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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  10/30/2014 10:10:28 AM
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Break Away To Dreams (From, Rhythmicon - 50 Lead Sheets with Poems)

Break away to dreams
Every day must go,
What today is in gleams
Tomorrow maybe glow;
There are reasons here
And some sunshine too,
Dreamers astrosphere
Is a personal construe.

We have our thought to give
Not all can be wrong,
Some maybe though abortive
But it is all our song;
You and I are not the same
Each an island apart,
Feelings with uncertain flame
Two opposed heart.

Break away and let it come
What you have to give or say,
With exchange and emporium
You will live a fuller day;
Never will there be a game
That our feelings will outsmart,
There is no need in exclaim
If your doing your small part.
Peter S. Quinn



Bring Me Your Peace and Hope

Bring me your peace and hope
In to the palm of your hand
Let me hold on to love's robe
And bring forward to understand
The morning has come in love
And peaceful celebrating beauty
Like open sky in blue above
So flowing on in endless fluty

And with this day night arrives
With purple flowers reality
Many thoughts of deeper archives
Of simple ways and complexity
Transcended by in rays of light
Those many understanding ways
Like something comes to flight
That experience pounder plays
Peter S. Quinn



Catch the Wind Desire

Catch the wind desire
Cloud and cloud by
Every longing's fire
Above in the sky
Somewhere high in clouds
Love songs of breeze
Over streets and crowds
Sounding in the trees

Every love song lonely
In and there about
Giving tunes only
In there and out
You and I so truly
In love with spring days
And summers coming July
In its shading ways

Catch the wind high
Flying over here
Everything to try
Coming from nowhere
Love songs in the sky
Lonely there in a cloud
Somewhere you and I
Going with the crowd
Peter S. Quinn



Commodores of Times Meanwhile

Why love is always cornered out
To somewhere no one knows
My daydreams are inside me
Showing me ways I didn't see
Residents of cold touch slumber
The rivers of my hold on themes
All that is now and then forgotten
But still is all there inside me

I have always felt I couldn't afford
This affection to know a feeling
For it's something I don't know
Just broken stones and disencumber
Pictures of people are everywhere
Just albums apart or distances away
Though I am outnumbered by a single
None of any emotion residence

Like the wind that blows around
I am a wander inside my thoughts
Finding the silences to nowhere
The commodores of times meanwhile
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn