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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  3/5/2015 4:22:26 AM
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Like The Breeze and Butterflies (from Lullabies)

My thoughts are in with ease
With giving and their takings
The profound roots of trees
That each our touch is aching
I feel my ease and confidence
To carry on with my believes
When ways will touch and blench
As they with sources revives

Their secrets sail on through
To give what’s pouring out
Understandings are up to you
To resist your customs about
To know the woods and fire
Like the breeze and butterflies
The pathway is full of desire
Of the aspirant lows and highs

Each sails to change the wings
To bring in things that got lost
And with your heart still sings
Existing in the thoughts crossed
Peter S. Quinn



Like The Clouds Above

I could give you love
To your heart and mind
Like the clouds above
That in drifts you'll find
Some are with some rain
Dark and deep inside
Giving from its pain
When the sky they glide

Everything is done
With words that touch
Carrying on and on
With each gripping clutch
Like in colors that lack
Feelings that aren’t allowed
Pitching in their black
Inside a stormy cloud

Love’s an enduring itch
A little there to assert
Desires that might switch
Inside as actions are alert
Peter S. Quinn



Like The Days Get Older (a song)

Like the days get older
So shall each love go
And our dreams stepwise bolder
In its attempt to glow
Rising higher and higher
In its deep going magic
Where thoughts never tier
To make out a new trick

Like sun will come and rain
So shall each day be gone
With flowers in pale and fain
To move our own lives on
The easy comes going around
Or its harder counterpart
That with every hope is found
And gives us a pounding heart

Like you and I both know
There is so much of everything
It comes to us in easy go
And inside our hearts shall sing
With hope to bring back to me
Letting me know its touch
With its flying wings on free
And loving me always as much
Peter S. Quinn



Like The Dreams – Love Is

Like the dreams that come and go
To warm our hearts and feel
In everything that love will know
If it is close up and real
With every flowers bouquet's shade
And love songs in the air
Each fondness is their truly made
When it is intimate and dear

Like clouds that drift high above
In their misty glow shine
So is all affection and truly love
That is so rough to define
In every hour and with every heart
When love appears to give
From moments of its peaceful start
When true love is to live

Morning comes in daybreak's light
If love quest is of pure
And happiness be burning on bright
If its day is for sure
Love shall not be in lonesome years
If its agreement of graces
And faded not in their scattered tears
Remorse alone embraces
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn