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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  1/30/2015 6:22:45 AM
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Always Remember (from 'Always Remember')

Always remember the gone summer songs,
Constantly consider the days that were sweet
Into the instances of every young
That courses has drift on after life's treat
Flowers in the garden of shadows and light
Bringing you colors of everything
Moments of days and hours of the dim night
What you in your heart strings always shall sing

Always remember the moments of worth
They come very tenderly on their own
Trying to find you in your misty round ways
Seeds of left longings in roots of new birth
Everything coming not clearly shown
When hours so spotlessly in memory plays

*This song came 1st: http: //www.sibeliusmusic.com/cgi-bin/show_score.pl? scoreid=90807
Peter S. Quinn



Autumn Feeling

Feeling of love is everywhere
As the times go on by
I'll remember it here and there
Like sun glow in the sky
Days gone were lonely some
Everything is again calling
Emotions like summer blossom
Day to the autumn falling

Feeling of a dream in heart
Love like tones of deep
Everything goes night will start
Nothing is ours to keep
Garden flowers falling leaves
Songs of summer leaving
Moments in their lonely grieves
Hours in shadows deceiving

Feeling inside of loneliness
As autumn says goodbye
Moments of green and caress
Falling leaves on their fly
Everything had its summer dream
Now it time is done
Yesterdays in the autumn stream
Hours of remembrance on
Peter S. Quinn



Baby Blue Eyes

Beautiful as a rose
Lovely as a tune,
I meet you up close
In the first days of June;
Baby blue eyes
Turning on blue skies,
What have you seen?
Where have you been?

I was turned on
In the early of spring,
With the summer sun
The heart would sing:
'Love is so true
When its all new,
Sweet as the days
It longs for and plays'.

Love is like trust
That comes and goes,
Falling down star dust
That for a time glows;
Longings and beauties
Imprisons and frees,
Inside a young heart
Right from the start.

Night and young days
We must go on,
Tide's turning ways
Almost nearly done;
The garden's so young
With all what we long,
The seeds in the earth
There in their first birth.

Baby blue eyes
Beginning to glow,
After winter's goodbyes
And old frosty snow;
I feel so lucky
With what comes to be,
Knowing new life
When the colors arrive.
Peter S. Quinn



Be a Pilot and Fly

Be a pilot and fly
Everything goes
Tomorrow its sky
For your future glows

Be a pilot and go
Into the afar
For life is a glow
From your star

Be a pilot and reach
On to the day
Learn and teach
That comes your way

Be a pilot and feel
Clouds going by
Dreams can be real
In opening sky

Be a pilot and give
What you have done
So other might live
To carry it on

Be a pilot and dream
Of tomorrow’s sky
For life is a stream
Of visions and try

For life is a stream
Of visions going by
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn