Worlds have recovered with truth
Exhausted the tritely donned
With its charisma and eternal youth
The first poems were about love
The light and dark meeting glaze
Something the world hasn't much of
Last call is – love – and its ways
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn