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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  8/28/2014 10:18:42 AM
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Sweet Fling (Rhythmicon - 50 Lead Sheets with Poems)

Sweet fling
All the wonders of the world,
Again sing
When together it's burled;
Longings are forever
There is nothing we can do,
Advertising is clever
But it's still up to me and you.

Sweet thing
To buy or to wear,
Pearls on a string
For neighbors eyes to share;
Wishes are heartaches strong
All is in the denying,
You just have to get along
Give your best in trying.

Sweet sing
Just before the holidays,
Joy bring
In with many different ways;
You don't need to have it all
Little bit of this and that,
Enjoy your visit to the mall
Be a smart buying diplomat.
Peter S. Quinn



Take Away Every Abhorrence Fuse

When you play along in sunshine
The dim moods are around
Feelings from the dark deep brine
Nowhere else to be found
Many are the ways of the hearts
So much to break you down
Along the ways of routs ramparts
Hatred dwells in tinsel town

Poems to do are all inside of you
Singing words with a rhyme
Into tint gold fountain of the new
Each of its feelings will climb
Building a mountain or river's flow
With beautiful words that fly
Only in poetry moments can glow
Never to pass away or to die

When you sing your song sing well
Never to put down the muse
Give the stream that you need to tell
Take away every abhorrence fuse

Peter S. Quinn



The Breath Of The Day (from, Even Though There Are No Reasons)

Silent ways of distances moments feel
The breath of the day and all its spaces
Presence of surroundings in touch and graces
Something from last night of dreams unreal

Some yesterdays glowing that goes still on
Trough transformations of its out and in
Footsteps of the deepest ways and its spin
Till chances have come through and once more gone

Mysterious encounter of a magical ring
Senses of rounds coming in breath of time
With immeasurable sense that goes again
The earth of each shadow that darkness’s bring
And rises through times flowing on prime
Like freshness water of mirroring den
Peter S. Quinn



The Bridges of Madison County

It looks like a beautiful evening,
It looks like a beautiful next day;
I'll becoming tomorrow,
And discuss love if I may.

I got songs of everything in my heart,
I got a taste of roses in my mouth;

Dreams, I have been dreaming of...
Won’t be too long,
I will meet you,
Where we planned to go.

Doesn’t matter what everybody says,
I got something to do;
I'm going to buy myself a new dress,
To be in love with you.

It must be some kind of magic,
The way you were;
Your eyes or something,
Just that I had you here.

We were so in love, it almost felt like a song;
But we both knew it then, you had to move along.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn