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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/13/2014 10:49:54 PM
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Much about Nothing

Everything is going now about so fine
Giving its glamour's glorious driven gleam
Filling every hour with so much sunshine
That shadows of darkness now nowhere seem
Daydreams so many in everyone's heart
Borrowing reality in each of their touch
What comes then next and where must we start?
To feel it enough and give of as much

Times that are going like love songs with words
Marvelous days that never come again
Each of its reflection like spring flying birds
Hard to let it go or even to disdain
Much about nothing so much for everyone
Always trying out before it ever begun
Peter S. Quinn



Much Of Inside - Sonnet

It's so much of inside this everything
That my heart is always wondering about
And thoughts from that brief time thereon will sing
With their drifting going by and without doubt

On such times I feel what I need to say
Speak the momentarily truth that shall be
I try to find my heart in approaching way
Within those instances I learn to see

Yes my feelings are of joy and sadness too
In their low and highs - as with everyone
Some those ponderings shall always come through
In their rightful climbs until their thrill is done

You may feel as I in those situations
To bring about their many formations
Peter S. Quinn



Murky Hours

In my heart was a dark sea
Flowing through so lonely
Nothing but the cloudy sky
In its seclusion of times fly
Reaching to lands of dark
Where moon comes in a spark
Every day is like a night
Desperate hours in its flight

Bottoms like the sea of deep
Every morning mine to keep
Giving nothing to discover
Only darkness my truest lover
With mountains shadows evermore
Reaching to my front door
Life is restless in its fire
Every dream in new conspire
Filling emptiness with a still
Nothing of its wings to fulfill
Making dripping water sound
Tone and tone echoing around

Like whitish lilies lying dead
Are the sheets on my bed?
Chilly breezy through the door
Not answering footsteps anymore
Every hour falling on slow
Time keeps still on its go
Morning comes in red and deep
Like flowers that life can't keep
Memories scattering in my mind
All is long now past behind
Flowing deep through earth of past
Withering passage in the rust
Heart travels and wonders why
Everything has moved here on by
Yesterdays in their melancholy
Meet forgetfulness too promptly
The murmur of the night is living
What the past once was giving

Peaceful ways to come in dreams
Where each reality nowhere seems
Steadfastly like a cloudy drift
Each inspiration to openly lift
Through the air of mysteries
Traveling on through histories
Something the eyes have not seen
Nor any human before there been
With so much seeing in glow shine
Threads of gold and silver line
Beholding sightings of the far
Daybreak’s hour and morning star

Road to the home of no one’s land
Passages reality can't understand
Rivers of time in distances reigns
From uncertainty of endless gains
Sight of lands on a faraway shore
Lost in a moment of a fancy lore
Peter S. Quinn



Music in the Air

Music in the air of a sweet summer tune
Delights in joy that make up for sadness
Feelings within received in true gladness
Like summer morning in the onset of June
Their bouquets of colors in shadings glow
Where rain clouds are absent in the bluish of sky
And a well tuned pleasure in its unions high
Are receiving its mutual confounds and go

The concords of shadings reaching there out
Like well tuned melodies in their sounding
Sinuous in with tide and contrasting about
By unions married in their style confounding
Characters of lives layers that give their tone
And reach with their consequence never alone
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn