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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  5/28/2016 3:42:02 PM
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To The Stars In The Sky (From, Lost Song Poems)

To the stars in the sky
I must sing this song,
For they glitter and die
Both faintly and strong;
Like enchanting melody
That came to my ears,
With longings and memory
That no one ever hears.

I will sing of my wishes
To wherever they go,
What one hopes for and misses
When you love someone so;
Everything that I had
From the past until now,
What once made me so glad
Like a colorful rainbow.

To the stars that I see
On the dark heavens on,
That are faraway and free
Till the night sky is gone;
Like enchanting sweet song
That so softly will flow,
And you hear all day long
Like the past long ago.
Peter S. Quinn



Walk And Let Love Bloom

Walk and let love bloom
In two peaceful hearts
There inside is much room
Where a feeling once starts
A bouquet of balloons
To faraway mountain tops
In spring fresh afternoons
Where a brainwave never stops

Stop and listen to a heart
As it boom booms away
It’s where all love will start
Making colors out of gray
And the wishful roads along
In a heart that wonders still
With a beat to beat mood song
That every love shall fulfill

Walk and let the bridge find
Every aspect of our explore
Leave your worries behind
Drift your mind to lover’s shore
Like the birds that wing free
To their waiting new spring
Same to you it then must be
If your feelings of love do sing
Peter S. Quinn



Will You Ever Listen

Will you ever listen
To a word I say,
I have been trying to reason
Life for every day.
But still I wonder why,
People come and go;
At least I am going to try,
Do mature more and grow.

But will you ever listen,
To a low voiced man.
Yeah will you ever listen,
And try to understand.
The earth will never keep us,
If we are mindless fools.
With fraud and double-cross,
And breaking all the rules.

Will we ever listen,
What we can't and may.
Still we have a season,
Full of life and stray.
Peter S. Quinn



Winter's Pale Roses

Winter's pale roses
Always long for cold
On windows frosty poses
Until the ice can't hold
They give sliver threads
Of shining glow beauty
Hue of gray and reds
As morning comes to be

Like summer beauty doses
That fragrance much gives
Are those frosty roses
That inside my window lives
I'm feeling so much of joy
By having them around
When warmth they'll destroy
They'll in my heart be found

For all of beauty wakes
Within our soul and being
And all it sometimes takes
Is inner perception freeing
With love you have to shine
Like silver golden strings
And you will be doing fine
If beauty to you it brings
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn