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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  3/5/2015 6:00:16 PM
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Christmas Lights

Love is here with its spark
Touching the hours divine
Christmas lights in the dark
On the roadway now shine

Bring in love and bring peace
Incarnate the thoughts true
Give your heart and unleash
Everything with kindness too

Hope is in each heart tonight
With harmony to every men
Come and share a candle light
When darkness is in the glen
Peter S. Quinn



Come On (from Album, Like Love is True)

Bring in the good news
Though days go to dark
No one will forever lose
Inside where they spark
Trust your ways and senses
From time that's falling
Each instance away dances
To the distance calling

Give your morning needs
Through the day coming
Which way it all reads
Through its time summing
We are here now found
Moving like we want to
Somewhere still around
While we go on through

Every mind is freedom
Finding courses breaking
Inside blossom bloom
Every decisions making
Nothing is an even try
It’s only for now existence
In every it’s low and high
While it moves in trance
Let every line on the hold
Filling the dreams to reach
Every hour to unfold
Through the step they teach

Give me a time to chose
What in the time will break?
And myself to lose
If it is what it takes?

Come on and bring freedom


While we go on through
Come on and bring freedom
Through to the next level
Let there be always some
Giving from its own spell
Peace and love for all
From spring till late fall
The wild wild wallflowers

Fire be in your heart
Filling the dreams on
Never from your depart
Carrying the love songs won
That is for all man's peace
Justice rightfully here
Knots of misfortune unlace
Bring your love around here

Come on and bring freedom
Come on
Peter S. Quinn



Contemplation in the Light

Contemplation in the light
Those need somewhere to go
Into the circling of the night
With some of its dowering glow
Taking the departing by hours
That's been waiting and ready
In the pouring out showers
Of the falling drops so steady

In the look of the city light
At the evening passing gone
Before labyrinth of the night
Shall vanished and be done
From the lanes and city routs
With every sideway in its line
When the shadows here intrudes
With the day and falling sunshine

Reverie in dark shade
Every fulsome turning point
That in stepwise turning grade
Comes to border the dimly joint
Where the hour falls to sleep
In the pondering of a dream
And doorways of reality sweep
Through its gloomy nightly beam
Peter S. Quinn



Dancing Through Time Leaves

Dancing through time leaves
All the thoughts that come
In its instances briefs
Where aimless steps are from
Living and defining
What entrance becomes now
Words to moods tying
Bringing together somehow

Dances through desire
With every touch in smoke
Bringing it to its fire
That gone days did evoke
So much in burning flames
And living in new sparks
Together concepts tames
In filling out fall in darks

Each time's plenty of own
Music of words on page
With your thoughts have grown
To carry its different stage
Ah love song of my time
With some thoughts from me
Allowing it grow its climb
Of new root everlastingly

* From Lyrics and Poems of April
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn