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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  2/27/2015 7:07:37 AM
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Frail is the seed of earth
With every falling's time
Day and day by growing's worth
Till it reaches prime

Fair but frail like every rose
That into the morning shines
Away your petal then goes
As fate draws its wilting lines
Peter S. Quinn



Freedom Is To You Calling (From, Lost Song Poems)

Freedom is to you calling,
Give life a heart so brave;
Each night hours are falling,
Into a dim hollow grave.
Hatred can be bottomless,
If you'll allow it to be;
But life is colored so fresh,
If it becomes all free.

Days by days will end,
But love can never so do;
Only down it will bend,
If it's not completely true.
Evening becomes a night,
Gathering shadows around;
Hold your feelings all right,
Lost can again be found.

Freedom is truth wearing,
Never a lie there inside;
Everyone else bearing,
Not from ourselves there hide.
You can grow out wisdom,
If the right seeds are sown;
For the conditions are calm,
If you acknowledge and atone.
Peter S. Quinn



Freedom Roads

There are roads taken and roads going by
With freedom of every choice to take
Like the clouds in the far those drifting so high
In their mist and pictures to make
Lonely freedom like footsteps never to keep
Only sand that shall blow it away
With a heart that was chained to a going sleep
Forever and not to live or stay

There are roads broken with the years gone
Trials wasted away with the breeze
Every hope that was carried moving it on
For repression and censors to please
Wasted into the sea of their existing time
Giving no more to hope in their yearning
Only darkness crows in their fullest prime
To the night and it's going all turning

So much freedoms broken a man has found
Every effort just thrown into sea
With tyrants that come in tides going around
To break down wise ones and the free
Mountains exist that never give or make form
Only to be real for the wind to blow
Within their dazed choice and bewildered storm
That in the their slavery will go

There are roads lost for no reason at all
With their people that have tried to exist
With their efforts and hope they've tried to call
But to those that are closed they've missed
Every time has its allowance freedom to give
With all the days that are going about
You must try to exist and try to live
And take from your heart any old doubt

So much freedom's gone because love was lost
To the sleeps of forever that's banned
Every beat of its song turned on and crossed
What each ignorance waste did command
Nothing comes from the lost only falling rain
Dreams from their hopes all wasted away
We may try to take their roads but it's all in vain
For the darkness has come to their day
Peter S. Quinn



Getting Away

Getting away
From silent sky
Meeting today
In summer bird cry
Tides are turning
For ever more
Life's adjourning
To another yore

June's now at play
In colors dye
Tones of gray
Have loosen their tie
Life is reviving
Once more in earth
Green arriving
In new growth and birth

Getting away
From winter's mood
Dreary shade's play
And dim solitude
Sky in distant blue
Far as eyes sees
In to renew
And impending peace
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn