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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  11/26/2014 8:39:17 PM
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Try to find me
Inside the forest
Where songs will be
At their best

The shivering leaves
Of autumns going
The yearning believes
Of earth in glowing

Try to find me
In the river's waves
Where songs will be
In slowly paves

All is for love
On the tinctured row
The feeling's true of
What now must go

Try to find me
In clouds drifting by
Where songs will be
In the deep blue sky

In to our dreams
Of the deep unknown
Where everything seems
Of its very own

Take me to songs
Inside the forest
Of farewell sing-alongs
In parting dressed
Peter S. Quinn



Now Autumn Is Here Today

Now autumn is here today
In its colorful leaves falling
In every outside breezy play
Before the cold is here calling
Memories that summer gave
Are filling the shades on
In outside dance misbehave
That soon into dark is gone

Everything is going lonely
On to earth’s winter land
Into their dreams only
For old views to understand
Turning the their gold to red
Tinctured dances pavilion
Where there are roses in bed
Soon in winter there are none

Now autumn is shading in
Dancing in shading’s glow
With every dream colorful spin
From yellow red until its snow
Pleasures to give and take
A morning so sweet and strange
From pastures blossoms’ awake
Those colors in mature arrange
Peter S. Quinn



Now I'm Going Away

Now I'm going away away
Lonesome heart along the road
I've meet my night today
And my heart’s between a load
I tell you a story
Full of sadden new and bold
There are no hearts of glory
Only those that have some gold

I have given much to time
But the dark is still thick between
Outside in it icily rime
There’s nothing much to be seen
Only love that’s gone wrong
Full of nothing to do
In my dark and lonesome song
I have tried to make up to you

Now I'll sing and go away
Fill my heart with lonesome tune
Meet my future in its gray
Nowhere to be reached anytime soon
There is love inside this deep
Full of heartbeats ticking strong
Hours gone yours to keep
Nothing more from here to long
Peter S. Quinn



Now Isn't It Sweet Isn't It Great (From, Lost Song Poems)

Now isn't it sweet isn't it great
All things how they are going,
Fragrance is not a hour too late
In with the wind that's blowing;
How must it be all that I know
Feelings that flames are burning,
I'm like the seed that on must grow
Without away here turning.

There is my love in a new song
Waiting to know what to do,
Who has it where does it belong
My love that I once gave to you;
Turning way another direction
Everything's going to the rust,
We have to know in every inspection
Whom we shall follow and trust.

Now isn't it sweet when we know all
Follow the right from the wrong,
When we are there bent to a call
Knowing a weak from a strong;
You are what I have each of my way
Rising from dawn to an evening,
What it's worth in a single day
When I feel as good as a king.
Peter S. Quinn
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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn