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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/1/2014 5:19:02 PM
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Love Is Such a Ruthless Way (from, Lead Sheets in July 2008)

Love is such a ruthless way
To many of its mores turnings
With the impossible it will play
Closer to hold its burnings
Raising those rainbows deep
From its magic inside out
Not many of its trinkets to keep
When you know its skies about

Eyes that nestle in the beauty
Many times by various glances
Begin to become of only duty
When its golden wand dances
Hand in hand it's all really true
The impracticable of its charms
And it's a lot up to me and you
To avoid its much plainly harms

At day its stars desert the sky
And its dream becomes in vain
Wings of inside that cannot fly
Lure in thrilling hard to explain
Like an ocean rushing to shore
Giving salty water of the deep
For one more desire to contour
When again it awakes from sleep
Peter S. Quinn



Love is Such a Sweet Way to Go

Love is such a sweet way to go
If it’s deep inside your heart
Let it just come fast or slow
Not being something else apart
Try to give in to feelings true
Sacrifice anything for them then
Love’s so much always up to you
Wherever we see each other again

You may resist but never for long
If you're a part of my dreams
We might've been so very wrong
Somewhere before our redeems
But now there's love inside here deep
Moments and routs always so near
Ours to give away take and to keep
Something of love to have always here

Rightly or wrongly whatever it might
I can't resist you darling of my desire
You are my forever always so right
Wings into height flame of the fire
I just can stop thinking of you
Before I begin there is no reality
Over the hills into the ocean blue
You’re there controlling my memory

(Inspired by the lyrics of Cole Porter)
Peter S. Quinn



Love Is the Deepest Feeling

Love is the deepest feeling that goes for all
And gives of its height its wheat and fresh snow
Its hill and its meadows, if found, you'll know
What makes the water in rivers that call
It is of summer as much as the fall
Unquenched among climbing vines, those go
In lights of fire in the bush that will glow
Through the walking of time and its enthrall

The dark leaves that fall in the passing day
May reach every crown of cold and heat
Be delight of springtime or desert way
At dawn coming blossom or night bittersweet
Love is like peace always quite hart to reach
It takes precious time to give from and teach

*Best wishes to all and a Happy New Year!
I wish you all Love and Peace …
Peter S. Quinn
Peter S. Quinn



Love Is The Only Way

Songs from revive earth
A heart its strings play
In springtime's rebirth

Affections is like clay
You mold it to its worth
So it'll meet love΄s day
In moments of mirth
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn