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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn  8/28/2014 12:15:17 AM
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The Edge of Love

The edge of love
Is everywhere you go
Like spectacles above
Through window of glass glow
And feelings never same
Only in different motion
The burning of times flame
In equality potion

The edge of you
And who you are at first
From somewhere to
That from it is burst
And feelings there to tame
In deeps of its ocean
A piece of mind to frame
In its forward erosion

And we are quite different
For what we meant to be
And showing no relent
What we become to see
The edge of love
That made us for eternity
And nothing is too much of
Especially you and me
Peter S. Quinn



The Peace Tree

This is the peace tree
Of living life's fruit
In freedom of its free
Without wars intuit

A love song for earth
That kindles ways true
Each living of its worth
It always shall renew

This is its beauty time
With roots in deep soil
A growth of its prime
That no one can coil

The day and night's ties
Of dreams coming real
Emblements of the highs
That torches hearts to feel

This is the root to grow
In blossoms of the day
And we shall always know
Its inner moods and play

The occasion it knows
The fruits that bear love
In blossoms it shows
The reap full passions of
Peter S. Quinn



The River is Flowing to the Sea

The river is flowing to the sea
Its water is clear and fresh,
Like the tinkering inside of me
That loosens up or enmesh.

The sun that shines through a cloud
So faraway from earth,
Or the singing bird so aloud
Laying now and giving birth.

All the varieties I'll see
After the winter so cold,
And what will later come to be
Something in memory one can hold.

Falling and rising so high
Taking and giving - renew,
All what teaches when we try
Every aspire that is due.

The river of every thought
That comes to bring me forward,
With freedom the world has sought
In every its way and concord.

Oh love you must bring peace in
For the day will darken soon.
Life's joy must come again
Not die in disputed aswoon.
Peter S. Quinn



The Spirit of The Earth

The spirit of the earth, - the summer song
The soul that is blazing like the new dawn,
Into the sky blue far under the yawn
When moods come together after night long;
River of fellings and colors so strong
Drop away shadows that were on the lawn,
Drive up the spirit that from a wing spawn
Where voices of earth gave a joyous tong.

The sparking of day that's joyous for all
In giving a song where silence once filled,
Upon the earth where sweet longings are;
Yes all of love love's to the true hearts call
And brings to the daylight what was distilled,
When night from the dreams is gone long and far.
Peter S. Quinn

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Poems By Poet Peter S. Quinn