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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  9/1/2014 2:26:28 AM
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Baby Blue Eyes

Beautiful as a rose
Lovely as a tune,
I meet you up close
In the first days of June;
Baby blue eyes
Turning on blue skies,
What have you seen?
Where have you been?

I was turned on
In the early of spring,
With the summer sun
The heart would sing:
'Love is so true
When its all new,
Sweet as the days
It longs for and plays'.

Love is like trust
That comes and goes,
Falling down star dust
That for a time glows;
Longings and beauties
Imprisons and frees,
Inside a young heart
Right from the start.

Night and young days
We must go on,
Tide's turning ways
Almost nearly done;
The garden's so young
With all what we long,
The seeds in the earth
There in their first birth.

Baby blue eyes
Beginning to glow,
After winter's goodbyes
And old frosty snow;
I feel so lucky
With what comes to be,
Knowing new life
When the colors arrive.
Peter S. Quinn



Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful dreamer
Bring in your mind game
Yesterday’s news demur
Had its burning red flame
Love is a love to begun
Reaching its true destiny
Feeling like walk on the run
Giving true wanderings free

Love song of each hope
Taking and falling apart
Going up like cloud strophe
Into the beat and the heart
Where love is wandering away
To all the trials here alone
Morning comes after this day
Reaching a new different tone

Beautiful women and men
Knowing their true song style
Feeling their wings again
Those’ve been flightless awhile
New is its heart in the breeze
Glowing in fulsome shadows
Within everyone's peace
As every tide comes and goes
Peter S. Quinn



Beautiful Evening Comes (from, Poet on WWW)

Beautiful evening comes,
In sweet rendezvous melody;
Like the silvery amalgams,
With it's wings so playfully.
Daybreak in orange grove,
In the blue blossomy;
That comes for a night glow,
And late hours so bonny.

Where can a brownie be,
That loves a glitter bloom;
And flies a round a tree,
Like summer's little groom.
Heart as gold at daybreak,
When the fairies all fly in;
Newborn in morning wake,
With their little fluffy spin.

Then starts the new singing,
For what was quiet and still;
The fiery light is clinging,
Over the sleepy drown hill.
Come closer you new day,
With breeze there roundabout;
Amid rose bay in the way,
Taking away the nights doubt.
Peter S. Quinn



Beauty Is Everywhere

Beauty is everywhere
From distances to near
As sun rises to the air
Motorcars the wheels steer

Somewhere some else is found
Of beauties one day look
And as day to night goes round
A photo perhaps its instant took

Beauty is here and there
On roads to fates ahead
And if you take of it care
It never becomes quite dead

It’ll live on in memories past
Give of its moments again
From earth - its pearly dust
Shall never be lost in vain

Beauty of you and me
Like a love in its flowing song
Forever to become free
And inside for evermore to long

Like stars that are shining bright
Bringing their flickering flame
Through day and through night
And never to carry the same
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn