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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/24/2014 7:34:59 PM
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Ice Crystal's Beauty (From, Poems of Papa Due)

Ice crystal's beauty,
In a forgotten passage;
The roughness of infinity,
In a fiery afterimage.
The mystic of the dark,
Flowing with the mist;
Drifting light and spark,
Twilight's evening twist.

Ice and fire contrast,
The boundary of each;
Showing deep its cast,
Something to overreach.
Playful in the moonlight,
Expressing the flashes;
Inner structure anthracite,
Wall to wall airspaces.

Ice water reflection,
Within indecisive walls;
The underlying connection,
From within giants halls.
Mystic of polymorphous,
Sculptures of phantoms;
The beauty and fragileness,
Of metaphor inside atoms.
Peter S. Quinn



I'll ask a Bluebird…

I'll ask a bluebird
To sing a summer song
Tones so lovely slurred
For life is coming along
Each day and night tender
Of love songs in the air
My thoughts to this surrender
In tunes of moments fair

I'll ask a thrush that plays
Its summer forest songs
Why each of them dallies
To a heart that longs
When breezy are the leaves
Of the wandering hour
With many thoughts of eves
For the meadow flower

Night of late shall come
To every summer singing
Growing on tincturing blossom
An end to their dreams bringing
For love shall fly away
Into another living wave
Where flowers in wind sway
With the new songs to crave
Peter S. Quinn



I'll Remember You (to ‘Imagine’ …)

I'll remember you
In imagine times goodbye
Where skies were always blue
In every low and high
It’s not so easy now
To bring this out today
Though we'll find it somehow
And make it be okay

I'll remember you
Without strict boundaries
As my mind is set to
The unbounded countries
To live and die for
And have just your ambition
To open freedom’s door
And show life truest vision

Where peace is not a dreamer
But love is coming on
And each one is a true teamer
To live what they've undergone

I'll remember you
As brotherhood is reality
When dreams come true
Forever in our hearts to be
When times become real
In every people's trust
Each touch and their feel
We once thought were lost

This maybe still a dream
That we are wishing for
But times will come and deem
Those dreams reach our shore
Peter S. Quinn



I'm in Love of Every Day

I'm in love of every day
As I meet the morning
Songs that rise and play
When light is returning
Hour's trots of daybreak
Finding their path again
Feelings of the early wake
Over the valley and glen

I'm in love with the new
Rising with the sun gleam
Like every hope that's true
In first sight's of its beam
When love's like glow in sky
Giving its earliest of begin
Colors that meets the eye
In beginning of hourly spin

I'm in love with eve of light
The cherry colors and red
The day of diminishing flight
When dreams again spread
And nocturnal pathways rise
In mystical reins of reflection
Through timeless space it flies
By castle in sky connection
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn