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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/1/2014 8:07:03 AM
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A Light in My Winter

A light in my winter
For spring dreams to come
Shady darkish tinter
Where my summer is from
A light in white frost
For the blossoming dreams
Those with autumn were lost
In oblivion river streams

Each morning come glowing
With sunshine and day
Through the darkness going
To lead forthcoming way
When rose shall reddish
So lovesome in my bed
To bring in spring wish
Through their colors red

A light in my heart
To fulfill my dark eyes
For blossoms shall start
When there are blue skies
And again summer spring
With each beauty of worth
And birds in trees to sing
Every song of new earth
Peter S. Quinn



A Walk around the Park

Walk around the park
Until you find its end
The hours of day and dark
Where some there spend
In falling flowing rivers
Of ticking's clock time
That each minute delivers
In steadfast and prime

Where life comes and goes
Through every out and in
And wind in wintry blows
In whirling scattered spin
Where love and songs are sung
With every mood and hour
In dreams of old and young
With many colored flower

And a day shall never fulfill
Every walking on through
As nothing is there still
For me or even for you
It goes like blinking gleams
Of every dancing theme
And nothing is as it seems
Inside this living stream
Peter S. Quinn



A Winter Song (From, Lost Song Poems)

There's outside a winter's song
With frore and grayish earth,
We had the summer for so long
For what each day was worth;
I'll long for summer and spring
Each time the night gets cold,
When weather hollowly will sing
In winter so frosty and bold.

A flower so gracefully done
The winter's rose in my window,
I'll greet you gladly on and on
Cherish your pearl white afterglow;
I've often been in a moody down
When darker the short day comes,
Then I see frosty rose jewel crown
And know in the cold it blooms.

Winter romance and candle lights
Longing for green sweet earth,
Longing for clearings sky bright
And all what the day young's worth;
How can it touch the morning flame
The winter that's gray and dark,
Will not each color be there same
Without its golden morning spark.
Peter S. Quinn




Awake - tones of the wind,
Shine - sunbeams from the sun;
Rise up distance soldiers,
Evoke your pen with words.
Hear your thoughts in the singing,
From the singers of the woods;
Find your heart again with freshness,
Among the newborn and the brave.
Awake in green growing covers,
That heals all earthly wounds;
Rise up and speak in freedoms,
That wilderness alone is born in.
Awake - waves of the water,
That hollows the hardest of rock;
Give birth to life of endurance,
That grows with timeless futures.
Awake - tones of lasting thoughts,
Shine - tolerance of all opinions;
Rise up distance soldiers,
Evoke your pen with words.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn