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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/31/2014 5:34:18 AM
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Waiting For the Impossible Dream (from, MySpace)

The hours are sometimes much outlying
While I'm waiting for the impossible dream
Every minute oppressive to defying
In its closeness that nowhere now seem
Yesterdays are old and some forgotten
Like the leaves of last year's autumn days
Every thought so of instances sudden
In its coming and going differently ways

Ocean waves keep rushing to and fro
Like the impossible tomorrow might come
With someone's dream and hope to become true
So much to regret seems long time ago
That into forgotten it has succumb
For aspiring wishes out of the blue
Peter S. Quinn




Walking in sunglow
Evening is going
Tomorrow's perhaps snow
Over footsteps snowing

I'll be sleepy and dark
Full of stars and moon
Glint in coldness embark
Every frosty afternoon

Dreams in their deep
Flowing more and more
Hours in their catnap keep
Till they reach day´s shore

Ways in trotting sage
Keep on reaching out
Icicle tethers disengage
In this point of doubt

Walking in moonshine
On the arctic earth
Shine afar on sphere line
Every hoof-it worth
Peter S. Quinn




Now winter is playfully on
Bringing frost as it intended to be
Breezy cold song and free
Anything drifting in the dark

Summer moods long away gone
On to the far and the going deep
Nothing for spring days to keep
Those that did once here spark

Everything is now in its cold
Painting the winter gray sky
Feelings low that once were high
Bringing the colors to old

Winter is day by day
Moods of pale and the gray
Winter is now to stay
On to the dim lonesome day

The frost roses now here unfold
On to my windows and plane
Curving their icily strain
Of silvery threads and mold
Peter S. Quinn



Winter's Pale Roses

Winter's pale roses
Always long for cold
On windows frosty poses
Until the ice can't hold
They give sliver threads
Of shining glow beauty
Hue of gray and reds
As morning comes to be

Like summer beauty doses
That fragrance much gives
Are those frosty roses
That inside my window lives
I'm feeling so much of joy
By having them around
When warmth they'll destroy
They'll in my heart be found

For all of beauty wakes
Within our soul and being
And all it sometimes takes
Is inner perception freeing
With love you have to shine
Like silver golden strings
And you will be doing fine
If beauty to you it brings
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn