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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  8/22/2014 2:51:54 AM
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Those Summer Thoughts

I love to sing those summer thoughts
That sometimes comes to me
Of on goings and all its whereabouts
That comes often so easily

The roads with their inner memories
That we sometimes have lost
Though still are growing as green trees
From yesterdays we did trust

I love to sing my heartfelt song
Of everything of old bygone
That is from those moments I long
And carry the echoes of beats on

Yesterdays those were tomorrows
In the past of their very beginning
When times went through its borrows
In the days of their old singing

I love to linger there still on
Blown away by their wandering clouds
So much of silences in time’s neuron
Gone away like going crowds
Peter S. Quinn



Time And Time Is Passing By (from, The Complete Collected Poems of Strains)

Time and time is passing by
Like a haze of drifting high
Seems so little up out there
In their vapor going everywhere
Rising to the moments new
Where the hours is coming through
Or its rain drops in fall
Making echoes drum padding call

Life is in its sweetly now
Making heart and giving vow
To the feeling in alright
Or the morning coming bright
Never to be afraid of play
In the coming unborn day
Looking through the spangle sleep
From the dreaming dark deep

Time is gold in fluffy treads
Or the roses in spring‘s beds
When the hour is young and still
Before day comes to fulfill
Kissing with its morning light
Every darkish winter night
Where the gold comes to the green
And a garden of beauty is seen
Peter S. Quinn



To The Moon – A Song

Now moon's in on heaven's high
And shining its bluish light
That turns away the darkish sky
In moods of cloudlets flight
Somber thoughts that came to play
Leave for brass gold ingot to be
In twilights temper timeless weigh
Where morrow dreams may plea

Where is this night those stills?
In the darkness glow around
That make blink stars its thrills
And nowhere else are found
Vast thoughts of dimming rays
The eternal atmosphere of dark
That never in light for long stays
And to the night-time embark

Oh playful moon upon the sky
Beyond these bluish bond rays
In endless thought as time flies
While clouds of drifts there plays
How much like earth your look is
With mountains and dales deep
Your visage swaddled in bliss
For the romantic hearts to keep
Peter S. Quinn



Voyages to the Heart

Voyages to the heart
Never to be fulfilled or done
Beginnings of truth and each start
Into the disseminate gone
Raindrops of the sky fallen tears
Kisses you on the forehead
Flowing through longing years
On to the ground they bled

Sweetness and caress going by
Futile feelings borderlands
Each emerald gemstone from sky
That touches alone understands
For the new morning in blossom
And the castles in the clouds
Your beats in songs so awesome
Around each stone it enshrouds

Distant interaction that you are
The radiant eyes of true love
Faraway like a Milky Way star
Into the beneficent there above
Snow fingers of a golden burn
The foam from the waving sea
Thoughts that for love shall yearn
The inside pages of you and me
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn