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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/1/2014 3:59:29 PM
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A Love Song – Crossing To Night

A love song of stillness now in begin
When earth is awaken within its doubt
With icily colors coming about
Glisten of winter with old year that's been
Traveler along in days with less light
Moods of the coldness in carillons year
Into the oblivion each thought to steer
With occasions of sunup vivid sight

Crossing to night in times almost lost
Feelings of transient - wingless in musing
Hours entombed in to the moment’s cold rime
Fields of feelings heart - in winter’s numb frost
Memories of yesterdays defusing
Until again there is sun rising time
Peter S. Quinn



A Winter Song (From, Lost Song Poems)

There's outside a winter's song
With frore and grayish earth,
We had the summer for so long
For what each day was worth;
I'll long for summer and spring
Each time the night gets cold,
When weather hollowly will sing
In winter so frosty and bold.

A flower so gracefully done
The winter's rose in my window,
I'll greet you gladly on and on
Cherish your pearl white afterglow;
I've often been in a moody down
When darker the short day comes,
Then I see frosty rose jewel crown
And know in the cold it blooms.

Winter romance and candle lights
Longing for green sweet earth,
Longing for clearings sky bright
And all what the day young's worth;
How can it touch the morning flame
The winter that's gray and dark,
Will not each color be there same
Without its golden morning spark.
Peter S. Quinn



A Wish You Sometimes Want

Bring to this coldness new summer to live
Into the darkness that follows this road
Heavy as usual is its eclipse load
With nothing but panes frost roses to thrive
The laces of cold in the cracks of rime
Holding to moments of its dullness sky
Seeds that are trying to earth again shall die
Until again spring comes in its prime

Wish you sometimes want can't come through
For the new beginning is not in yet
To rise from yield of the summer blue height
But one day once more there will be the new
Coming to garden's bed with the right set
Turning the winter to summer night's light

- under construction -
Peter S. Quinn



Adoration of The Earth

'Adoration of the earth'
coming through at spring's birth,
flowers so bright
colors and light,
- all what the summer is worth!

Then summer started to come
with a small winsome blossom,
of color blue
innocent new,
- O who knows where it is from?

Blow blow western breeze,
hope new born and alive!
Give green growth to wild trees,
so blossoms leaves may arrive.


Merry-go-round blooming time
in jφrth's colors and sky's rime,
a poem's birth
from life in earth,
- where the water fresh shall prime!

The white raven is winging
in peaceful harmony singing:
O what have we found
that not goes around,
- and joy to new eyes is bringing!
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn