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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  7/3/2015 8:40:17 PM
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I'Ve Been Longing In My Heart

Here I sit in shadowed light
Wondering why my mind is dim
Thoughts are going through night
On its wings of whimsy whim
Day has left with nothing done
Only notions of burned flames
Now my heart in beating is gone
With the days of loves names

I've been longing in my heart
Trying to be what I am not
Now I've closed that comport
With the flames love sought
Waiting games have dwindled down
With feelings that once were up
Streets are many in love's town
Every going there gets down stop

Here I sit in hours going flight
Feeling a stranger to sweet love
What are its ways wrong or right?
Drifts in its gray from far above
Feeling so lonely inside and out
Nowhere to go but being alone
Mind-sets that once where about
Forgotten inside like a heavy stone
Peter S. Quinn



I'Ve Dreamed Of Saying Something (From My Musical, This Is My Life)

I've dreamed of saying something
With the light that's coming
To give of me and to song
Like wind in the ways is strumming
In everything I can give
And bring forward to be my own
Circling motions to live
Just like the wind that has blown

Burned in replacements sky
Filling up my empty head
And asking no reasons why
So much of something is dead
Blown through and getting high
With what its all about
With every new seasons try
That has been left in its doubt

I have dreamt what was a lie
Moments I didn't know much
Just like the hours gone by
Reaching its sometimes out of touch
Listen to the spring beginning
Like yellow haze of the sun
Each every green step winning
Filling the old with its run
Peter S. Quinn




The leaves are in now green
With breezy bud's tint
Twilight’s of days between
And fragrances of sweet mint

They are swaying to and fro
The branches of the trees
Tomorrow still early to know
What comes in the air ease?

The ballad of old blue road
Is filling the path in green
Where icily luminesce tiptoed
In moonlight reflect between

And day is becoming bright
With silvery petals yellow
From under the coldness night
That once played gelid cello
Peter S. Quinn



June (From, Myspace)

June is now in our way
Her bouquets glowing
Sweetheart of the day
Coming here and going
Whispering winds so softly
Surrounded by sweet air
Within my dream so loftily
Coming around to share

Love gardens of roses
Summer days to follow
Moods so swiftly closes
Of everything in hollow
Fluffy thoughts up line
For the times to come
In its glowing sunshine
Where June blossoms' from

June is now my daydream
In its sight so near
Of dawn's twilights deem
That surrounds now here
Moon’s now in sleepiness
Of a darkish winter song
And stars are all leap less
In skies of fall and long
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn