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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/22/2014 9:19:26 PM
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The Bridges of Madison County

It looks like a beautiful evening,
It looks like a beautiful next day;
I'll becoming tomorrow,
And discuss love if I may.

I got songs of everything in my heart,
I got a taste of roses in my mouth;

Dreams, I have been dreaming of...
Won’t be too long,
I will meet you,
Where we planned to go.

Doesn’t matter what everybody says,
I got something to do;
I'm going to buy myself a new dress,
To be in love with you.

It must be some kind of magic,
The way you were;
Your eyes or something,
Just that I had you here.

We were so in love, it almost felt like a song;
But we both knew it then, you had to move along.
Peter S. Quinn



The Night Fall Has Come

The night fall has come
To give peace to its quiver
Shadows on dancing swum
In the dim moods to deliver
Window of dark is peeking
Into my heart alone
Something from myself seeking
Of my chords and tone

Fighting off I am trying
Though I am loosing strength
Just on my back there lying
Minutes dwell on in length
Wandering off to walks
Somewhere along the way
Whispers through walls and talks
Closing in with their play
Peter S. Quinn



The Time Is Like a Windmill

The time is like a windmill
Of wheeling on the waves
That goes up and down a hill
In moments of lots to fill
With wonderments and craves

The morning is shining there
Onward to fields and roads
And giving a circle to adhere
From some to almost anywhere
Of many its falling loads

Its silences and tones so soft
Filling the moments to go
And bringing around its oft
With a round and around waft
Like wind in breeze will blow

The day and night to give in
Of each its work be done
From dry to water full spin
Where each of both has been
Until the turning is none

Wheel will strive and break
To reach its own destiny
Give of what it will take
And always be still awake
To turn forever and be free

For it's like circle of life
In making its going turn
And as it too it must strife
And break on through the rife
Forever to go on and learn
Peter S. Quinn



There is Emptiness Inside Me (From, To Oscar)

There is emptiness inside me,
From the days that have gone by;
Will I ever feel or see,
What makes summer hours high.

Where is all this going now,
That I feel just slipping away;
What lies further down the row,
In the coming of next day.

I have felt the inside pain,
For being all on my own;
Now I search through streets in vain,
So I won't be more alone.

All the laugh I had and cry,
Have made my thoughts more serve;
I can't ask the reason why,
Only wondered and be aware.

There is emptiness inside me,
All my longings are around;
When will I be from them free,
Where is love again to be found.

Is there a reason to go on,
With all this loneliness inside;
Where have brighter reasons gone,
Why has gladness been denied.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn