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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/22/2014 8:50:14 AM
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Sonnet 183, Trees of My Feelings

Trees of my feelings are poems by me,
I can't as God, make a fruit bearing tree;
I hold in memories, moments I feel,
Sometimes in poems, they are all so real.
Trees in a forest are greenest of growth,
Mine are just thoughts, I equally love both;
Where seasons are extreme like where I'm from,
Trees show me when a summer is in bloom.
When leaves fade away and fall from its branch,
I know as you, it is summer's last chance;
The mountains and forests, fortress of earth,
Brace of our life and cradle of our birth.
Roots of a tree are like roots of our own:
Some are young in soil, others old and grown.
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet 28, Clouds in the Sky

Clouds in the sky they are made out of love,
Nature is the artist magnificent;
Everything there, isn't heavy and above,
And made rather fluffy in the distant.
I guess everybody has a dream cloud,
Where there's a wishing rainbow coming to shine;
Though sometimes we are in doubt, and not allowed,
To know where it is, cause the weaving's so fine.
All unwritten love's upon a cloud somewhere,
Just waiting for us to go and catch it;
And we, equally waiting for love to share,
Just step by step, and little bit by bit.
Cupid's flying about with his arrows,
Giving happy moments - drying sorrows...
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet, Now Winter Is Gone…

Now winter is gone and new summer is in
Distilling its moments of flowering fine
Colorful bouquets in beds of sunshine
With everything going into its win
Treasures of longing in the freshly air
Giving its pleasures to fill out and try
Open to futures in the clear sky
So much of moments happier to adhere
Love is a tryout finding questions of the heart
Sharing and making into prosperity
Nothing to lose or have a depressed impart
In coming seasons without austerity
Self-willed is life when figuring out trust
Conquest each giving for life to adjust
Peter S. Quinn



Sonnet, Summer Fields

I dreamt of the days in the summer fields
With plenty of everything woven to all
Each dream that tomorrow in heart there yields
Before there comes murkiness with the fall
Each song that fervor was dear to employ
Inquiring dawn’s after each twilight
Those feelings that days and reality destroy
When there are no wishing stars falling at night

The squall is at ease that the evening gave
With songs to remember each love from you
And now I am here in my loneliness crave
What went out like blossoms out to the blue?
If again we shall meet and come to understand
It shall be in futures today can’t command
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn