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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/25/2014 6:07:51 PM
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I Had the White Wind …

I had the white wind in my beating heart
But it has become blackish as the sand
I knew when I my first morning did start
That love is an eager way to command

To fill every dream with its treasures
And make all the pathway freedoms come true
There is need to be growth of its pleasures
Burning on with its fire from people like you

So much of its ocean is still unseen
How waves come to and fro, to give powers
And love that lies there only in between
Is still only a dream gone with the morn hours

So bring your soul on to rivers fresh fields
And show up the strength of water truest wields
Peter S. Quinn



I Have a Dream (From, Rhythmicon - 50 Lead Sheets with Poems)

I have a dream,
But so do we all;
A bit in airstream,
Wide and so tall.
There is so much,
I have got to say;
Giving it my touch,
Make it feel okay.

This is my wish,
To give as a song;
Take away anguish,
Make me back strong.
All in all to share,
Have as inspiration;
Take away a fear,
Bring in liberation.

Road to have and be,
What is inside now;
Let you make and see,
Each your solemn vow.
Promises to make,
That you haven't done;
Be more here awake,
Before it is all gone.
Peter S. Quinn



I Have a Piggy-Bank and a Top Hat

I have a piggy-bank and a top hat
But nothing is coming in
I must have done something wrong at that
Perhaps I did a capitalism sin
My money is only few dollars and cents
Nothing to give from or take
I have bills to pay and eyes in ‘relents’
And always in restlessness I will wake

My piggy is red pinkish and bright
It is staring on to the future
I have nightmares for it each night
Because of its breaking (or opening suture)
Someone is taking all my money out
Though it is only a little...
And spreading it here and there about
So I feel so wasted and brittle

My piggy-bank talked to me (in my dreams) last night
It said it has had quite enough:
“Nothing is working out for the right
These savings up ideas of yours - only seems a bit rough”: -)
I couldn’t agree more with this - My Pinkish Pig!
Though I need to safe up for some stuff
It might seem unnecessary at times (and a ‘jig’)
But I (and all of us) live at times of a consumer’s bluff

I've come to the conclusion, in my poems and lyrics, that the rhyme word is the least important word in any given line, whilst before, with other poets and lyricists, it was often the most important word...; therefore, it’s my conclusion that no rhymes are clichés in such lines - because they are often so unimportant for the line as a whole, that the line could sometimes even do without the rhyme word…

Why then, put the rhyme in? To make it more singable, because I’m first of all a composer needing words/poem/lyrics to sing (and I started writing because I needed this) - and sometime in the past that was the only reason…

So away with every clichés, - if there ever was one! Your freedom has come, rhyme word!
Peter S. Quinn



I Have a Song to Offer (or Come Here And Rise With Me!)

Come be my freedom groom
With your true speech
I am of earth bloom
For the new soil to reach
So much of love to give
Heart within that grows
I'm here to rise and live
Making friends with foes

I have a song to offer
To all you’re disputing
It’s my only little coffer
For new peace recruiting
Search the ways and find
Love roots in the making
To leave traverse behind
And seeds of play waking

My leaves shall be green
When you are my friend
I will sow love between
When you are my fiend
Give me what I will need
To become strong and free
To every house I'll plead
Come here and rise with me!
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn