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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  1/29/2015 10:19:48 AM
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Love Is a Garden

Love is a garden somewhere to be found
Beats in their oddness and own reality
Feelings that are chained or make you all free
Coming again here through and close around
Streets of the time they are born and living
Like dices that role on their sideways
Each of them something more on giving
As opportunities to the moments plays

Promises to keep to summoned new deal
As invincible as the wretched and the meek
Forward to deal its remnant fleet and feel
Instances surrounding some to tweak
A garden of garlands but weed plants there too
Their blossoms of giving when seeds come through
Peter S. Quinn



Love is a Precious Feeling

Love is a precious feeling
With so much tender done
Each from past summer stealing
To carry its whispers on
Heart into heart are falling
Never to be left alone
Memories from there calling
Walking from steeple stone

If you love truly truly
All is in your heart still
Dreams are for always to be
Each footstep they will fulfill
Always believe in you
You can accomplish it all
Beyond the sweetest blue
Each of your dreams may fall

Love is just what you wish
Much of it comes to be
Unremitting sunshine bliss
Always to comfort carefree
You have your times to give
Likewise so many have done
Bring in the feelings you live
Fore all of its love’s here gone
Peter S. Quinn



Love is a Spring

Love is a spring
The real sweet thing,
All is in the air
With the clouds there;
Of this we sing
To our thoughts bring,
From here and there
We drift to everywhere.

Love is a soul
That can't be in control,
With the equipment
This world makes current;
For we are a road
We each carry load,
Which starts from within,
From where we have been.

Love is a star
In peace and in war,
A light on the sky
Until it shall die;
Of this we sing
To this we cling,
Till the end comes
Through time it hums.
Peter S. Quinn



Love Is a Tender While

Love is a tender while
Everything to find
Touch and a feeling’s style
From body and mind
Like sun it’s rising high
Forming from asunder
Blossoms that never die
In heights of its thunder
Love is you and me
All from its inside blossom
Forever wild and free
In all its new act to come

Summer like a sunrise shade
Free with all it’s giving
From the inner self made
Made with a form of living
Dream of mankind´s fires
Teardrops of a rainy day
All from passion’s desires
In its most intimated play
When you’re giving free will
Fantasy play and a touch
Climbing the freedom’s hill
With love that’ll love so much

Love is a tender while
Never to go on blind
Future walks every its mile
New kind of passion to find
Tides of its deep ocean
Coming to enduring shore
Footsteps of giving emotions
All that a free will can store
In that we can accomplish
Inside and further far out
Dream that becomes a wish
That´s what love´s about
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn